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Imagine a world in which war had not killed Hitler. The man was even a year younger than my granny Mecho. Had Uncle Adolf died of natural death at the age my long-lived granny died, in 1988 I would have shared thirty years of my existence with his! I can’t imagine a bigger crime against me than having taken that privilege away! Without the greatest crime of the modern age I could say that he was my contemporary…


This translated passage appears in one of the final pages of my autobiographical From Jesus to Hitler.

One reply on “Passage”

As he did right before this site was suspended for a couple of days last September (see: here) Phora commenter Petr has, again, iterated his insults today (here) without even taking the trouble to address the points made by me and others in that September thread.

He just calls us names (‘manic-depressive nihilists’, ‘grotesque’, ‘turning their hostility on pagan mythology’—really??) without even explaining why could we be any of that.

Petr is not the only Christian who hates me because of my anti-Christianity. Tonight, Dr. Morales tried to post no less than four comments without realizing that I don’t even take the trouble to read any of them: all of them go directly to the spam filter. This Brazilian is talking to himself and naively believes that I’ll read his insulting rants!

One thing Petr got right, however, is that compared to Richard Spencer I work with ‘manic intensity’ against the religion that destroyed my life. He who does not believe that it destroyed me has just to read the above book and make his mind…

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