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Islamization of Europe

Ned May

There’s a new category in this site about Edward S. May who, under the penname of ‘Baron Bodissey’, presides the counter-Jihad blogsite Gates of Vienna.

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Exactly a month ago this philo-Semite gentile wrote:

I’m not afraid of the JQ — I’m SICK of it. There’s a big difference.
I’ve heard it all before, over and over again. The arguments are always the same. And, if I allow one those Jew fights to get started here, it will run into hundreds of comments, suck up all the oxygen in the room, and drive away anyone who is interested in reasoned discussion. It will just be Jew-haters vs. Jew-lovers saying the same thing, over and over again.
I have seen it happen so many times before. And when it does, the horrible tedium of it drives me into the Sickness Unto Death. I don’t like that condition, so I cauterize any Jew fights before they get started.
This post isn’t about Barbara Lerner Spectre or Rabbi so-and-so. It’s about the fact that Jews are being persecuted and driven out of Europe by Muslim harassment and violence, with the complicity (or at least the indifference) of the EU leadership. And, yes, progressive Jewish leaders and groups are among those in the forefront of promoting mass Third-World immigration to Europe.

Source: here.

They have 2 ethnostates – Wazirabaijan and Israel – that they can flee to when shit gets real. We are not allowed to have an ethnostate by Jews.
There was a Jewish Messiah from Cyprus who funded pogroms on Jews so as to get more of them to settle in Palestine. Pogroms kn the smaller Jews actually assists Zionism, and Jewish ethnic cohesion.
The Jews never deserve sympathy.

This guy, May, is an aracial philo-Semite because of his Xtianity. If the white race goes extinct, the post-mortem analysis will trace the cause to the millions of enablers of Jewry, like May.
Since I started to cross the Rubicon by stepping on a stone, May’s blogsite, in 2009, I considered interesting to add the category about him.

As to our recent conversation by email, nothing has changed.
The trick of this post: Simply click on the new category linked above, ‘Edward S. May’ and hit the 17 articles where Ned May is mentioned.
Or am I missing something?

By the way, if I relocated Ned’s quote from the entry to the first comment (about half an hour after the entry was up), it was because suddenly I realised that it could be misinterpreted.

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