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Merrie Melodies

If we remember a passage in The Fair Race (‘The Arab historian Ibn Fadlan, ambassador of Baghdad to the Bulgarians of the Volga, says of the Vikings: “I have never seen physical specimens so perfect, tall as palm trees, blond and ruddy-skinned”’) it is obvious that the other human races should not exist. If they exist for billions it is due to the counterproductive greed of the white man, so well portrayed in The Man Who Would Be King, where the inhabitants of Kafiristan seem apes compared to Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Both white greed and Christian ethics are behind the creation of the billions of non-whites currently flooding the globe.

Those who are familiar with Richard Carrier’s work will know that the strongest point of his argument is his analysis of the epistles of St Paul. The oldest texts of the New Testament, the Pauline epistles, do not mention an earthly Jesus but an exclusively heavenly one. St. Paul does not even locate the crucifixion of Jesus on earth! In recent days I have continued reading Carrier’s book and I came across a chapter on Clement of Rome and his epistle, which may have been written in the first century. Surprise: Clement also fails to speak, in so early writing, of an earthly Jesus. Apparently the stories that Mark and the other evangelists would write had not yet reached Clement’s ears.

The evidence that the central character of the New Testament is fictional is overwhelming to anyone who has read Carrier’s book, or seen the YouTube videos where he discusses with theologians who believe Jesus was a historical figure. How was it that, instead of the religion of the beautiful Hellenes, whites submitted to the Semitic religion of eternal fire for whites? (In the representations of old paintings of hell I do not see gooks or blacks but whites.) This reminds me that I took the expression ‘Fruitcake Hospital’, which I used in my previous article, from a program that I saw in the early 1970s in The Porky Pig Show, although I don’t remember which character was sent to the psychiatric hospital (huge buildings in those times, like the one we saw in Joker).

Many whites who have abandoned Christianity maintain in their minds a Christian residue, the belief in the immortality of the human soul. They do not seem to notice that, in doing so, they inadvertently join blacks and gooks as long as ‘Man is special’ and the rest of creation is treated as despicable creatures—as if a camel were the same as a spider! Such is the axiological by-product of those who maintain that only Man possesses a soul that survives death: the ultimate brotherhood with other races. (*)

Some white nationalists argue that the white race has always had a belief in personal immortality. What they fail to realise is that the obsession to save themselves from the eternal fire caused an unhealthy focus with the beyond that didn’t exist in the Ancient World, at least not among whites. The complete apostasy of Christianity not only implies abandoning Christian ethics, the crux of this site, but abandoning the obsession with the hereafter as well. Otherwise whites seem to me like that character from Merrie Melodies I saw as a kid who was sent to the Fruitcake Hospital.


(*) Oliver Sacks’ books are hilarious and also explain how the faculties of the supposed ‘soul’ can be damaged simply by accidentally injuring the human brain.

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What I found curious in Even whites are animals thread was the implication that unless we think of “man as special and whites as more special” we cannot possibly distinguish whites from negroes. As if negroes are on the same level as most animals, much less whites.

If they truly need the mandate of some paternal projection in the sky to justify their continued survival, then they’re already doing it wrong.

But that’s just what I think.

The trouble with this ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality, men vs. animals in the sense that only men have immortal souls, is that it makes even niggers your equals and bros in Christ.

Savitri Devi blames on Xtianity much of the maltreatment of animals throughout Christendom and even the modern age. Analogously, the good treatment of niggers in the West derives from such doctrine, even among atheists (that’s why we call liberalism a ‘cultural residue’ of Xtianity).

One thing that the Christians got right is that the sin of pride causes the expulsion of paradise (of Mother Nature I would say). And paradoxically the root problem is the Xtian notion of ‘soul’ as a non-material particle that survives human death of both Aryan and nigger alike.

“Oliver Sacks’ books are hilarious and also explain how the faculties of the supposed ‘soul’ can be damaged simply by accidentally injuring the brain.”

Nothing happens in the universe without a reason. If someone attracts an “accident” – wherein the brain is physically damaged, thereby promoting a change in behavior, faculties or outlook – then this “accident” occurred for a reason. Most people are too dumb to get it, though. The universe has plans for each of us that we know nothing about and can’t figure out. So we invent religion, all of which show us part-truths only.

My ideas are no less believable than yours. Everyone is at a different stage and believes what suits him at that time. That is how things work, Chechar.

Nothing happens in the universe without a reason. If someone attracts an “accident”…

Your words remind me of sceptical Osha about the ‘black magic’ (her words) of believing that Bran fell from the tower ‘for a reason’, a supposedly metaphysical reason! (YouTube clip: here).


That is terrible that you believe yourself to be stuck in a meaningless, unpredictable universe. LOL yourself – you think there is only one answer to everything.

I remember that Sean Connery movie, watched it as a kid. It’s the good old fable of he who wants everything, loses everything. Why be a King among Whites, when you can be a God among Apes? Pride comes before the fall; and in this movie’s case – literally.

Checking the movie’s Wikipedia, I noticed the mongrel actress that portrayed Queen Roxana is Michael Caine’s actual wife.
It’s not like he didn’t have Anglo roses to choose from. But he chose a fucking salta-atras for a spouse. I guess some men just like to watch the world burn.

There is no place for White-Elois in this world for many, many years. We need brutal killers. Just imagine what will happen to the beautiful forests of Sweden when there’s not enough power to heat houses in the winter. Those blonde faggots will cut trees down like orcs, long before they actually start cutting off each other’s heads.

This is undoubtedly the wickedest generation of whites since prehistory: something that Richard Spencer and his YouTube pals have yet to see. It’s impossible to save the race without acknowledging today’s white evilness (acknowledging Jewish depredations isn’t enough, not barely enough). And what Michael Caine did exemplifies it—and also his fans exemplify it for not hating how Cain Caine defiled his race.

Sayeth Michael himself, “At age 11, I went to a Jewish school. I speak Yiddish. I’m Church of England Protestant. My father was Catholic, and my mother was Protestant. My wife is a Muslim. So I’m not some bigoted guy who’s stuck in one corner.”

Decide for yourself. Says his mother was “Protestant” and his father “Catholic”. LOL.

That “Muslim” wife of his doesn’t keep her head covered, either. Fakes all around, I say, but, really, why would anyone give a shit who Hollywood stars marry and reproduce with? Whether they have semitic blood or not – these are not people I would give a scrap of moldy bread to even if I was sitting on a billion $$$.

A couple points here:

1. Misanthropy is a reactionary response to the notion of Absolute Human Goodness that the Left and the Christians believe in so strongly. I can reject their false belief that all humans are good and that all human life has inherent worth, without hating humanity itself. The fact is Chechar, some humans are inherently good, and some are inherently bad. The White Race has a much higher ratio of Good:Bad people than the other races, but even Whites have a lot of devils within our ranks, such as Antifa and every other variety of Bolshevik scum. Just like with the Human Race at large, some Whites are good, and some are bad. We should want to save the good Whites – which are the ones who want to defend themselves AND the cultures they’ve created – and let the bad whites die.

2. In re: what i just said about the cultures Whites created, that includes Clown World. The history of the White Race can and should be interpreted as the gradual overcoming of Nature itself as we ascend towards Godhood (something that Pierce claimed to believe in, unless I’m confusing his beliefs with those of Ben Klassen and or Kevin Alred Strom). In any case, I don’t care that a bunch of stupid, anti-ethnocentric whites used our abundance of food and medicine to feed Africa, because that’s not an argument against the validity of an abundance of food and medicine. I would rather live prosperously in the modern world, even if it means other races also do well,* then live miserably in an agrarian world while somehow “satisfying” myself with the knowledge that other races aren’t prospering either, which is childish at best and gratuitously spiteful at worst.

*they won’t and don’t do well, hence why they want all the gibz funded and paid for by Whites who created them

3. Not all of us had a lousy relationship with their parents. When my parents die one day, I will comfort myself with the knowledge and the conviction that I will see them again in the afterlife when I die. By contrast, someone like you who denies the reality of the spiritual world must necessarily believe that when we die, we won’t ever see our loved ones, and we ourselves will have no conscious memory of our own existence. Atheism to the max. May I never allow myself to fall into such a black pit of despair.

By contrast, someone like you who denies the reality of the spiritual world…

Perhaps you missed all of my articles under the category ‘genuine spirituality’?

“Perhaps you missed all of my articles under the category ‘genuine spirituality’?”

When I clicked on that tag, I recognized all the most recent articles, which can be summarized under three different categories:

-Quotes about Eugenics
-Passages of “A New Religion For Whites” by Strom
-Passages from “Holy Wrath” by Evropa Soberana

There was also an article I remember reading about the mental health of White Nationalists.

Here’s what I have to say about all that:

You’re understanding of spirituality is entirely material. To quote Morpheus from “The Matrix,” you seem to believe that “reality” consists only of what we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. The senses tell all. And, in cases where we can’t use our senses to pick up something directly, then we can determine whether something exists by “measuring” it, as the physicists do.

What you’re doing is the equivalent of reading a redacted document with half the lines blacked out and assuming that the readable lines tell the entire story. “I can’t see it, and I can’t measure it, therefore, it doesn’t exist.” Again, that’s typical atheism right there.

I ask you: Were the ancient Greeks making stuff up wholesale when they believed in the Olympian Gods? How can you argue that those Gods were merely symbols or ideals when the actual Greeks living at the time literally believed they were real?

Regardless of your answer to that question, here’s my larger point: Spirituality without a literal belief in the afterlife, spirits, souls, gods, and goddesses, is nothing more than Leftist New Age psychobabble. The Left believes that nothing is real if they can’t sense it and if they can’t test it in a lab. Well, they’re wrong. We need to know EVERYTHING about reality – including what’s behind the blacked out lines of the redacted document that is our own history – so that we may understand our place in it – our teleological purpose – and act accordingly.

We shouldn’t take basic instincts like breeding (the Eugenics quotes) and fighting (the Holy Wrath passages) and turn them into something that they are not. There’s nothing inherently spiritual or holy about breeding or fighting. There’s no teleological purpose in Pierce’s understanding of the world. There’s no Manifest Destiny. There’s just boring matter in motion.

Perhaps Pierce, and you, are right about life, but if so, then there’s no serious justification for “expecting” the White Race to do anything one way or another. If the physical world is all there is, then we might as well just eat, have sex, and engage in whatever feels good. Because that’s a much easier, simpler, happier way to live life than to fight for a cause that has no higher meaning in the end.

The Olympian Gods were good archetypes of the Aryan mind; the Xtian god on the other hand is toxic, including its notion of the hereafter.

> ‘Spirituality without a literal belief in the afterlife…’

You have zero scientific evidence about the afterlife, only wishful thinking, right?

By ‘genuine spirituality’ I mean art, family love, compassion of animals and of children and a sense of the numinous or mysterium tremendum. Or did you miss my last words in The Fair Race?: ‘…the Absolute of Schelling and Hegel resonates with the Jungian Self and, from the Faustian point of view, only the understanding of the eternal feminine will lead the white race to the Absolute’.

Cesar your historical analysis often takes us places we have never imagined, I feel like an explorer of mind and culture when I read your blog. I have to be slightly more modest though in terms of goals, I would like to see something along the lines of a Nordic city-state created as a sanctuary for the Nordic races and a few of their allies. I am a loyal reader though and have been reading your blog for years. Thank you so much for what you do, and your intellectual bravery as well as your careful attentiveness to detail. We must keep the conversation going.

Thank you!

In the past, I was astonished that Pierce’s Who We Are was not a bestseller among white nationalists. I knew that many hated his Nordicism but thanks to the recent comments I gather that some WN folks also hate his stance on Christianity or Neo-Xtianity, as belief in the afterlife lingers in the New Age (I’d never call such beliefs ‘spirituality’).

My view is quite different. Man is indeed an animal, that’s basic biology. The only thing that can make me consider him different is his degeneracy, his propensity for suicide – and I doubt it makes him a higher creature. Man is a lower creature, closer to the lifeless rock than to an eagle. Man has lost the right to call himself an animal. Because man wants to die.

DP84 has echoed the Protagoras’ saying that “Man is the measure of all things”. But what is man? Both Christians and neo-Christians confuse it for the individual. That’s pure insanity! Nature operates with populations, not individuals!

To me, man is the race. And race is indeed the measure of all things. Not the pain or pleasure of a single selfish insect. And that is quite spiritual, if you want to call it such. It is a “higher purpose”. No souls attached, however.

The discussions here sometimes turn rather binary.
Just an observation, and sometimes it’s refreshing.
All burial grounds going back thousands of years indicates a conception of an afterlife without necessarily having an “unhealthy focus with the beyond”.
I disagree that only solution is to disregard the concept entirely.
On the contrary, and in accordance with what my ancestors indicated through some of their graveyards, the strength needed for current actions only increases for me when looking at myself as timeless, or risen beyond the concept of time.

The closer a people are to nature and the farther they are away from the unhealthy aspects of modern technology, the more like they are to understand why we are here and what happens after physical death.

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