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All Christians are Cucks, 1

(excerpts from Axe of Perun’s essay)

I am sick and tired of Christians. Let me repeat that: I am sick and tired of Christians. How someone can be so blind, is beyond me. I can understand the idiocy of people a thousand years ago; they saw their neighbors being slaughtered in the name of Jesus and God and simply had to convert […].
Nevertheless, the Jews also have a limited time to accomplish this—at least this is what they have made it up to be in order to “motivate” their own people more to finish and succeed in the creation of a “New World Order”. We find this motivation within this concept:
According to classical Jewish sources, the Hebrew year 6000 (Gregorian year 2239) marks the latest time for the initiation of the Messianic Age. The Talmud, the Midrash, and the Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, state that the ‘deadline’ by which the Messiah must appear is 6,000 years from creation. According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BC. The current Hebrew year is 5776 [the blogger Axe of Perun wrote this essay in 2015/2016]. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, as others, maintains that the Messiah must arrive at, or before, the onset of the Shabbat, the year 6000.
So, we got about 200 years left before the Jews finish their shit. By the year 2100 they plan to completely erase the White race from the face of the Earth and will afterwards ruin the Chinese, Japanese and Indian people completely. They are already populating certain areas in China with exclusively Black populations, which by some strange miracle have money as if they are born with it—wink, wink—race-mixing.
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Read it again,

Matthew 5:17 – Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill the law.

Remember the Torah is by definition, a book of legal instruction Jews are all about law. The Torah established a religious contract, or “covenant,” between Jews and their Temple god YHVH. When one “fulfills” a contract, the contract is complete and thus ends.
Here one finds Jesus saying he is going to end the contractual agreement between the Jewish people and the religious laws, by fulfilling its contractual requirements. This describes the essence of Jesus’ mission and why the Temple’s sacrificial system began to self-destruct after Jesus’ death.
How did Jesus achieve this? By becoming the final, legal, Passover sacrifice, the “Paschal lamb,” the “lamb of god.”
This is why John is quoted as saying,

There cometh one mightier than I after me, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose.

While Jesus’ cousin John provided temporary relief from sin with his mikveh or “baptismal” purification ceremony, Jesus permanently absolved the “sins” of his people with his blood sacrifice. After his crucifixion, there was no longer the requirement for Temple Jews to make sacrificial atonement, the primary source of revenue for Temple priests.
While writing this, I just had another major revelation, a “come to Jesus moment,” if you will.
For many years I have been mystified by the resurrection of Jesus. It never made any sense Jesus would be resurrected, as Torah law clearly stipulates to fulfill a sacrificial contract, the sacrificial animal must die. Jesus’ death on the cross fulfilled contractual law, but his “resurrection” negated his sacrificial tribute and therein lies the mystery, as well as the answer, to my resurrection conundrum.
Early Jewish Christians redacted the story of Jesus with the resurrection to negate the completion of the sacrificial contract, thus opening the way once again for their new Temple system, now identified as the “church.” “Jesus didn’t die!” says the Jewish Christian. Thus he did NOT fulfill the law. This enabled the Christians to legally reestablish the very system Jesus brought down with his death on the cross.
Moreover, this new, improved religion replaced the Jews’ former airy-fairy god, YHVH, (floating, god-only-knows-where out there in space) with a real life, down to earth, “living god” with whom Jews and others could more readily identify. This bit of legal minutiae means nothing to Christians today, but it would have been critical for enabling Saul/Paul to attract former Jews to the new religion he created.

Get it? He (Jesus) made a new covenant with the houses of Israel and Judah – the ones that were rebelling and sinning against him – and since everything in Judaism required a sacrifice to God, they made one big final sacrifice to him – Jesus Christ – he was to be the blood sacrifice to Yahweh so that he could forgive (absolve) them their sins. (forever) He will remember their sins and iniquities no more. They are forgiven all the non-Yahweh stuff they did in the past. This is what your Jesus came for. He came for the “lost sheep” of Israel (House of Jacob) which were the houses of Israel and Judah.

I “get it” all right. It should be obvious I “got it” many years before this writer ever considered the subject matter in this light.
Now that you understand the Jewish plan, you can also understand that the Jews had to influence the Gentile population through a new version of religion, which would essentially lead to the growth of their own power.
The more I look at Christianity, the more I find the Jews’ clever guile, duplicity and misdirection. Like its ugly mother Judaism, Christianity is nothing more than a Jewish religious scam on the people, one mirroring their original religious scam, Judaism. Thus, those maintaining Christianity was, and is, a Jewish creation to spearhead the destruction of the goy are undoubtedly correct in their assessment.
More than ever, I maintain there will be no progress for mankind until hag Judaism and her two ugly daughters are completely eliminated from the planet along with the race that invented them.
—————————- § —————————————-

The New Testament character of “Christ” has certain “proverbs” which can be found in ancient Egyptian teachings, Hindu references, even in Druid-like perspectives. It is the idea of Consciousness and “Knowing Thyself” that is “hidden” within those proverbs. The rest is utter horseshit.

I have attempted to explain this in the past. Sufis say esoteric knowledge, like that displayed by Jesus, existed before time. This is why so many culturally disparate teachers have taught the same principals and concepts repeatedly throughout history. Sufis and other esoteric sources maintain the true teacher tailors their teaching to the cultures being addressed, the specific time, place and people.
This is why the esoteric teachings of other times cannot be effectively understood or utilized by those of later times and cultures. This is why the occidental mind cannot truly connect with the depths of the oriental concepts taught by the Buddha. Rumi, the great Sufi poet, once explained that he did not care for poetry and had it been his choice, he would have used other teaching methods. However, since poetry was what Persians of his time responded to best, he became a poet. As Idris Shah wrote about Rumi’s whirling technique for achieving “ecstatic” connection with god, “The practice of whirling will in fact develop a perfect thirteenth century man, but of what use is a thirteenth century man in the twentieth century?”
Like the Buddha 500 years prior, Jesus was yet another of these esoteric teachers that tried elevating his people beyond their base human nature. However, the Jews still have arguably the basest natures of any race on the planet. They are totally consumed with greed for the material aspects of this world. Their activities are based on self-created, religious and secular law that allows smug justification for their criminal actions. Jesus’ teachings were specifically tailored for Temple followers of first century Judea. This is why so many of his parables are now indecipherable to the modern mind, despite all attempts to explain them in modern terms.
The only connection for esoteric knowledge is the knowledge itself. Jesus never had to travel to India to gain this knowledge; his own people, the Essene, maintained the knowledge. The Essene were an esoteric, Jewish sect that disappeared sometime after the first century. This is because having completed its function, schools of this nature are disbanded. Schools appropriate to later times and places are then formed and tailored to provide the information and exercises to those seeking it. This is why the Nazarene monastery in “Galilee” was abandoned to later become the village of “Nazareth” and why there is no historical reference to a village called “Nazareth” until long after the death of Jesus in the first century.
Later Gnostics once again displayed this esoteric knowledge, but in different cultural context. Both groups were roundly hated and harassed by their religious counterparts. Try talking about Gnosticism with any Christians aware of them and watch the reaction. Gnostics were persecuted as “heretics” and eventually driven underground by “mainstream” Christians. To this day, Christians maintain Gnosticism is the “work of the devil.” As with other viral organisms, the virus itself contains the seeds of its own destruction. This is what the Jewish Essene and Christian Gnostic sects were to Judaism and Christianity, the antidote to the Jews’ viral infection of mankind.

Jesus was a jew

Of this there can be no question, Jesus had to be a Jew to accomplish his mission. In fact, Jesus was the Jew’s Jew, a “son of god/son of man,” a (renegade) Temple priest, for only recognition of that title provided one the authority to question, argue and rescind Temple law.

Anointing with oil, which at first also accompanied the act of Baptism, and was analogous to the anointment of priests among the Jews,
was not a necessary condition.

Mark 14 provides a clear description of Jesus being an initiated or “anointed” priest.

“And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it on his head.”

Interestingly, by the time of Jesus, the priesthood had ceased anointing their priests with oil as an initiation right. This was most likely due to the expense involved. This anointing of Jesus then is a throwback to the earlier days of the Temple, establishing Jesus as a priest of the “old school.”
—————————- § —————————————-
The “Christian Identity” movement of late is yet another Jewish ploy to manipulate gullible goyim opposed to Jewry. Essentially, C.I. says to these gullible fools, “look your ‘savior’ wasn’t a Jew, so you can maintain your Christian beliefs, despite your loathing for Jews and Judaism.” Clever, duplicitous, Jews continually jinn up new ideas to convince the gullible of the “infallibility” of their religious beliefs. Like other new religions of this nature, no one can seem to pinpoint exactly where this bizarre belief began and C.I. fools never bother to question why, after two thousand years of opposing belief, this idea would suddenly appear.

He was a god damn Jew, alright.

No he wasn’t, just ask any true believer in the Christian Identity movement.

Who is the Messiah?

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner here! This passage highlights precisely why Jesus never claimed to be “the” Messiah. As I have written, the idea of a Messiah being oppositional to the Temple would have been utter absurdity to any first century, Temple Jew.
All in all, this article is well thought out and written. The key to understanding the story is its legal implications for Temple Jews. Once one understands the overriding legality of these details, the story begins falling into place. The story of Jesus was not about opposition to Rome or a feel-good goyim story about love and understanding, it is a story about a religious system draining a people of their wealth and their lives through vicious bloodletting. It was a story about a teacher that came to deliver his people from the iron grip of greed wielded by Temple priests. It is a story still evident in the manner in which the modern church is administrated. Jesus was the antidote to the Jews’ religious poison – Nothing more, nothing less.
Remove Jesus as a messianic “savior” for the goy, take away his divine status as god, illustrate him for the man he really was, along with the truth behind his mission and Christianity is destroyed. This has been my mission from the beginning. It is gratifying to see others now coming to the same conclusion. I seek not to be recognized, or lauded as being correct in my views. I seek to destroy the myths and lies surrounding Jesus in the effort to nullify the poison of Christianity. I am irrelevant, only my efforts are relevant.
I refer to the image of the exposure of the man behind the curtain manipulating the image of the Great Wizard. Demystify the illusion, destroy the religion.
Of late, I note a sudden upswell regarding religious matters. I am detecting what might well be a paradigm shift in religious beliefs. People are beginning to awaken from their delusional pursuit of Jewish religious lies. I say bring it on.

At the end of above part of his essay, AoP writes an important maxim: “As long as you are a Christian – you need the Jews.” As long as an Aryan psyche is fascinated by any monotheistic discourse (no matter which points of the doctrines are recognized or renounced), march of human history is and will be directed by the alien metaphysics, since it is a core, a code and a palette of this sick world’s operating system. Roughly speaking, existence itself of the concepts like Christ, Jew, Sin, Salvation, Penance etc is an axis of the Matrix. Moreover, Antichristian is Christian contrariwise, for both are infected the same virus. The hostile concepts must be exterminated, first of all. Children of a future earthly Elysium shouldn’t have to do with the carcinogenic hazard even as book learnings of the old and vicious times. The Day of Rope can wait, because more important is the Day of Bible-burning.

You’re spot on: self-styled ‘Satanists’ for example are Judeo-Xtians’ epigoni.
I will be using a ‘Nietzsche law’ as occasional mantra entries for this site: that we must use the word God (i.e., the kike god) as an insult if values are to be transvalued.
Wnsts are infinitely clueless about these matters, which is why I am receiving almost no donations since I went nuclear against Xtianity.

The Christian paradox lies in the fact that the worse things get, the more devout Christians become with their clinging dependence on the idea that it’s all god’s plan and Jesus will save them.
Somehow Christians never quite reach the conclusion this is exactly why “god” gave them a brain; so they could save themselves. Instead, a lying, duplicitous, self-serving Jew gave the gullible goyim masses their “personal savior,” Jesus.
My question to Christians complaining about their problems and the rot they clearly see mounting all around them: “So how’s that Jesus thing working out for you?”
I tell them, “If Jesus is coming back, he goddamned better get his ass in gear because he’s late, he’s very late. At the rate things are going, you aren’t going to be around long enough to witness his personal appearance where he takes you up to heaven in the ‘twinkling of an eye.'”

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