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A remainder to Anglin et al

Editor’s note: Five years ago I discovered this text as a sort of online flier and linked it for this site as a PDF. Now I am reproducing the text as a regular entry because of its very first words:
Defense of U.S. No Longer in White Man’s Interest
The highest priority of a country that any White man should fight to defend must be the protection of his race by prohibiting sexual contact between Whites and non-whites, thereby preserving the biological basis for European civilization. This is most effectively accomplished by the establishment of large geographical areas set aside for the exclusive use by those of wholly European ancestry. Those areas must be eternally defended against non-white entry by irrevocable law and military force.
European-descended people are now in a planet-wide race war as non-whites from every point on the globe seek to migrate to White countries, while our nation’s courts render legal decisions requiring Whites to feed, house, medicate and educate these non- whites. The United States Government, the State and City governments and the courts have failed us regarding these things and all of them are illegitimate. They are illegitimate because they do not serve the long-term racial interests of European-Americans. The government’s policies serve only the interests of the non-white races on American soil. The U.S. Congress and the state legislatures have enacted anti-discrimination laws and the courts have ruled “unconstitutional” certain racial laws enacted by our ancestors to protect them and their descendents.
What we have instead is Affirmative Action, non-white trade contractor “set-asides”, the defilement of our universities by the admission of low I.Q. Negroes, and an explosion of non-white crime that is many times greater than their percentage of the U. S. population. We have the mass media promoting sexual contact between White females and non-white males on nearly every TV program and in nearly every movie the American public sees. The same people who author these television programs are promoting the mainstreaming of queer “marriage”, the adoption of infants by queer “couples”, transsexualism and the encouragement of Whites to adopt non-white infants domestically and from overseas, “gun control” and massive non-white immigration into the U.S.
Any White person in the U.S. military, employed in law enforcement, or anywhere in the judicial system, is fighting to defend all of the above degeneracy and its practitioners.
Anybody who ridicules what is happening is usually portrayed in the media as a White male, and is always cast as a misfit, an outcast, an oddball or a pervert. The mass media expend a great deal of energy pacifying the White population and try to keep them off-balance and always on the defensive on racial issues by unending accusations of “racism” and “discrimination”— as if there were something morally wrong with us taken measures to protect our European race, our culture, and our ancestral and New World homelands. There is nothing wrong with it!
As the complexion of America continues to darken, Whites will become increasingly impatient, angry and conscious of the fact that something must be done. The Democrats, the Republicans and the Independents are all against us, and all now openly embrace multiculturalism, so we have passed the point where these developments can be reversed peacefully and the only avenue available to us is to encourage civil war and secession, in which individual states and clusters of contiguous states become race-based sovereign nations, or ethnostates. The coming civil war will be a guerrilla war and is actually underway now in its embryonic stage. That means that a weakened, chaotic, crime-ridden, unstable, and cash-strapped America with a flourishing underground economy is good for now. There are many things that we can do to hasten that day and be prepared for it. Among them are:

  1. Above all, understand that Whites are currently engaged in a low-level guerrilla war. In other words, we are in a planet-wide race war against all non-whites and that there will be no normal life for us from now on. This guerrilla war is about to escalate. Get ready!
  1. Raise your children with a strong sense of racial awareness and pride in their European heritage.
  2. Do not join the U.S. military or law enforcement. Do not defend the U.S. in any way and discourage your children from doing so.
  1. Home school your kids if you have an acceptable amount of education.
  1. Try to be self-employed so you can have control over your income, or at least have a small home-based cash-only business plus your day job. Try to barter your goods and services with individuals and businesses for items you and your family use daily, like food, gas, clothes, or other items that you know you can quickly sell for cash.
  2. Disassociate yourself from non-white acquaintances and, if possible, move to an all-White area. If you cannot avoid contact with non-whites in your work or school, keep those relationships on a formal basis—do not socialize with them away from work.
  3. Remember: Homeland security begins with a racially homogeneous society. Multiculturalism/racial integration = racial death.

Our enemies band together to protect their group interests with organizations like Rainbow Push Coalition, NAACP, La Raza, MEChA, AIPAC, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL), Southern Poverty Law Center and others. They have a political agenda. Their political agenda promotes the racial homogenization of all of the Whitelands, destroying the biological basis for European civilization, and is extremely hostile to the interests of European-descended people.
The enemy is organized! Are you? Copy and Pass On

14 replies on “A remainder to Anglin et al”

There is no political solution to this nightmare, (((they’ve))) made sure of that. Prepare for the coming conflict & when it comes show ZERO mercy to the enemy. Always remember these people want your children dead & our futures destroyed.

And to think people like Anglin and Enoch believe that the degenerate whites of America will suddenly be imbued with racial consciousness and start voting for racists en masse.
Hilarious-but also depressing.

America delenda est, true. But America is only a symptom of a disease called technological civilization. If America fell, the world’s technological center would only shift to some other country, and the disease would continue unchecked. We have to reverse the leftist catchphrase and think locally, but act globally. Only a global excision of the technological cancer stands a chance of success.

I think in saying “America Delenda est” you’re simultaneously referring to the west, collectively, which has become infected with Americanism.

Yes: the West must burn.
The best image that comes to my mind is that, after a whole forest burns, new green buddings crop up here and there thanks to the fire-resistant seeds of some plants. That’s exactly what feeds my optimism and hope: that whites could survive even after the fire engulfs the entire West.
But of course: they must be ‘transvalued’ whites if they are to build civilisation again. If LOVE IS MURDERING THE WHITE RACE transvalued whites must learn to hate again (i.e., give up Xtian ethics). That is Nature’s way to survive.

I’d call it technologism rather than Americanism. Because the racial right is mostly technophilic it doesn’t appreciate how anti-racist and anti-sexist almost all technology is. It’s a rare technology that can’t be equally used by everyone, regardless of race or sex. In the ancient world, by contrast, the technologies of war were sexist and mostly required manly strength and manly virtues. It took a man to win a sword fight, and stab the enemy his guts in hand to hand combat. But nowadays a woman can pull a trigger or press a button to launch a missile as well as a man, and so we get such technology-dependent innovations as women combat troops. The other momentous change that technology has wrought I’ve mentioned before: for the first time in the history of the planet it has given women absolute control over their own fertility. The racial and egalitarian significance of this development has escaped the understanding of white men entirely. While Nature, in her wisdom, placed women in subjection to men due to the relatively long gestation period of humans, modern women, unencumbered by children unless they choose to have them, have lost all need to depend on men. They are liberated by this technology, free now to have sex with as many partners as they want; free to be as dissolute as any man. The many societal changes that arise from this are its unintended consequences, from the devaluation of marriage to more and more women working in fields previously dominated by men. Owing to reliable methods of birth control you’re now lucky if you can find a white girl who’s not a case-hardened slut by the age of 15. A great many of them have even fucked a nigger, or are thinking about it and would like to. Since children won’t necessarily result from such affairs, they’re free to experiment to their girlish hearts’ content, a great aid to race mixing. The racial right worries about women voting in elections, but is too stupid to realize that scientific birth control has given to women, and them alone, the vote on the racial makeup of the next generation, or whether there will even be a next generation.

But, obviously, had Hitler won the war no birth control methods would be available among Europan Aryans today: they would be forbidden, at least as in today’s massive scale of production.

Hard to say what would have happened if Hitler had won, since in the thin air of no facts, we’re free to suppose anything we want. Uncle did have a soft spot for Hanna Reitsch, a decorated test pilot, and then there was also Countess Stauffenberg, another decorated aviatrix. So the traces of egalitarianism and feminism existed even in his regime. Certainly, if there are women in your military, you can’t afford to have them sidelined by getting pregnant all the time. To have a technological solution to such a problem and not use it would just be choosing to fail.

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