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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Free speech / Free press

Busy for proof reading

This February I wrote: ‘I recently flipped through the copy of the 2014 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour that I own and was surprised that, since that year, I have eliminated no less than… fifty essays!’ In the later versions, I have been also adding many new essays and translations from the Spaniard Evropa Soberana and others.

Unfortunately, the PDF that a certain person uploaded to the Internet, without my permission, is the very outdated 2014 version of The Fair Race.

The United States is the country of the First and Second Amendments, which makes them superior to Europeans, at least in regard to freedom of expression and the right to possess weapons as a counterweight to the government’s power.

But the recent events in that country, as we see with Donald Trump’s pronouncements about confiscating weapons from unruly citizens, or Lindsey Graham’s super-quotable quote in my post yesterday, make me think that anti-white accelerationism has already begun. When Graham, the same senator who defended Judge Brett Kavanaugh last September, makes such pronouncements it can be said that the first snowflakes of a long winter have already fallen.

For this reason, I feel obliged to place on this site the PDF of the most updated version of The Fair Race for free. The updated book will still be available from Lulu for those who want a hard copy. It was never my intention to profit from the essays of other authors collected in The Fair Race. But it seems to me important that, if the US government were to violate the First Amendment, visitors of this site should download the PDF of the best essays collected for ten years since I started blogging.

The next few days I will be reading the more than six hundred pages of The Fair Race so that the public PDF may be as clean as possible, and I will add a couple more essays that will render obsolete even the previous edition of this year.

I apologise to regular visitors that I will not be very active these days, as I’ll be busy reviewing the long book.

8 replies on “Busy for proof reading”

What do you call the people whose ancestors bent their knee to a desert Jewish cult, “Spiritual Jews”.

I agree Devan but the bible is not without merit, for example this is from the book of Sirach. I recommend people read the book of proverbs, much of it is wisdom stolen from Egypt.

The book of Sirach from The Bible mentions how the rich prey upon the poor and behave in accordance with a tribal morality.

Verses quoted from book of Sirach chapter 13 verses 18 through 22

“18 Rich people have no more in common with poor people than hyenas have with dogs. 19 The rich hunt down the poor just as lions hunt down wild donkeys in the open country. 20 Arrogant people have nothing but scorn for the humble, and the rich think of the poor in the same way. 21 When a rich person stumbles, his friends will steady him, but if a poor person falls, his friends will have nothing to do with him. 22 When someone rich makes a mistake, there are many people to cover up for him and explain away all the things he never should have said. But let someone poor make a mistake, and he gets nothing but criticism. Even if what he says makes good sense, nobody will listen. 23 When a rich person speaks, everyone is silent, and they praise him to the skies for what he says. But let a poor person speak, and everybody says,

Who is that? They push him down if he so much as stumbles.”

And here are verses 15-17 from the same chapter:
“15 Every creature prefers its own kind, and people are no different. 16 Just as animals of the same species flock together, so people keep company with people like themselves. 17 A sinner has no more in common with a devout person than a wolf has with a lamb. “


Reading or admiring the Bible, unless it is done to debunk Christians, is a mistake.

I currently correct the section of Soberana’s essay on ‘Judea against Rome’.

I don’t know if you’ve read it. But now that I reread it, I get the feeling that the mistake was not having exterminated the Jewish quarter in the year 70 when the Romans had the opportunity after the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem. Instead, Titus allowed them to survive, selling them as slaves. And it was just one of these surviving Jews who, shortly after the year 70, devised the psyop while writing the Gospel of Mark: the blueprint that would serve subsequent evangelists to devise their own gospels. (When Hunter Wallace and Greg Johnson now call all revolutionary action ‘evil’, it is clear that they are still under the influence of this psyop.)

To cure whites from this virus, I believe that all the Bibles must be burned throughout the West and all churches destroyed. I see no other way to save them.

When next week the PDF is ready don’t forget to save it in your hard drive.

P.S. By reviewing Soberana’s essay I feel like Dustin Hoffman hunting for the healthy host of the virus in the silly film Outbreak.

Mr Tort,

I think you may be right about Bibles needing to be avoided. It’s just so convenient to have a book with proverbs in it. I really do love proverbs. But I suppose we have enough of those from our Greek and Roman ancestors. Plato and Aristotle too.

I guess birds of a feather should flock together and I guess that should go for books too, we should only read books written by Europeans.

Yes its adultery to read stuff by foreigners.

Titus must have been a greedy man to have wanted to make money by selling those people into slaves, perhaps Titus is not the sort of person we should admire.

To be fair to Titus and the Romans, they were under the impression that the medicine they had applied to Carthage would also work in Judea. But jews were another kind of Semites…

As to what to read, today I reread one of Manu’s letters that is included in The Fair Race. Very inspiring!

That letter you shared appears to have the right idea, our indigenous stories are so important. He mentioned Homer and The Greek plays, there must be many other options too in addition to that stuff, he also mentioned the idea of having communal temples to connect with. these words and literature and talk with each other, very good ideas, along with a remembrance flame to keep alive the memory of our ancestors.

The Greco-Roman traditions are more our collective heritage than Norse stuff, but Norse stuff is important to learn from Grogaldr is good.

It appears the “Law against Christianity” has been omitted from the Penguin version, as I bought this edition out of convenience and didn’t want any duplicates of texts (also purchased the Basic Writing of Nietzsche). Very disappointed. So it stands that the Cambridge Edition might be one of the few that contain the “Law against Christianity”.

I tried to send this reply to your previous response in a different post but the comments section had been closed.

Yes: after a week the WordPress software automatically closes a thread.

Nietzsche’s writings require careful scholarship. Incredibly, I have found better editions in Spanish than in English.

P.S. If you need a link to the ‘Law Against Christianity’ within this blogsite let me know.

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