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All Christians are Cucks, 5

Last time we checked what the acceptance of the Jewish Bible meant for the European mind—how we adopted their system of Laws in order to kill our own People; how it corrupted our way of life, created an ultimatum based on belief. Everything that wasn’t according to the Jewish Bible was deemed as Heretic and Pagan and had to be destroyed or killed. Science stopped entirely, all knowledge was lost, artistic values disappeared, people became more gullible than ever before and believed in any and all things, rather than to inquire into them and learn about them. It is no wonder that these ages were called the Dark Ages, for no light of understanding, knowledge or truth were allowed—they would have challenged the authority of the Church and the Jewish Bible…
Meanwhile, Paul is the only motherfucker preaching this to non-Jews, whereas the rest of the apostles have a Jew-only way of delivering the Jew Jesus plan.
What has Paul done to our Lands? He convinced us that these Jews are our brothers and sisters who can live among us and that we all share the same “household” of one God—that Jesus is the uniting element of all of us. We are “one humanity” in Jesus and nothing else. Meanwhile, all Gentiles are to regard Jews as their fellow citizens!…
Since Christianity supposedly united Jews and non-Jews, it is the sole reason why Jews are in our Nations in the first place. We must allow them because we are brothers in Spirit…
We must return to our Roots, yes, but we must also understand that we didn’t prepare ourselves against such a devil of an Enemy. We must create a better Faith and Spirituality for our People, based on the old ones, but upgraded to survive against this parasite. Otherwise, as we can see it, our Good Nature will be used against us…
Finally, you should understand that the Jew could not properly parasite a Heathen society which was Race-based and if we were ever to return to our ancestral societies we would be clean of the Jew. He needed Christianity to make Europeans believe that following Jesus or the Bible is something holy, something so holy that it is above any Natural laws.
Since Christians believe that putting their hand on the “good book” and giving oaths under it is regarded as “speaking the Truth”, all it took for Jews to be accepted in a Christian society was to become crypto-Jews: pretend to be Christians. No wonder a Jew founded the Jesuits as well. Face it, Christianity was the artificial link by which Jews gained massive access to Europe.
Read it all: here.

7 replies on “All Christians are Cucks, 5”

I find that reading this series has really shook me to the core. Perhaps even more so than Judea contra Rome. I have grown up as part of a fairly devout Catholic family, so it is really causing some internal conflict wrestling with all of this. To me the points made in this series are very difficult to refute,especially when viewed in conjunction with the work of Nietzsche. I am just shocked that this ever happened. I imagine what could have been and was stolen through bloodshed and lies and I am filled with a great anger. But, all I can do is work through this.
I am also trying to get through to my future wife on the issue of Christianity, but the claws are in very deep. Very smart girl and beautiful. But, any evidence presented against Christianity is immediately greeted with the, “I just have faith, I can’t answer those questions.” argument. It is as if all rational faculties she has are shut down when any perceived threat to Christianity is perceived.

Remember the guideline of the priest of the 14 words: Only discuss serious matters with Aryan males. You can do soft talk with her of course: but reserve all hard talk to men.

Right. I have no illusions in regards to bringing her fully into this realm. The reality I see is too brutal for her. I just don’t want to spend all my time trying to undue the brainwashing of my future children. The conflicting messages does not make for good parenting.

I understand your point. It does not make sense for two with what we could call mutually exclusive world views to marry. I am assuming that what is you meant, anyway.

Aiden, don’t assume that Dan-O-Lee meant anything occult by the statement. It was an insult. His first smarmy post here (“Like their gold and silver wouldn’t do it for them.”) shows where his mind is.
As for your future wife, I’m in the same boat, except I’m already married to a Christian woman. And I wouldn’t dream of trying to wake her up to the C.Q. knowing the damage it would do her. Like C.T. said, discuss hard stuff with Aryan males. Treat your hunny good, but as delicately as you would a beloved child.
Dan-O-Lee: learn how to properly use semicolons.

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