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Voters have elected a new president

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won the presidential election in Mexico.
Yesterday evening, the day before the election, my mother talked to him over the phone for about five minutes. She tried to call his wife and, surprise surprise, López Obrador himself answered the telephone!

6 replies on “Voters have elected a new president”

Do you think López-Obrador is going to make Mexico a better place for the Mexican people so maybe the United Sates won’t get flooded anymore with Mexicans looking to escape the shithole called “Mexico”?

A priest of the 14 words living here should only be concerned on how to convince American whites to cure themselves of their Xtian psychoses. They must become apostates—the exact opposite of what Hunter Wallace believes.
Once under the anti-Christian banner, they must proceed to ethnically cleanse Mexico and the rest of Latin America to replace the phenotype I daily see on the streets with infinitely fairer creatures.

Wallace and his southern nationalists aside, this is also the opposite of what even revolutionary white nationalists believe. The Covingtonistas, for example, want an independent corner with no nukes so that they may become the pathetic sitting ducks under the range of Uncle Sam’s rifle.
Instead, the right attitude is the conquest of the whole world à la Turner Diaries for the best specimens of Homo sapiens to thrive in an earthly paradise.

When you refer to the mestizosphere as “blue pill continent” you couldn’t be more correct.

But the serious part is the so-called ‘criollos’.
Today, for example, the guys at TRS (here) recognized that other Mexican candidates are white. But even they are anti-racists. There’s nothing here that resembles even the timid racialism of Jared Taylor: nothing at all.
I call ‘blue-pilled’ to all Latin Americans, including all intellectuals, because the egalitarian propaganda is now complete.

Of course
I find it hilarious that so many White Nationalists are quick to point to the semi diluted whites in much of South America as proof that even those mongrelized hellscapes are able to be saved despite the fact that South American whites feel more in line with the Hispanic mongrels in their own country than they do their American Nordic counterparts or even their own racial kinsmen in Iberia and much of the rest of Europe.

the messianic weakness of the humanoid: “he/ she will fix it for us.” in the line of the current ocasio-cortez cult of personality du jour. rather than the good old “i am. i chose. and i own the consequences. c’est la vie.”
when will the groupies finally get over yet another failed exercise in hope.
i read today 2/3 of the dominican immigrants here in good ole usa stay on the public welfare roles. and 1/3 of the mexican immigrants. not surprising.

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