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Petr’s rant


By their fruits ye shall know them

Very rarely people link to this site, presumably because our point of view is so light-years away from the POV of the common mortal that it is impossible for the normie that visits us to cross, in a single jump, the psychological Rubicon without the rosy stepping stones of the Alt-Right.

I think Petr is a Christian, but it is not clear to which ethnic group he belongs. At any event, on The Phora this guy said:

After a long pause, I decided to check out what C.T. is up to nowadays. (I know he is one of the most poisonously anti-Christian net Nazis out there, and I believe in the “know thine enemy” principle.)

And boy, it was an educational, even enlightening experience to see to what depths he and his few hand-around friends have sunk. As a matter of fact, I consider this to be a sort of moral victory; this shows the spiritual dead end that anti-Christian, anti-God WN activism ultimately leads to. They seem have taken the most extreme apocalyptic “Turner Diaries” views of William Pierce and ran with them. Thus they have come to the ultimate reductio ad absurdum of neo-Nazi ideology.

In fact, C.T. and his crew have abandoned not only Christian morality but also any shred of sober pagan morality (“nothing too much,” sophrosyne) and ended up in sheer manic-depressive nihilism. This stuff below is like the nastiest possible Antifa caricature of WNs come to life. I am not eager to “punch right,” but if this were seriously what all Nazis really believe in, then it would be justified not only to punch them, but to hunt them down as hostis humani generis, as the ancient Romans called pirates.

And it’s not just some booze-fueled tough talking or the Daily Stormer-like irony either—C.T. is a humorless fanatic who would clearly like to be taken seriously:

“For an introduction to my exterminationist philosophy see: here.”

But his genocidal fantasies are just impotent wish-fulfillment daydreams, and as such, even more grotesquely pathetic (you should never make threats you cannot carry out). In fact, people like him have now ironically become what Nietzsche caricatured early Christians being like—despised, embittered, resentment-filled losers hiding in dark holes and dreaming of massive vengeance to come. But without any real God to back them up.

All in all, thank God for the Alt Right and WN 2.0. if this is the mentality it freed us from!

Then Petr quotes in toto ‘How Awake Are You?’, the brilliant comment that our friend from the Iberian Peninsula posted last Thursday. Then Petr ended his rant with these words:

And the comments that follow are as pitiful and repulsive (literally so; you feel repelled from the company of such toxic losers) as the piece itself.

The problem with Petr and all those who make a superficial visit to this site is that they do not even read the links that they put themselves. For example, when quoting my words above (‘see: here’), any visitor of true nobility of the soul that clicked on those words would begin to follow the white rabbit. Eventually, he would enter Wonderland and realise that the devils tormenting innocent animals should be removed from the face of the Earth.

Who is the good and who the bad guy: Petr and company or us? Let’s use the parameter of their Jesus to answer the question: By their fruits ye shall know them.

In addition to perpetuating the lives of the devils tormentors, the promiscuous ‘loving’ ideology of Petr & Co. is murdering the fairest specimens of Homo sapiens. On the other hand, if we come to power, our fruits would mean not only the end of the torment of animals but living in the world of Parrish.

16 replies on “Petr’s rant”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” should be the motto of christian morality.

Also consider this part: “C.T. is a humorless fanatic who would clearly like to be taken seriously”. We are in a situation where the fairest race might go extinct, being fanatical and serious should be encouraged. But no, instead we need unserious, milquetoast altrighters and their stale memes.

It is aprioristic to call ‘ humorless’ someone you haven’t met in real life (I for example constantly smile and laugh).

What this Xtian is dismayed about is that someone finally takes his little religion to task. He says he doesn’t visit WDH often but he cannot respond even to Deschner, who was a normie liberal in many ways but wrote the first comprehensive history of Xtianity from the non-Xtian POV.

Since Xtians are only used to censorship through the centuries they are taken aghast when a non-Xtian dares to talk back to centuries of lies and misinformation.

I’d bet Petr won’t say anything substantial about the 100 posts by normie Deschner in this site (keyword: substantial).

these milquetoasters are likely suffering the effects of having been malwared from early childhood in attending the state parochial schools fronted as “the public schools” — free, come and get it!!! (in the assl; stupid parents.) — the intended result being propagandized and sexualized zombies. what a sad fuking state. and especially so pushing its ancient & rotted & crumbling state religion known as liberalism.

c.t., i came up with a definition of prayer that i’m satisfied hits close to the target: prayer is the act of kissing up to an imagined diety in vain hopes of garnering a fantastical favor.

Those paintings of Parrish are a good visual description of Shakespeare’s own Arcadia as he imagined it in his best comedy, ‘As You Like It’; that should be read if only for the sake of Rosalind, the greatest woman(disguised as man for most of the play!) in all of literature.

The title of Parrish’s painting above, ‘the garden of opportunity’ suggest a place for heterosexual courtship for the fair race. It is hard to believe that in the 1940s so many American homes had copies of Parrish’s paintings hanging on their walls…

I actually was born in that kind of milieu, in the 1950s. Who would say then that the race would be committing suicide soon? (Left, propaganda from France. They want the fair race mongrelized & destroyed, written out of the history books. I guess Petr has no objection with it…)

On the few occasions which I see a fair Aryan woman pregnant I am always reminded of the possibility that she is carrying the enemy’s mongrel spawn.
That is to say, it tends to be a rather bittersweet experience.

Which is why Petr et al who hate The Turner Diaries are just evil: We need the Day of the Rope to bring justice to all those women (along with their fetuses).

Block the passage. Bolt the gate. This world’s depravity went too far.

That’s why I go for a life of total spiritual reclusion. What is on the outside is too much, brother.

Going back into a placental cacoon is not the warrior’s way. If we’re going to die anyway why not become Drs Peters (as there are still not enough warriors for The Day)? Whatever drastic thing we would do the System should suffer the most, not us.

@ C. T.

But it’s not the System, it is the Situation – as in-situ. What is the most violent and at the same time pure form of revolt against this post-Ragnarök world? It is suicide, the let go of flesh values. The revaluation of all values through a gunshot. Martyr or only amateur, doesn’t matter.

If life is but a dream, why toil to no avail? Life as a dream has always been one of the most interesting looks at life. The world is judaized. Would have been different were it homeric. The ideal would be: poet as warrior and vice-versa, see Kurt Eggers.

@ezra, nicely stated. poet as warrior.

my gut instinct for years. i despise this present jew game and jew game rules. and xtian malware programming effecting an infinite supply of useful idiot sexualized zombies via the state parochial schools for liberalism. always have, since adolescence. never knew why until after much reading in retirement. c.t.’s site a key influence. (although others were/ are essential waypoints.) i refuse to be a wage slave, selling my labor. and i got off on the wrong path, not pursuing the life of an artisan/ merchant fueled personal income. (how could i, w/ such malware installed and running full-speed? my sole income is soc sec. fuking jew invented fed-ledgered $$$-out-of-thin-air. so be it. i’ll take fed supply chain drippings out of their leaking faucets. all else, i give gratis. in my immediate white-only circle of life. when the $$$ runs out, i’ll turn off the lights.

c.t., you’re a poet-warrior, with this site. and perhaps you’ve got some other irons in the fire. and i very much think [gut instinct] that the world is prime for a new method of warfare. the one-man army. a new invention never imagined by jewry. and therefore renders them defenseless. and the aryans are up to it. and will do it. theirs will be an “invisible-to-the-jew” warfare that will utterly reformat the world, in aryan image.

am i being fanciful? no. there’s a time. one simply has to “get it.”

Thanks. The American System unjustly incarcerated Gary Lee Yarbrough and other members of The Order simply with the excuse of guilt by association.

This violation of ZOG’s own laws (the same happened in a lesser form in Charlottesville a year ago) pulls over would-be warriors into the field of ‘one-man army’. I can only hope some Aryans get the memo.

Ward Kendall wrote a novel where white males in their sixties diagnosed with cancer became this sort of freedom fighters (there’s nothing to lose!).

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