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Christian art

Nordid Jesus

Christianity has been a kind of straitjacket that has taken as a prisoner the mind of the white man, especially in the Middle Ages, from where he could not get loose. It was a time when the European tried, by subtle means, to free himself from the prison of the mind to which they had put him. A subtle way that the Aryan spirit sought to escape was, as Fra Angelico did, to Nordicize the (originally Semitic) characters of the New Testament.

The Italian painter’s imagination didn’t have to work hard to compose this endearing appearance of Jesus to Magdalene, where the event occurs with extreme naturalness. The painting is in the convent of San Mark in Florence, where the original of this hyper-Nordic Jesus can be contemplated.

2 replies on “Nordid Jesus”

Certainly better than the earlier picture thread with an african angel to help at jesus tomb, and the older threads where most of the early “saints” were drawn as dark armenoid africans which is likely proof they were not Europeans.

How and why the Italian renaissance began to use nordic faces in their paintings is not something I know, but it is a revolutionary act perhaps in resistance to the christianity they faced.

Maybe Nietzsche can help:

Is it understood at last, will it ever be understood, what the Renaissance was? The transvaluation of Christian values: an attempt with all available means, all instincts and all the resources of genius to bring about a triumph of the opposite values, the more noble values…

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