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All Christians are Cucks, 7

Our “CI” boys who wish to identify as “Israelites” who escaped Egypt would have to be Asiatic, not European. Finally, Christianity today is the same shit as Feminism—a Jewish project that was not stopped early enough and has grown into a destructive problem.
Enjoy the images. It took quite some time to collect all the data and format them properly.
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Don’t forget that they claim from one side of their mouth that Jews were not modern Jews during the days of Jesus, but were Indo-European, but from the other side of their mouth it was the Jews of today who killed him. They never see the contradiction in this.

CI people look ridiculous even to most WNsts. But the real problem is mainstream Christianity, even among American racists, as can be seen in the comments section of sites such as Occidental Dissent.
One thing is certain: these guys don’t even want to take a look at a book published by normie publishers such as Catherine Nixey’s, that appeared last year in the UK and this year in the US.
The problem is not so much that they don’t know anything about the early history of Christianity, but that they don’t want to know.

“…they don’t want to know.”
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! You are the Grand Prize Winner of the Cutting Through All The Bullsh** contest that I have secretly been running for the past few minutes! Your Prize was already delivered to you at birth: It’s an Amazing Brain!!!

Oh boy, and I’m not even a pure Aryan…
But what happened to pure Aryans? When I was a child they looked smarter and braver, at least in the films.

The All Christians Are Cucks series is great, but there are a few others (by other folk) that are very good, too. Many of Revilo P. Oliver’s articles are top-notch, and here’s a good article, by Kevin Strom of National Vanguard, called Stop Being Insane: https://nationalvanguard.org/2017/11/stop-being-insane/
It’s truly depressing that so many otherwise intelligent, racially-activated and Jew-aware Whites still cling to the Semitic fairy-tales of “the Good Book” with such desperation and bullheadedness. Many of them wrongly think that Western culture came into being solely as a result of Christianity, never giving thought to the possibility that Western culture came into being despite Christianity, that our culture is an outgrowth of our innate Aryan-ness rather than being a result of Christendom. Too, many believe that our sense of morality and ethics come from Christianity, another false assumption. Practically all of our Aryan morals and ethics have their roots in Rome and Greece… not in the collection of myths the Semites plagiarized from others and Judi-zed.
Of all the levels of wakefulness one begins to naturally attain after becoming “red-pilled” (a cringe-worthy term, I know, but adequate), the level that opens to one’s mind when he or she begins to truly see through Christianity, begins to see the poison hidden inside the Twinkie so to speak, is the most difficult level to attain. Yet the most necessary if we hope to ever survive and prosper as a free people.

Good link that I will use in the future.
There is no way that the race will make it without an attitude of ‘Let it go’ regarding Christianity. No way.

I know, C.T.
It would be nice if the #WalkAway movement were to catch on with our folk regarding THIS issue!

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