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Darkening Age, 4


Combating the ultimate meme: God

In the chapter ‘The Battleground of Demons’ Nixey wrote:

But however alarming the demons of fornication may have been, the most fearsome demons of all were to be found, teeming like flies on a corpse, around the traditional gods of the empire. Jupiter, Aphrodite, Bacchus and Isis; all of them, in the eyes of these Christian writers, were demonic.
In sermon after sermon, tract after tract, Christian preachers and writers reminded the faithful in violently disapproving language that the ‘error’ of the pagan religions was demonically inspired. It was demons who first put the ‘delusion’ of other religions into the minds of humans, these writers explained.
It was demons who had foisted the gods upon ‘the seduced and ensnared minds of human beings’. Everything about the old religions was demonic. As Augustine thundered: ‘All the pagans were under the power of demons. Temples were built to demons, altars were set up to demons, priests ordained for the service of demons, sacrifices offered to demons, and ecstatic ravers were brought in as prophets for demons.’

Let’s return the favour.
The worst mistake that the white race has made is to have drunk the hemlock of the Bible. The Torah may be good for the Jews insofar as it teaches them ethnocentrism for the Hebrews and the genocide of the gentiles. But the Gospel is fatal to whites insofar as it teaches them to indiscriminately love the Other. The Torah added to the Gospel results in the Biblical United States and in Neochristian Europe. The suicidal standards of values of the philo-Semitic US and the secular EU are exactly the same.
In order to break the spell of the axiological hypnosis of the West, we must comply with the sixth article of the ‘Law against Christianity’ by Nietzsche:
§ 6 — The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.
This initiative of mine, taking Nietzsche’s law seriously as payback for what the Xtians did (cf. Nixey’s quote above), reminds me of something I read in Siege. James Mason said there was a quantum leap from what Rockwell preached—the well-meaning but mistaken commander who placed the Nazi flag side by side the American flag—and the revolutionary proposal. But while Mason realised that the American government must be overthrown through armed revolution, he did not depart from the religion of those who precisely form the American government.
The real breakthrough in my opinion lies in rebelling against the ultimate meme: the idea of God. And that can only be done with a counter-meme: using the word ‘God’ as an insult, as it is obvious that for the Western mentality ‘God’ means nothing else than the god of the Jews.
I came to these conclusions after reading the recent transcript of the first podcast of this site, ‘Christianity is White Genocide’. More than what Linder said I liked what Walsh said. But even in what he said, that it was unclear if God existed, there is a residue of the brainwashing, as it is obvious that the god of the Jews doesn’t exist.
That same residue persisted in the philosophes of the Enlightenment. Not being Jew-wise, d’Alembert, Diderot, Hume, Kant, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Condorcet, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and others did not understand the psyop that monotheism represented for Europe. Some of them even transformed the god of the Jews into the nebulous god of the deists but never dared to insult the very idea of ‘God’.
Had the so-called Enlightenment understood the ultimate meme, which reminds me of what Heisman✡ said in some of the twelve entries I recently devoted to his book, they would have developed the sixth article of Nietzsche’s law ever since:
§ 6 — The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.
Anti-Christian German Nazis and William Pierce are dead. It seems sad to me that no one has taken Pierce’s torch in North America at the moment. Or maybe I’m wrong. From the strictly geographical point of view I am in North America. But it is still sad that no native English speaker has realised that they have to fight the ultimate meme of the Jews, the haughty idea of ‘God’, monotheism: that the god of the Jews is the only god that exists.

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Christopher Hitchens kinda did this. When he discussed Christian atrocities – especially those of a sexual nature – he called it ‘holy’ and ‘sanctified.’

His mother was an assimilated Jewish woman who committed suicide in Greece.
Hitchens is an enigma. He once praised a holocaust denier and said that he read all of his books, and further said that one cannot understand World War II without reading him.
Like Jews so often do, he described himself as an internationalist.
I both admire and detest him in equal measure.
His denunciations of Mother Theresa are excellent.

My favourite quote from WDH 1 is when Alex Linder said that he instinctively disliked God’s Holy Whoremongers, like Abraham, from reading ‘Genesis’ and one of the guests described the genealogies of ‘Genesis’ as being ‘Rehaboam begat Kikestein.’

Linder is quite the Libertarian. It would make sense that he hates those who bow to authority over nothing, and so blindly. But you don’t even have to be a Libertarian to have such sentiments. When I was younger, I was always following what is called “school rules”, and I always looked down on the other kids for their constant rebellions. Now, I cannot stand authority unless it is for the greater good, like Adolf Hitler. I can see that those little rebels were heroes.

I’m reminded of Christian anarchist philosopher Jacques Ellul’s remark that that which dethrones the sacred becomes the new sacred. Science, having dethroned the traditional Christian God, has become the new God in modern life, one with its own priesthood of theoreticians and technicians. But unlike the traditional priests with their prayers and incense and holy water, these are priests that can actually deliver. The great prestige of science derives from its success in perceiving cause and effect, which is made manifest concretely in its application as technology. Without this, it would never have been victorious.
Science is an attempt to reduce the world to the rational. Traditional God or gods are a great reservoir of the irrational; the unaccountable, the unexplainable. As science grows and expands, these realms get smaller and smaller. In a significant sense then, science is the project to abolish God. In fact, if God really did exist, science would have to abolish him, or it could never be made completely safe from the irrational. Therefore, perhaps Nietzsche wasn’t quite correct when he proclaimed that God is dead. Mortally wounded maybe, but not dead yet. Only when science is capable of explaining everything and presenting a completely rational view of the universe will he be entirely and permanently dead, and that day may never come.
“God is dead; but given the way of men, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. — And we — we still have to vanquish his shadow, too.”
– Nietzsche, The Gay Science, sec. 108.

The God I was referring to is not the god of the Jews, a god the Jews have created in their own image. You didn’t seriously think I was unsure whether Yahweh/Jehovah existed or not did you Cesar? When I say I’m agnostic on the possibility of a monotheistic ‘God’ existing I don’t mean a God created in the image of man or any tribe of men, whether Yahweh (Jews), Wotan (Germans) etc., I mean a ‘higher’ (i.e. unknown) intelligence responsible for existence. Of course there is no anthromorphic God or Gods that look like human beings, man created God in his own image, God didn’t create man in his image. Such an idea is ludicrous, that if there is such a thing as a Creator of the Universe he would choose to look like homo sapiens, a species that (supposedly) came into existence over 13 billion years after the Universe itself, a species that is one of many on a tiny planet that is possibly only one of numerous other planets teeming with life. An anthromorphic God is man-centred conceit. If any other animal, horses for example, had developed a consciousness like humans and become the dominant species on Earth they would probably say the Horse-God created horses in his own image.
Jews are not the originators of monotheism, it existed before them (in fact they may have got the idea from Egypt), although they are responsible for molding the monotheistic God into what he has become over the centuries. Jews recognized the power of religion early in their existence, both as a weapon to unify themselves (Judaism) and as a weapon to control and destroy their enemies (Christianity and Islam). The conception of religion that ended up conquering the world was not Egyptian polytheism or Chinese Taoism or European polytheism but Abrahamic monotheism. The Jews gained a monopoly on religion created ‘in their image’, just like the Semitic God billions have worshipped has been a jealous God in the image of the Jews. Essentially people are worshipping a Jewish hoax. Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah is another Jew hoax like the Holohoax, in fact Jews are the original ‘holy men con-artists’. They are like the money-grabbing preachers on American TV who portray themselves as men of God but who are immoral swindlers abusing little boys at the same time. Jews have a monopoly over the money supply (banking), over pornography, over pushing LGBT filth, over Hollywood etc., they are strongly racist and live only for this world yet, recognizing the power of religion, have portrayed themselves as the most holy, the most moral, God’s chosen people with a direct link to God, in order to have a monopoly over religion just like they try (and mostly succeed) to monopolize everything else. They are a mafia of criminals posing as the good guys.
I find polytheism even more unlikely than montheism though I like the pagan religions of our ancestors very much. I think it likely that God doesn’t exist but like Spahn Ranch said above “Only when science is capable of explaining everything and presenting a completely rational view of the universe will he be entirely and permanently dead, and that day may never come.” If it was certain that God didn’t exist it would have become as widely acknowledged as the Earth being a globe has by now but humans are not entirely certain. Yet. If you’re saying Cesar that my agnosticism about monotheism is evidence of a residue of brainwashing then wouldn’t that mean your heroes Hitler and Himmler were brainwashed. They both believed in God, in fact atheists were not allowed in the SS and Himmler even believed in reincarnation, believing that he was a reincarnation of Henry the Fowler and that Hitler was a reincarnation of Krishna.

The overwhelming majority of whites, while using the word ‘God’, do have in mind the Judeo-Christian God, the so-called First Person of the Trinity in Xtian theology. It’s that very idea, shared by more than 99% of whites, what transvalued priests of the 14 words must insult on a daily basis.
And yes: H & H retained a residue of Xtianity. (Didn’t Hitler say in his table talks that he once wanted to become a monk?) Even I have residues of Xtianity.
If I were rich enough to form a family, with a good education perhaps my wife’s offspring would be, finally, free from Xtian influence.

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