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Hitch had Jewish ancestry

by Tobias Langdon


Like his fellow atheist Richard Dawkins, Hitch [Christopher Hitchens] was a devout believer in the Miracle of Human Equality: he was sure that there is only one brain, the Human Brain, and that all human groups have an equal share in it.

Bearing that in mind, please examine this passage from God Is Not Great (2007), Hitch’s best-selling diatribe against religion:

(Read it all at The Occidental Observer)

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I am not a Christian by any stretch of the word, but even I found his vitriol towards Christians to be offensive. He routinely made terrible arguments, but because he had an extensive vocabulary, he was able to make his nonsense sound eloquent enough to convince dumb people he’s smart. I hope his cancer hurt.

I used to like him (I used to be liberal) but then I discovered that he urged for mass, Hindu immigration into his native UK. My thought about him changed radically.

Strange how so many on the Far Right were once liberals (not in my case). I think its because liberals are smarter than conservatives, so their side has an appeal to intelligent folks that the right does not.

The Far Right is of course the sexiest and wisest option out of the four options, in progression; reactionary, conservative, liberal, communist.

That’s why the Far Right has to be demonized by capitalism and contained at a safe distance; it’s attractive and dangerous to the status quo.

‘The one man with belief is worth fifty who don’t have any.’

-Jonathan Bowden re: B. Shaw

I don’t believe that there is a god, however,I do think that supernatural and spiritual realm exists.

That said, the masses need to believe in god just like children need santa claus; to deprive them of this is abusive and silly.

Atheists who mock religion are somewhat evil (critiquing religion is okay, but ridiculing in favor of secular humanism is moronic) because they act like its not important for civilization, when clearly some form of religious sentiment has to be present for a nation to function.

The right IS religious, metaphorically or religiously; it believes that there is something beyond instantaneous gratification and social life that matters.

A worthy addition to the topic is “Big Brothers: George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens eXposed” By John Dolan:


Tobias writes:

“That is a good example of how Hitchens’ bigotry against Christianity corrupted his thinking. Yes, Maimonides might indeed have made a good hate-filled Catholic. But that is evading the obvious fact that he was already a good hate-filled Jew.”

Correction: British, Jew.

I detect a tad of what Dolan notes about the American propensity to keep “…falling in unrequited love with these glib visiting Brits since frontier days.”

Hitchens’ main beef was, like Orwell’s, his hatred of Roman Catholicism, not christianity qua christianity in all it’s rabid Judeo-American forms. And note, Tobias shares the disdain somewhat: “Yes, Maimonides might indeed have made a good hate-filled Catholic.”

That sounds reminiscent of the cry that Christianity, Roman Catholicism that is, is really just a Jewish trick on Gentile minds.

Note also: “Another clue is found in his liking for alcohol and tobacco.” This is more a clue about Tobias than anything to do with Hitchens. The dread beast alcohol rears its ugly head eternal in the post-Protestent’s puritanical mind.

Hitchens adopted his miniscule Jewish ancestry as his slelf-identity because, again, like Orwell, it granted him the moral high ground to let vent on all his childhood hates.

This line stood out like dog’s balls:

I would suggest that Hitchens’ facility with words was an example of the Three R’s: he was a reading, writing rabbi, rather like the late (and definitely great) Larry Auster.

The definitely great Larry Auster? Is this sarcasm on the part of Tobias? Auster great, as in Béla Kun was great?

Tobias goes on to say:

But Auster was a much better writer and a much cleverer man than Hitchens. He was also much less successful and famous, because, unlike Hitchens, he did not attach himself to the thuggish cult of neo-conservatism.

No, Tobias wasn’t being sarcastic.

One thing that binds Auster, Hitchens and Orwell is their “great hate, little room”* for the Irish, as this thread attests.

A discussion Auster initially characterised as “The vexed question of what is the white race” premised on a reader’s email, turned, at the hands of Auster, into: “and, Have the Irish been good for America?”

Ever since I first read Auster I noticed this constant stream of hatred of the Irish emanating from his writings. Along with that, a hatred of the Catholicism. Yes, I know he “converted” in the end to “Catholicism” but, I also note the “priest” was an Anglican let into the Church as part of Vatican II rapprochement. I also note that the Catholic church today is not the Catholic Church of pre-Vatican II. Something that Auster obviously found to his taste, seeing that all the so called anti-semitism had been proscribed to his satisfaction.

Note also in that thread one Rick Darby, who characterises himself as English:

Rick Darby (of Reflecting Light) writes:

I’ve never realized it until recently, but I’m prejudiced against the Irish and Irish Americans. I admit it’s more a prejudice than a rational view; I’ve enjoyed the company of some individual Irish Americans; but still …

I’m tired of a people whose national holiday no longer has anything to do with a revered saint and is all about public drunkenness.

I’m tired of their proud belief in their own martyrdom—the “No Irish Need Apply” thing.

I’m tired of their hatred of Protestants, Yankees, and British. The British did treat Ireland badly in many ways, but they weren’t the Nazi-like brutes the Irish make out. Many British politicians and private individuals tried to alleviate the Potato Famine; sorry they couldn’t work miracles.

The fact that their political culture could produce a gangster clan like the Kennedys, culminating in Teddy the Groper/Drunk/Race Replacer, is evidence enough that the Irish have been more of a debit than any possible past, present, or future asset.

Damn, it sure feels good to speak out for prejudice!

I see that Tanstaafl has found in the threads of Auster’s what Darby says of his own ancestry:

…I will mention that my mother is Russian Jewish, her father was a Menshevik, and I was surrounded in my youth not only by Jewish relatives but also by Jewish schoolmates and teachers.

Orwell, Hitchens, Auster, Darby and now Tobias it seems (possibly, though I cannot be sure) all share the common trait of a deep and abiding hatred of traditional Roman Catholicism. Orwell, Hitchens, Auster and Darby all share the common trait of a deep and abiding hatred of the Irish completely.

What part emanates from the Jew, and what part emanates from the British I’ll let you ponder.

Hitchens adopted his miniscule Jewish ancestry as his self-identity because, again, like Orwell, it granted him the moral high ground to let vent on all his childhood hates.

Which is exactly why I am trying to bring child abuse studies into the racial camp, for instance, my analysis of a woman who never talks about her abusive parents but instead redirects her hatred toward the whole Catholic culture of Spain (here).

IMHO this is the basic etiology to explain the mind of those whites who hate both their race and their parents’ culture, but this is a “science of persons” that won’t be developed until the ethnostate is established.

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