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Miscegenation: the ultimate sin

Below, some passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour:

Racial interbreeding disturbed this primary equilibrium. Mixes are indeed contemplated by Nature: the Armenid race comes from one of them. But this mix subsequently evolved, mutated and underwent natural selection by the environment obeying the tough laws of Darwinism, until it stabilised in a new racial type many millennia later. Disordered mixes, typical of globalist civilisation, have nothing to do with this natural laissez-faire envisaged by the natural order. Modern race mixing is an attack on human biodiversity and an aggression against dozens of millennia of evolution. In the times when life was pure and Nature followed her path unaltered, each race was walking its own path, straight ahead to become a different species. This was before the rise of materialistic civilisation, which perverted the natural order, consuming its hatred towards Nature and mankind, and materialising its resentment towards biological nobility by preaching equality and promoting chaotic crossbreeding. To mix with another variety is an abomination and an affront against all this work of perfection of natural and sexual selection of dozens of thousands of years.

To make things worse, primitive races feel sexually attracted to modern ones: a threat to evolution. Primitive races have an instilled instinct to procreate with the modern ones. This has been translated into millions of rapes and kidnaps of European women, including the unprecedented rape epidemics suffered today due to mass immigration in Europe and Oceania, and to the integration in North America and South Africa. The behavior of the primitives responds to the instinctive desire to improve the genetic code without evolution; that is, without the lengthy effort of undergoing a severe natural selection. It also responds to indiscriminate sexuality, developed to compensate with numerical quantity a lesser individual quality.

As to the debasement of white women there are numerous and illustrative examples, such as the Huns, Mongols, Turks, Tatars or Bolshevism. Another oriental occupation—Jewry—has behaved in a similar way in the western world through pornography, social politics, white slave trade, nightclubs, the fashion industry, music and subliminal propaganda. The purpose is turning the European woman into a commercial product and open her to the capitalist market, ‘globalizing’ her. This behaviour is understood when taking into account the desires of primitive races for enslaving the modern ones, acting in a vampirical manner over their genetics and obtaining economic benefits in the process. The genetic code is not improved by this kind of attacks on Nature. The mongrels would only benefit the most primitive race, whereas the noble becomes debased.

The Nordids can only expect a backward leap of dozens of millennia in the evolution of their genetic code—and traumatising their genome forever if they crossbreed with other reproductive communities. If we consider how innocent and carefree modern races are (self-confidence in one’s capability tends to relax defences against much shrewder races), we are faced with a serious threat of human devolution.

It is necessary to regenerate the genetic heritage of the West to avoid the biological collapse of mankind. Embryo selection, eugenics and genetic engineering could be fabulous tools to regenerate the white race, but for this to happen we must first defeat the anti-evolutionary, dysgenic selection and egalitarian obscurantism of the mass media manipulated by international finance. International finance is not concerned with evolution but with corrupting everything noble and pure, and burying it in the rotten matter of inferior world order. Civilisation must not exist to promote the development of culture, technology, luxury or comfort but to promote the development of man himself: the evolution of the genetic code. For civilisation depends on genes, not the other way round. It is ridiculous that civilisation turns against the genetic heritage that created it, like a snake that bites its tail.

5 replies on “Miscegenation: the ultimate sin”

Third sentence: ‘mutated’ instead of ‘muted’.
Also, I think the correct spelling is ‘civilization’, with a ‘z’.

The white race’s greatest hope in the last 2 millennia died in Berlin 74 years ago. And yet, it feels like yesterday.

There are only 2 hopes left: either a natural cataclysm that will provoke mass extinction but somehow will leave a few whites to survive or a miraculous Dr. Peters sends us to the neolithic.

To sink so low? And all this mess because of the virus of Christianity. There is something so utterly defective with this race that sometimes you could ask: ‘How did it survive this much?’

We should not be like Muslims in this, but they too are aware of the problem of “bridges” among peoples. ‘paraphrasing Sayyid Qutb of mid-century Muslim Brotherhood fame:
‘A bridge is not made so we can meet and mingle in the middle, but so they may come over to join us.’ -milestones

. But remember the mass misegenation is already well underway. You see it. I see it. But alliances and schisms among different organizational strategies among races are also already developing. You can be sure the Jews watch these things carefully.

The theory we’re being sold is that the gene is the sole replicating unit in evolution. A gene refers to a particular section of DNA which is in some manner functional in transcription. Since genes’ population frequencies, not only particular genes, I would assume some adaptations cannot be simply transcribed from one civilization to another.

Many an innocuous malady be rendered fatal as populations mingle across continents.

I take the ecological outlook. Group competition and individual competition have been set against each-other! What a fatal mistake.

Here’s a half-facetious suggestion: Go full tilt with the Global Warming Conspiracy. Let us plunge the earth into an ice age and slow general metabolism of organisms. Starve them out, and let the earth enjoy a fallow winter!

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