Spencer’s eschatology

[Note of July 2022: YouTube removed this video]

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One consolation that will come (at least to me) from the final throes of Murka is seeing the woeful expression on those who once were so smug and willfully ignorant.
Being god-forsaken and permanently irrelevant will produce a lot of unhappy campers!
Those of us that agree with most of what’s on this website must avoid the blind ogre as it thrashes about wildly.
Seek permanent shelter away from the epicenters of mayhem as this collapse will reverberate around the globe.

Cesar do you have an opinion on Thomas Sheridan? He does “psychic weather reports” sometimes. Things seem to be heating up in the world, I hope things cool down though.

That’s his youtube channel.

In reply to C.T.
Good analogy. Tis a Great Whore indeed!

Has anyone here ever had a general discussion regarding the mechanics and philosophy of where and how to escape the collapse?
There are an abundance of ‘prepper’ sites on the internet but it seems that ninety-nine percent are run by religionistas and/or patriot idiots.
I’m vacating my current abode very soon for a much less denser area. I can’t imagine you’re looking forward to staying in a large metropolis Mexicana, especially when the internet goes out for good.

I don’t think it’s Babylon, C.T. (Babylon, I believe was the Roman Empire). The United States isn’t Babylon, it’s “New Jerusalem” or “Heaven” as depicted in Revelations. You can read Revelations 21 and 22 to read about “Heaven.”

America = the Christian “Heaven.”\ An urban environment in a golden city. All the nations are crammed together, like sardines in a can, apparently. The earth is scorched and barren. At the center of everything is the Jewish Deity.

My thought parallel your thoughts of the current pope. You think the pope “tries to take the message of Jesus in all its purity to the real world. My thoughts are that American is becoming, or has become the Christian “Heaven” on earth.

We get to see in real time the rotten endgame of Christianity, and what Jesus and Heaven are really about.


Wise words from your side. As a practical thinker it might be very handsome right now to be part of an international web of communication to support each other to stay out of the mayhem.

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