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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones reaches its nadir

With the fourth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, the show has reached its absolute nadir: the worst crap I’ve seen of the entire series. From the previous episode, by killing the Night King the producers wanted a ‘game of thrones’ show (palatial intrigues), not a song of ice and fire (a show with a deeper meaning). But with the script of this fourth episode the writers made a cretinous anticlimax that will even bother the fans.

That happens when mean people, like Jewish writers, invent a script for lack of a book that George R.R. Martin has not written yet. But even the gentile Martin is a liberal who has advocated for allowing Syrian refugees into the US and supported Hillary Clinton.

If I had the freedom to come up with my own ending, away from the ethno-traitor Martin and the Jewish scriptwriters, the Night King would still live in this fourth episode. Following the philosophy of Martin that there are no ultimate bad and good guys in a dance between ice and fire, these last episodes would reveal the deep motivation of the Night King.

Remember that Martin was inspired by the medieval stories in which Christian fanatics destroyed the sacred trees of pagans. In the television series, the children of the forest defended themselves with rock magic creating the Night King with the purpose of fighting the invaders: human beings. Thus, the Night King of my script would want to exterminate humanity as a noble goal from the point of view of the forest’s children.

In an epic war of minds, and with the help of the greenseer Bran Stark who fights on behalf of the human side, the final plot would revolve around negotiating with the Night King the extermination not of the hundred percent of humanity, but of ninety-nine percent.(*) The reason for this would not only be to respect Martin’s central axiom, that there is no absolute villain, but to introduce the religion of the four words to eliminate all unnecessary suffering.

Thus, from the dialectical synthesis between the Night King and the Greenseer Bran there would remain, of the pure whites, only the most compassionate with Nature including trees and animals. The rest of mankind would be exterminated by the Night King’s White Walkers and their army of the death. That’s how my final episode would end.

Of course: that is my song of ice and fire, not Martin’s and much less that of the Jewish scriptwriters. But an eight-season saga that began in 2011 would have deserved a more profound message instead of the botched anticlimax we saw tonight.

Those who wish to familiarise themselves with my philosophy of marriage between the 4 and 14 words can read my books that appear almost to the bottom of this page, although I need to finish reviewing the syntax of the last one, De Jesús a Hitler (From Jesus to Hitler).

(*) In the Manichaean HBO show the Night King didn’t want to spare the life of a single human.