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White Nordid

Other features: Facial features transmitting kindness, benevolence and balance. Neoteny: a very youthful appearance, maintained until a very advanced age (although not as much as the Red Nordids). Pale and golden image. Abundance of athletic and active women, attractive and of great beauty which have resulted in a very high reproductive success of White Nordid maternal lineages. The distribution of White Nordids could be vaguely connected to the A blood type…

Among all original human races the WN is the one that has at present larger quantities of comparatively pure individuals, partly because it is probably the youngest race, and partly because historically it has displayed more racism than other races.

Although it is extremely hard to find highly pure White Nordids (the photographs we use as examples are real jewels of physical anthropology), the purest individuals and the largest proportion of them are to be found in Southern Sweden and south-Eastern areas of Norway, which matches roughly the distribution of the I1 haplogroup.

(Passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.)

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