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Judaism's bastard sons

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You mean César?
I no longer use my full name on this site because several relatives complained last year about what I say, and it was causing trouble for the family business…

Suckers aside, not even high-IQ WN Christian intellectuals have dared to say something about what we say in this site about their religion. Matt Parrott tried once but he fled after I mentioned Deschner’s books (this was before I started to quote from his first volume).

César, you’ve done it again! I am beginning to see your point about the dangers of Christianity. I always thought the bulk of the Christians as nothing more than harmless, gullible boobs, but I am beginning to realize just how dangerous the Christian infection is, and has been, to the white man.
The link below is a back and forth on the subject between myself and “Jerry” on the Occidental Observer where I attempt to disassociate Christianity from its “savior.” (My opening shot about Sodom is at the beginning of the comments, but an ongoing dialogue begins about halfway down the page)
The Christian virus, especially the radical fringe elements like the Christian Identity movement, is truly as dangerous as Judaism. Of course Christianity like Islam is just another symptom of viral Judaism.
Bravo for your ongoing efforts.

Wow. That was quite an exchange at Occidental Dissent. Look how this Xtian resorted to threats: ‘Enjoy the lake of fire buddy, you deny Christ is God, your ass is toast.’
IMHO Xtians are worse than Jews.
Jews are the external enemy.
White Xtians, by worshiping the god of the Jews, are traitors.
It’s as simple as that…

I’ve come to the conclusion that Christians are yet another example of the Jewish spirit in that one doesn’t truly comprehend how dangerous they are until one fully understands them; their history their culture, their foundations.
The last chapter of my book will include the aftermath of Jesus death; what happened to the movement led in his name. This has provided new insight into that chapter, along with much needed information. I have already ordered Catherine Nixey’s book.
For the present, I stopped after Jesus and no wonder, considering the horror Christians have presented to mankind for the past two thousand years since stealing his identity. Remember the phrase “kill a commie for Christ?”
This is much like the sacrificial information you provided. I knew it was there, I knew it for years, but I never realized the depth and full extent of it until reading your bookDay of Wrath.
Thank you again.
Keep it coming.

And not a single major branch has succeeded in establishing a firm ideological base to confront feminism. Not even Saudi Arabia (see the female drivers controversy). Not even the Orthodox Jews (see a rabbi who had been literally torturing men into agreeing to a divorce for 30 years, barely any news coverage, got 10 years).
Incredibly refreshing to see some public support for torture – Guantanamo is so last decade, now even citizens are practically allowed to do it, just be a liberal. Is it really what the sunset of Judaism looks like? Is the technology to blame? Or has that rotting kike on a cross infected Jews in some way, too?

Saudi Arabia has disappointed me in regard to the feminism question. Not even Islam is tough enough to defeat it. It will take this world order to be annihilated first I think.

Cesar, what say you about women driving?
To me it seems idiotic to want to prohibit women from driving, it would make for massive inefficiency in society if women didn’t have access to cars to run errands and so on.

No sane white would want women to drive cars. Haven’t you read my PDF excerpts of Turd Flinging Monkey? Don’t you know that whites must return to the Shire in order to survive (in the Shire men work; women take care of babies)?
Yesterday I helped a woman I used to have sex with her department moving. She’s now on pension and I soon realised that precisely because of that—that women are now allowed to have their own money—many of us are now suffering from involuntary celibacy.
I cannot expand on this autobiographical topic here: it’s more a subject for my private blog Hojas Eliminadas. But if you have not reached the stage that Anglin, Linder and I have reached regarding the fair sex, you should start by reading Roger Devlin’s seminal paper about feminism run amok.

“… it would make for massive inefficiency in society if women didn’t have access to cars to run errands and so on.”
You’re right. Efficiency is the key concept, one to which technological civilization itself owes its existence. For example, it caused the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, when it was first noticed that agriculture is more efficient than the hunter-gatherer ways that preceded it. Efficiency explains why, throughout history, competing races were seldom exterminated, but instead incorporated into empires. Efficiency is the demon that drives technological civilization. Efficiency, not conspiracy, is at the root of all invidious cultural changes, which themselves then can eventually produce biological changes, such as the elimination of race.
Why did people begin driving cars at all? Because it was considered more efficient, and this despite the fact that tens of thousands of people are killed each year in car accidents. We have to consider all of these people as sacrificed to the Moloch of efficiency, the one true God of technological civilization. Just as cars produce air pollution as a side effect, noxious cultural changes such as feminism and race mixing are side effects produced by technological civilization. Because the white man loves civilization more than his race, unless that civilization permanently collapses or is made to collapse permanently, his race is doomed.

Will credulous gentiles believe the next jew that claims to have risen from the dead?

No time for that, Christians are too busy reanimating the old corpse on a cross in time for the great “rapture” invented by Cyrus Scofield in the mid-1800s.

July 4, 2018 at 9:50 am
Messiah prophesied in Daniel 9:20-27 . You are full of shit, Arch

Culminating a long exchange over at Occidental Dissent, I wrote this Theater of the Absurd as a humorous illustration of how Saul/Paul came to his revelation. However, due to the heavy Christian Identity (C.I.) influence there and the fact that most true believing fundamentalist Christians have no sense of humor, it may not be published. I’ve done a number off these “theaters “in the past. I Hope you and your readers enjoy it.
Hey boys and girls, What time is it?
(Reply) It’s time for another of Uncle Arch’s, Theater – of – the – Absurd.
Today’s theater is “On The Road Again”
The sign read “Sheol city limits – population unbelievable.”
That blistering hot day on the road to Damascus, Saul’s shiny new Italian Deluxe Special Edition Carpentum “Elite” had begun running rough. He speculated one of its snazzy, four horsepower engines had a bad shoe.
As the Carpentum slowed, Saul noted a lone rest stop shimmering in the intense heat. A billboard passed by with a large picture of a smiling, bearded man. The words underneath the image read, “Why do you persecute me? I’m not the problem, your Temple is the problem. Call Jesus – Galilee 777.”
The “Route 666” rest stop was located in the middle of nowhere. Ordering the driver to pull in, Saul thought, Christ! Not another flat hoof and me with all these writs to persecute! Caiaphas is going to be hopping mad if I don’t flog at least a few Christians today.
Saul slouched in the Carpentum’s plush leather seat, noting the faded, flashing sign out front had the same face as the other sign, this time with words framed in flickering neon, “Why persecute me for forgiving your sins? Baptism closeout special, sins forgiven while U wait!” Underneath, smaller letters held forth a promise of “Blessed wine served chilled.”
Saul thought, Yeah sure, where have I heard that before? Suddenly he sat up straight, exclaiming aloud to no one in particular, “Jesus Christ! What have I been thinking, I’m playing the wrong side! This guy has it right. The Temple’s structure is crumbling and I’ll soon be out of a job. What Jews need is a new focus! I need to talk to this Jesus guy.”
Saul got out of the Carpentum and walked into the shack serving as a rest stop. “Anybody here? I need some service. Hey, is anyone home!?”
The man whose face graced the sign out front strode from a backroom, wiping something brown and nasty from his coveralls.
Saul held his nose and cried out, “Gawd almighty, what is that awful stench?”
The man replied, “Its just hot excrement. My Jewish doctors have me sitting in a vat of it down below, they say it cures what ails ya’ and that time on the cross made my bones ache. It’s not my idea of a sauna, but you take what you can git.”
Wiping a hand on stained coveralls, the man extended it to Saul. “Hi, name’s Jesus, what can I do fer ya?
Still holding his nose, Saul replied in a nasally whine, “I think one of my my Carpentum’s engines threw a shoe. I was wondering if you can fix it.
“Sure thing buddy, I specialize in miraculous repairs, but changing out a bad shoe isn’t that miraculous. Bring it around back and I’ll take a look.”
Saul walked over to the driver, “Pull the rig around back, so he can take a look at that shoe.”
Unharnessing the horse, Jesus put it up on the rack. Taking hoof in hand, Jesus looked up at Saul, “Yep, here’s your problem, it’s a bad shoe alright. I can have it fixed in about an hour.” Jesus yelled back to a helper, “Hey lil’ Satan, get out here, this gentleman needs his horse fixed, get right on it, will ya?”
The helper ambled over and looked at the shoe, “I can fix it boss, but I dunno how long it will take.”
“Well, get right on it will ya’?” Turning back to Saul, Jesus lamented, “Ya’ know, these days ya’ just can’t get good help here in Sheol. Come out front and we’ll have a glass of chilled wine while we wait for that shoe to be fixed.”
Jesus led Saul to the front room of the rest stop’s dusty, dirty confines where he pointed to a table. Saul pulled out a chair as Jesus ambled over to a noisy cooler, rattling out its last days in the corner. Jesus pulled out a couple bottles of cold wine and handing one of the bottles to Saul, wryly commented, “Here ya go, you know what those Roman ads say, ‘Things go better with vino!’”
Finally accustomed to the smell, Saul had become curious about this Jesus character. “Say, aren’t you the guy they crucified on the cross a while back.”
Taking a long pull on the bottle, Jesus replied, “Yep, that’s me, Jesus of Nazareth, in the flesh.”
“But I thought you died on the cross?”
“Not really, that was just a minor set back. Some of the boys from the monastery revived me, so I’m back. Been thinkin’ about going to India.”
“You’re the renegade priest that caused all the problems. I got a stack of writs of persecution out in the Carpentum that I’m supposed to serve to your followers in Damascus.”
“No shit? A stack of writs you say? What have they done since I left?”
“Your faithful followers have been nothing but a major pain in the tuchas for Temple authorities. We’re trying to suppress the opposition you created with your free offer to permanently forgive the sins of the Jews as the final blood sacrifice of the Paschal lamb.
“No shit?” Jesus mused to himself, “That cross thing must have worked better’n I thought.”
“It worked alright. The Temple is coming apart at the seams. The holy veil ripped, people are refusing to make their sacrifice to god with the excuse, ‘Jesus permanently forgave our sins by hanging on the cross as the final blood sacrifice’. The Temple has lost its primary source of revenue. Soon the priesthood will be bankrupt to the point the priests might actually have to find a job and go to work.”
“No shit? Go to work you say? Ha! Priests working, that’s a good one!”
“It’s not funny. Thanks to you, I’ll soon be out of a good paying job.”
“Well you know what they say – shit happens. It happened to me and now it’s happening to you. Mebbe you should consider another line of work. Talk to my people in Damascus, maybe they can line you up with something.”
Leaning forward, Saul confided, “You know I was thinking, maybe I could set you up as the new god for the Jews. You can replace YHVH and become the foundation of a new religious cult I’ll call “the church of Christ” that replaces the old Temple. I can be the church’s new high priest, bringing your words to the Jews. Instead of sacrificing, I’ll have church followers tithe when they confess their sin! Yeah, that’s the ticket, a new god for a new temple with me as high priest. The problem is there aren’t near enough followers among Temple Jews to fill out the ranks of my new religion, so I’ll have to attract gullible, gentile followers. I’ll have to change my name to something that sounds more goy, like Paul, yeah that sounds better, Paul of Tarsus, I like it!”
“Whoa! Hold on there buddy! I’m no god! I was just a renegade priest taking away the sins of the Jews. What’s more, I specifically commanded my disciples to stay away from the goy – er – gentiles, but I guess that don’t matter no more, no how. So now you plan on bringing back all that sin I forgave?”
“Jesus! You have to look at this from a profit angle, there is big money in guilt over sin! Thar’s gold in that thar sin! No one will remember you told your disciples to stay away from the gentiles, especially the gentiles, they are soooo clueless. Kid, I’m going to make you a star! No, better than that, I’ll make you king for the millennium!”
Framing an imaginary sign in the air with his hands, Saul continued pontificating, “Imagine this, Jesus the Christ, king – no GOD – of the Jews and gentiles alike. Kid, with your name recognition and my brains, I figure we can make this thing go viral. Platinum religion – five years max!
“I dunno, it sounds so Jewish. Look Saul or Paul, it’s none of my business if you want to start a new religion, but leave my name out of it will ‘ya? I’m up to my neck in shit already over this religious thing!
The two talked on for some time until lil’ Satan came out from the back. “Shoe’s fixed boss, she’s ready to go.”
“How much do I owe you?”
“Nuthin’, this one’s on me.”
“Gee thanks Jesus”
“Don’t mention it. It’s all in a days work.”
“Well, I’ll be on my way then.”
Jesus escorted Saul to the Carpentum. Holding the door open, he assured Saul, “That shoe shouldn’t give you any more problems.”
“Handing the stack of persecution writs to Jesus, Saul said, “Thanks. Now that I have talked to you personally, you can take these, I won’t be needing them any more. Thanks to you Jesus, I’m a new man. You saved me from the perdition of job loss!”
“Hey! No problemo, salvation’s what I’m here for; have a good trip.”
“I will and thanks to you, it will be a better one now.
Jesus waved as the Carpentum drove out of sight. “Oh well, guess its back to the vat of hot excrement. Ya know, sometimes I think these Jewish doctors are full of shit.”

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