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Morgan on the JQ

Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, an important artist working in Amsterdam at a time when it was a flourishing town, has made all the protagonists of the Passion go up to Mount Calvary: the ‘Veronica’, the ‘Magdalene’, Mary and the disciples—all whites!—while blond angels collect the drops of Jesus’ blood. It is striking that a few centuries ago the European mentality imagined the ancient Jews that way, especially because in Amsterdam they really knew how Jews looked like.

Below, yesterday’s comment by Robert Morgan about the Jewish question and technology. I do recommend visitors to watch the recent miniseries Chernobyl, of only five episodes, to see why Man is not ready for the Promethean fire.

______ 卐 ______

In my view, whites have been primarily victims not of the Jews, or any other group, but of their own collective technological ingenuity. Jews are a problem, but in the final analysis, they only have as much power as whites allow them to have. Christian morality is also a problem, but here again we are dealing with something that is within white control. It too only has the power whites give it. On the other hand, I see technological development as inherently hostile to race preservation, and touch on it here, in a comment on another thread.

I think if the technological system survives, the white race is doomed. The system has great resilience, but if it crashes or is made to crash, there is hope. However, in order to be effective at saving the white race, any crash would have to be worldwide and permanent, or the parts of the system that were still functioning would simply regenerate, re-establish control, and the problem would continue.

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If the technological system is going to crash then why are you so keen on investing in precious metals? In a primitive condition struggling for survival who the hell will care about pretty shiny stuff anymore? At least silver has some inherent value in our technological society but it wouldn’t any longer.

Energy devolution is a long process with an arc of several decades (by the end of the century the human population will be drastically diminished). The currency crash, on the other hand, which is coming relatively soon, will unfold very rapidly (an arc of a couple of weeks when it hits the fan); and those who now save gold will be able to survive.

The coming crash of the dollar is like the overture to a Wagnerian Tetralogy (the convergence of catastrophes), but not the whole operas.

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