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William Pierce

When is time to revolt?

Four years ago I posted an article William Pierce had written in 1968, ‘The necessity of staying legal’ for National Socialist World. This piece reminds me a couple of issues: The extreme superiority of American pro-white ideology before the term ‘white nationalism’ was coined, and a frank discussion among American pro-whites about the thorny issue of a revolution: something that nowadays white nationalists are reluctant to discuss.

Both ultra-pacifists like Greg Johnson (listen to his latest pronouncements: here), or those desperate nationalists who recklessly charge on the enemy, should read the above-linked article that reflects the wisdom of Pierce and Hitler.

16 replies on “When is time to revolt?”

It’s going to be interesting to see how and where the full revolt and civil war breaks out. I believe we are quietly in an undeclared civil war, but it just hasn’t gone mainstream yet and affected a broader range of the masses. In any case, I expect the majority of the masses to be sheep and not want to be involved when things do become reality, instead they will probably seek out the most resourceful packs of marauders.

I call it a Holy Racial Civil War, which also is a Spiritual war, but I believe that the irony is that the Gender wars might be the fuel that sets it all off before the racial conflicts.

If you notice, Women and Police Officers these days have really really bad reputations among the general consensus of people, and both of them are going out of their way to pull out all the stops to gain extra trust and respect of Men and the Public, but both are failing.

I believe that Women have become a major liability and danger, especially in the West, and right now everything is at breaking point because not even Corporations want to go out of their way to hire or invest in them anymore.

White Nationalists, by and large, are Pacifists, except or until everything is all on the line, but then again, they only fight for themselves and not for a greater idea, because they are motivated by selfish and subjective interests by the end of the day.

When a White Nationalist talks about “peaceful protest / resistance” or “non-violent activism” they are basically showing that they are cowards who are affected by the public’s reaction to them and are obsessed with trying to preserve their reputations.

But people who are obsessed with preserving their reputations / image are materialists and are ego-based, in effect they are cowards and not ones who will make any meaningful sacrifice, because they are people pleasers, while our enemy and the Left in general are not people pleasers, but just pay lip service as if they are “tolerant” and “inclusive”, but in practice we see their reality. It’s clear that the White Nationalists / Right Wing have not learned from their opposites. It’s no coincidence that those same cretins also believe in the delusion of “leaderless resistance”.

That’s why White Nationalists and the Right Wing will also lose and be shown as the frauds they are in the serious battles which are to come.

There is also another component to all this, which is a separate topic altogether that would be too much to get into on this thread, but the fact that Right Wing Activists / WN’s also have secrets to hide about their family origins and history, which would be exposed if they are held in the limelight for any real revolutionary activity. Which is why they are always so insistent on being “non-violent”.

At this point, from what I’m seeing at least in America, nobody trusts anyone and people are still trying to decide on which side to be on. And all the decisions they are making are completely detached from reality and what needs to be done. All which will prepare them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and torn apart at the fork of the road (exactly what the jews want).

Among niggers white man will not survive, but will be slaughtered . You know niggers and Muhammadans are used to hunger , starvation, living in filth .

White man is far removed from that, he lived much of his life in comforts of modernity, that is why he is a slave, before he became a slave to the Jew, white man became a slave to his desire and comfort.

@ rhnegatives,

If at least nationalists would be saving precious metals awaiting the big crash (with the intent of purchasing guns after it)… But no: they don’t even want to take seriously dissident economists who are saying that a financial accident is coming.

They will be totally unprepared, as you say, when it comes.

@CT, I know right… I’ve also found none of them with much of that interest in mind. They are generally asocial. In some deeper conversations I’ve had with some of them, I’ve come to realize how different we are from WN’s, because when discussing things like anything about terrain or conditions (favorable or not) and other planning ahead or infrastructure conditions, they seem to be completely uninterested in anything to do with that but have this idea that they will just live in shacks and as long as there are guns and whiskey flowing, that that’s all they need. They care less about food than guns, granted you need guns to protect your food. But they also do not value other Men as brothers, as much as they value guns in their minds.

@CT, right on about the niggers. Let me tell you something I observe specifically with niggers, and this should be a warning sign, and it just happened to me again over the weekend.

On several occasions in supermarkets, but more as of recent since I buy a lot more meat.

Black Women – including ones who were sometimes cashiers – are the very first and most vocal ones to ever take notice to someone who can afford meat or is buying lots of it, and they make no shame of trying to inquire into my life about who I’m feeding or what the event is, suggesting if it’s a wedding or something. I keep them in the dark.

And they have absolutely no shame in trying to suggest “I’ma be going home with this guy since he’s got the good stuff.”, and I have to remain completely silent to that.

Some of these women are like those heavy heffers. The way how loud and vocal they are about it and how they act and they try to get all the other people around to take notice. It makes me feel like I want to go home and shower after it all happens, but also I get this subconscious primitive instinct in me that pops up about survival and lurking danger, the fact that they do this…

Just imagine how aggressive they will get when everything does fall apart.

Table Talks, 27th January 1942

And it was the German nation’s despair that gave birth to National Socialism.

Couldn’t the Jew with his omnipotence prevent the rise of Hitler? Now the Jew has understood this lesson; he emptied the arsenals and the made the larders full. The slaves will never revolt again, they have food and comfort.

We all know that the great secret to the Jew’s success is his extraordinary racial thinking. When Hitler reintroduced it in the Aryan world he was utterly destroyed by perverted jew-propagandized whites who never developed that kind of thinking – easy prey USA. Now all education whitie receives is Jewish education. As Devan says, whitie is too compromised to lift a finger, he was programmed to love the Jew world too much to care about his own future. This race is finished, this great white race. It was great a long time ago – and never in its entirety, now the hell with it!

Also, as Soberana writes, whites had the opportunity to destroy this wicked race long before NSDAP and squandered it. Why? The Romans should have seen the world two millennia after them and they would have done with the chosenites once and for all.

When is that global collapse coming? It’s already breakdown. I want to witness the circus.

My notion of pacifism: in the next Holocaust we shall be less humane than the Aryan commander. What about skinning them alive?

Interesting.. What sort of progress, or snippets of information on this “From Jesus to Hitler” book? Will there be hard copies available?

but it’s in spanish, bummer. what’s the project cost — time & $$$ — of doing an english translation? (though i accept the market for the english translation is tiny, a few hundred at most??)

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