Impeachment of Man (book)

Even whites are animals

This is a comment from me that, instead of putting it in response to what commenters said in a recent discussion thread, I put it as an independent entry as the topic is central to understanding us.

Apparently, these commenters suffer from human megalomania: that humans are superior to animals, or that humans have souls. I doubt that they have read with due attention the books of William Pierce, or Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi. Already in January 2015 I had published an entry with the title of ‘Animals’, and as epigraphs I chose some words from Pierce and Hunter Wallace. The latter, as a Christian, continues to believe in the existence of the human ‘soul’. But despite this he acknowledges that whites deserve to be committed to the Fruitcake Hospital:

By that standard most people are simply animals—thinking animals, but still animals, without the essence of humanity.

William Pierce

For those who don’t believe Whites are capable of imposing this madness on themselves, I will point to France during the French Revolution which abolished slavery in the name of the “Rights of Man” and made every Negro a citizen of the French Republic.

Hunter Wallace

He who wants to venture into why we need a lesson in humility must read Impeachment of Man. In short, much of the evil of our time is due to pride, the primordial sin that modified apes are the crown of evolution when, because of their fruitcake behaviour, they obviously are not.

Read my Day of Wrath and tell me with a straight face that humans are ‘sane’ or ‘superior’. That does not mean that they are a lost cause, as potentially the eternal feminine could lead the white race to the Absolute, as I say in my last essay in The Fair Race (pages 652ff).

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I have a feeling that people who think humans are special don’t know much about animals or humans.

My worldview completely changed after I interacted with an animal a few years ago. (Decades before that, my worldview changed dramatically when I interacted with humans to the point of becoming a hermit.)

Thinking that man is above nature is a mentality that came from the middle east, and, I would dare to say, of those who first became mongrels and could no longer survive in their environment.

Thus, civilization was born and it opened its way to more mixing and christianity.

Is very convinient for them to convince the white man that he is above nature, diferent than an animal. In that way, he will never suspect how interbreeding with other species can break him down to the point of domestication; making him dependant of the system as a whole.

Those who still have this judeo-christian indoctrination are very desillusional. These individuals are the kind who have lost their sense of tribalism, pride and ultimately the will to survive.

Cesar, you are absolutely right there. As long as our kin embrace christianity and this megalomania, there is no hope for us to survive in the coming hundreds of years. A test of humbleness must come first before any posible solution.

I find your comment about humans not being anything special rather obscure. Of course they are special.

As are the whites.

Any attempt of distinguishing ourselves from the negro fall falt to the ground if we are to believe we are ‘non-special’ animals.

I find a similar argumentation in the extreme vegan community: We are not special, hence we are not allowed to kill any animal, and much less eat them. In their universe eating any meat is almost considered an extended form of cannibalism.

It is like cannibalism for me… And remember that Hitler wanted to close the slaughterhouses after the war.

Aryans might be special but certainly not in their current ethnosuicidal madness. Today they are worse than the Jews insofar as the traitor is worse than the external enemy.

As to the rest of mankind, they simply shouldn’t exist.

Man needs Nature, but Nature doesn’t need Man.

Animals killing each other for food is natural.
Animals in captivity is unnatural.
One could theorize that a species that “evolves” from mass animal captivity as it’s main sustenance will become captives themselves over time. You are what you eat. Aren’t the Gothams of today giant pigsties?

I’m not a vegetarian. Winter in the Iberian highlands is harsh; without meat, I would not have the strength to ward off colds. I try to have a healthy omnivorous diet. Despite being a meat eater, I have never hunted nor killed an animal in my whole life. And that is extremely unnatural. I wish to correct that in the coming years. I will start with fishing.

Homo Sapiens has been the Apex predator of Earth for some time now. There’s an imbalance in our ecosystem.
After a brief period of re-adjustment, when the Mud-Morlocks of today cannibalize the Eloi-Economicus en masse, Nature will regain some much needed breathing space.
Our task is to ensure there will be enough White-Morlocks during the Great Suffering.

Whites aren’t special animals. Neither are niggers nor gooks. Niggers are vestiges of Homo Erectus, and will disappear when Whites surpass the Xtian mind-virus.

Well, it was a good run while it lasted. Your article essentially makes whites no better than niggers. Everyone is just a walking corpse like every other nigger and mongrel on earth. What a sad and tragic view of life. You should rename your website, “we are all niggers now”.

One would think you were smart enough to know that veganism is a starvation diet. I wonder how true it really was that Hitler was a vegetarian. Sounds like more esoteric hitlerism nonsense spread by mommas boys that are too weak to raise up a family like white men used to do.

I have read Devi. She is a nut just like Miguel Serrano was a nut. She was friends only with animals because her own people couldnt stand the smell of garlic and BO that wafted from her lesbian corpse whenever she spoke. Should I mention she disgraced herself by marrying a red dot, shit skin? Your darwinian, might is right view of the white race is flawed. Another commenter here says this is a middle eastern tendency. He is wrong, too. He must be sucking your dick on a regular basis because every word out of his mouth smells like your penis.

The white race has always had a belief in personal immortality, even despising death. If this were untrue and if death was simply death to an Aryan, there would have been no need to make heroism and death in battle a virtue. Sir, I question the purity of your blood. I suggest you hang yourself like the smelly jungle negroid that you are.

Usually, I don’t let pass insulting rants but I’ll let this one pass just that other commenters know that you’re the same guy (‘MD’) who recently said that my work ‘is top-notch’. And by the way, if you insult me for considering men animals you are also insulting William Pierce (see epigraph above), and even Hitler:

• Goebbels mentions that Hitler planned to ban slaughterhouses in the German Reich following the conclusion of the Second World War.

• Support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany was common among the country’s leadership. Heinrich Himmler for one made an effort to ban the hunting of animals.

• After Hitler had ascended to the Chancellery and the Nazis had consolidated control of the Reichstag, the Nazis immediately held a meeting to enact the ban on vivisection. Göring announced an end to the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and said that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.

• On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter. On November 24, 1933, Nazi Germany enacted another law called Reichstierschutzgesetz, for protection of animals. This law listed many prohibitions against the use of animals, including their use for filmmaking and other public events causing pain or damage to health.

• In 1938, animal protection was accepted as a subject to be taught in public schools and universities in Germany.

This ‘MD’ even admitted that the quality of whites has gone abysmal! But comparing us to animals touches a nerve? Apparently, the status of “animal” is reserved for the lesser creatures like niggers and mongrels, but not Whites, oh no. Perhaps he thinks picking cotton and cleaning toilets is beneath whites, too. Nothing glorious about that I suppose.”It was a good run while it lasted”, yeah, all six months of it.

Reminds me of that Joker scene.
Wayne: “Your step-mother is insane.”
Arthur: “No, she isn’t!”.

CT: “Whites are animals.”
MD: “No, they’re not!”

Is this that ‘stockholm syndrome’ pathology? Even though modern whites doomed their descendants to a crapsack world, he defends them. Defending someone’s honor, when that someone has no honor left. They sold their honor. Where’s White Honor? All I see is boomer money feeding clown world. Is MD a boomer?

And despising death is very Xtian. Death is another part of the cycle. Death is the solution to all our problems.
What we need is death on an industrial scale: tens of thousands of happy-mode homo economicus dying every hour, for months on end. Don’t you know that for every White traitor Xtian that dies, ten little nigger apes don’t get their vaccines? And twenty little street shitters don’t get their clean water?

We will all learn a lesson in humility soon. We will witness how whites can be honorless inhuman animals like the fucking niggers.
I suggest this ‘MD’ drop the snowflake worldview and stop frequenting Daily Stormer. And stay away from Manson.

“…whites deserve to be committed to the Fruit Cake Hospital:”

Consider opposing generals developing strategy for a theater of war. One is better schooled in military affairs. Other aspects are about even, and his side wins. This does not make the lesser general insane, or suicidal (MacDonald).

Consider that White people either have a fatal genetic flaw, or something else. Greater imagination. Such makes them pliable in the hands of master manipulators. Priests.

What to do.

If white nationalists had studied Pierce closely, they’d know by now that when whites were healthy (Sparta, Republican Rome, Vikings, Elizabethan England, Third Reich) they were immune to external subversion. It’s amazing that up to this day most whites ignore their own history.

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