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From Jesus to Hitler (obsolete post)

Disclaimer of March 2020:

I recently changed my mind and used the title ‘From Jesus to Hitler’ to refer not only to this slim corollary, but to all my eleven books. The book below described is now titled The Grail (El Grial in Spanish).

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Finally, the third and last book of my trilogy is available for one hundred dollars. The reason for the high price is that in this final book I tell intimate things. If any fan reads Spanish and wants to read me for a more reasonable price, contact me by email (scroll down the page until you see ‘contact’ on the sidebar). The following is my translation of what appears on the back cover of the book:

From Jesus to Hitler is the continuation of Vol. I, Whispering Leaves, and Vol. II, Will You Help Me? (*)

From Jesus to Hitler is a collection of auto-biographical vignettes and hard reflections on what has already been written: questions that had remained in the inkwell of the previous volumes.

The author of this trilogy (a trilogy that together represents 1,600 pages) is the first autobiographer who, in all seriousness, elaborates a philosophy in which the very legitimacy of the human species is questioned. If mankind deserves to exist from the moral point of view, it will have to eliminate the most primitive version of humans in order to give birth to a new man whose empathy for children and animals is, indeed, upstanding.

In the empirical world, such a transvaluation of all values can only be reflected by replacing the archetype of the nonexistent Jesus of Nazareth with that of a man who did exist: Adolf Hitler.

Tomorrow I will translate into English a book passage for this site.


(*) Not sure if Whispering Leaves sounds well in English. Listening to the Wind Between the Leaves provides the idea, but it would be a long title. (Incidentally, about the other title, Will You Help Me?, it’s not me the one who a powerful reader of the future will have to help.)

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“Whispering Leaves” is a correct sounding english title,
No need to overcomplicate it 🙂

Thank you for providing us with your thoughts, you have brought to public view many ideas that most ignore, due to the complex problems they arise from.

It is complex. For instance, although my Day of Wrath is a compilation of texts from volumes I and II, it has a flaw. The selection is for the animus side of our psyche. But the path to the Self for us males involves the anima side. Remember, I don’t have a single male friend in the big city where I live, but my only female friend grasps the other side as seen in my post linked in this paragraph.

In other words, the only way to truly understand my mind is to read the whole trilogy, not only Day of Wrath.

If you publish an English version I would certainly purchase a copy.

There aren’t any other sites for White people that compare to yours. I bookmarked it a long time ago after finding it by chance and now am a regular reader.

Thank you for presenting the comments of Dr. Morgan. I am reading them all from the link you posted in the comments recently. His rhetoric is razor sharp and crystallises perfectly the scourge of Christianity.

Yes: Morgan has been sharp in WN forums for some time. If I translate my last book, I’ll have to start from the first one of the twelve (remember, there are 1,600 pages):

Hojas susurrantes [Whispering leaves]:

Carta a mamá Medusa
Cómo asesinar el alma de tu hijo
Mi infancia
El retorno de Quetzalcóatl
Hojas susurrantes

¿Me ayudarás? [Will you help me?]:

La muerte de papá
¿Me ayudarás…?

[The book you see in the above pic]:

Libro abortado
De Jesús a Hitler

______ 卐 ______

Update of March 2020:

In addition to changing the title, now the two latest books listed above (Libro abortado and De Jesús a Hitler) are comprised into The Grail. So there are only 11 books, not 12.

I hoped that From Jesus to Hitler is in English… but I can’t help myself with Spanish language…

I remember when I finished reading Day of Wrath a few months ago I felt very teased… because I was more interested in the anima side than in the animus side, though the intellectual discussions in Day of Wrath were still extremely interesting. An intense autobiographical psychological analysis coupled with WN is an absolutely golden idea. Very jealous to those who can read Spanish and read this trilogy in its fullness.

Yes, you grasp my point.

I decided not to confess (or barely confess on this site) my anima side because men start misunderstanding me.

For instance, back in 2014 I confessed a minor thing on this blog (my grotesque first day at London). Precisely because men are not supposed to communicate problems of their soul, more than one WNst became stupefied and tried to scold me, as if I lost honour or something for daring to tell such things. But women understood me immediately.

And the 2014 thing was comparatively a very minor affair. You can imagine what would happen with WN males if I started to confess the really intimate stuff… So I decided that the bulk of it would only appear on printed texts. I only need to start translating them, one by one (like the brief passage of From Jesus to Hitler that I’ll try to translate today).

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