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Holy wrath, 12

These is my take about my most recent translation of an essay by Evropa Soberana:

Quoting Hitler, as I did in my previous post, is something that white nationalists rarely do in their main webzines. The very term ‘white nationalism’ (WN) was coined in the 1990s by an American racialist in order to distance the American movement from National Socialist fads in the US. Some of them have been talking about ‘WN 101’, ‘WN 102’ and recently ‘WN 103’—always concerned about ‘optics’ and distancing themselves farther and farther from the spirit of the Germans and the ancient Scandinavians. The result? This is Robert Morgan’s latest comment on Unz Review:

It would be difficult to overstate the idiocy of this. Trying to organize whites politically along explicitly racial lines has failed in America for over a century and a half now, from the first Klan in the 1860s, to its revival in the early decades of the 1900s, through Rockwell and Pierce, and lately with the morons who actually thought voting for Trump was going to change things. All this time, the only gradual shifts have been in an ever more leftist, anti-racist direction, which is now ripening into a virulent anti-whitism. As I see it, the gradualist approach that sees white racial survival as the probable result of a long-term educational project is favored by only three types:

1. Those who, like Taylor, make their living from it.

2. People too stupid to have studied history and learn from it.

3. Losers, who advocate a losing strategy precisely because they want to keep losing.

In any case, there’s no reason to expect that something that has such a long track record of failure is ever going to succeed.

Since only a total awakening of the spirit of ancient Scandinavians can save what is left of the Aryan, I’ve now run a grammar engine on ‘Holy Wrath’ and reread it for the 2020 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. You can save in your hard disk this reviewed edition (click: here).

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