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Incel mantras

• Reclaim your women that the anti-white System stole from you.
• After we win the Revolution you’ll be able to abduct the Sabine woman of your dreams.
• The torture of involuntary celibacy will be over!

2 replies on “Incel mantras”

I’ve often thought about entering University again, enlist in some useless humanities course, with the hidden purpose of liberating one white girl and make a woman out of her.
I’d wager some girls do enter college just to meet marriageable men. At least, the smart ones do.

Which custom is more manly, bride’s price or dowry?
Considering your allusions to the rape of the Sabines, I would assume the former – men want to get a wife, so they capture/buy one. Also, I would consider it a fair compensation and an act of gratitude towards the father who hadn’t killed that girl as a baby (daughters were considered a curse, a drag on the family in the past).
But on the other hand, Wikipedia says that Rome always employed dowry, and never had bride’s price. It even says that the dowry was more popular in masculine cultures because it required the bride’s family to pay, and it helped because the bride came to live with her husband’s family…
So, who should pay whom, in your opinion?

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