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Lycanthropy is in our nature

The conventional, chivalrous warriors tried to dominate the torrent of reactions and sensations that caused the combat so that, keeping their will above them, retained their cold blood and consciousness intact.

The Berserkers, on the other hand, seemed to do the opposite: they let themselves be carried away by the physical reactions to the fight, so that they took possession of them and ended up into beasts that ‘saw everything red’.

Out of them came a totally independent will of consciousness. Only the best were tough enough to really let themselves be carried away by the torrent of ferocity to release their impulses savagely, to lose control, to break all ties in order to allow the beast to ride free, to savour the deep and primitive pleasure of the butchery, bloodletting, slaughter, domination, possession and destruction; submerging all their being in absolute chaos and surviving to be able to tell about it—although it is very probable that afterwards they did not even clearly remember what happened.

Is all this a wild barbarism? Yes, but it is part of human nature, whether you like it or not. Turning our backs on those issues only serves to catch us off guard later. To ignore that we have an animal side is like mutilating the spirit and sabotaging the body. Conversely, to accept this and to master it is to reconcile ourselves with ourselves.

(Passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.)

3 replies on “Lycanthropy is in our nature”

” To ignore that we have an animal side is like mutilating the spirit and sabotaging the body. Conversely , to accept this and to master it is to reconcile ourselves with ourselves. ”

This is one of the wisest statements I ever came across, and in my understanding it means that the Aryan Man will only avert his looming extinction by finding his way back to an authentic expression of berserker state of being which will reinstate his ( or her for that matter ) personal power needed to lift humanity out of its crisis.

In the old India they knew about this and it produced the tantric way of life, which was never a major religion but it is still there with a few masters here and there.

No dogmas, no beliefs but just a deep integration between the body and the soul.

It was Christianity what screwed things up.

For instance, St Thomas Aquinas said that ‘the human soul has no passions’. And let always keep in mind St Augustine’s sexual confessions in his most readable book. The result? Centuries of child abuse by priests with vows of chastity as, supposedly, a pristine soul knows no concupiscence; that lust is a self-indulging sin, etc.

The sexual drive betrayed these priests with cute teens and younger acolytes, even more in the monasteries through the practice oblation (parents sending their children to those places during Christendom).

Denying one’s own animal inside results in the exact opposite of what the Catholic doctrine was trying to prevent: sin. Its outcome, through the sexual starvation among the priests and monks, is inner burning and, finally, the press cooker explodes (the revenge of the Id): pederast molestation.

The Catholic doctrine on sex is a downward spiral.

An do not forget that many of those who joined the priesthood were intelligent non-pederastic men.
So a chastity on them would ensure a slow decay in intelligence of its people.
You could not have planted a more detrimental long term bomb.

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