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Civil war James Mason

Siege, 34

Helter Skelter is coming down

But while membership and support for the traditional Movement has just about died, look what has been born in just the past year or so! To call it the “Movement” or to call it the “Right” would be a bad misnomer.
From the forces favoring Life itself there has begun an assault, not just in the United States but in Europe as well. Not more parliamentary garbage which plays by Master’s rules but armed assault! A few of the more aspiring attempts were frustrated but, as we have said, only because they were first, infant steps. Others will follow and will succeed. Those which have been the most uniformly successful have been the one-on-one, gut, animal-level encounters. Encounters one might well, only a few years ago, have ascribed as peculiar to the jungle.
The System’s “Justice Department” announced that it has fourteen major U.S. metropolitan areas under surveillance by what is referred to as a “Community Relations Service”. It means that one, at least, of the milestones we set for the scenario immediately preceding a revolution has arrived: when the System can no longer pay billions in tribute to the millions of savages in its cities, then we might look for some action.
The means by which the System hopes to prevent this from happening lies in their trying to “re-direct” violence or, in other words, defuse the bomb. The main weapon they have to do this with is the infiltration of both sides of the radical sphere. Black and White, and using the infiltrators to screw things up. Is this not what we have been reading about so often lately? But problem upon problem will compound for the Big Brother System and the time will soon come when, first, he has trouble paying enough pimps to keep the revolutionary movement from climbing to its feet and, second, the time is going to come when few individuals will want to take that kind of chance—for any money—once infiltrators start being killed as soon as they are uncovered.
The elements, already in motion and proceeding at the same pace along routes destined to converge at some future date, will come together suddenly.
This year it was reported in the System’s media that 1980 saw no fewer than nine major riots in large U.S. cities. But during 1980 I recall only one riot—Miami reported as such by the media. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly how far along things actually are at any given moment because of the controlled media. Big Brother will never allow Dan Rather to report that he is hanging on the ropes by his eyelids.
Look at the situation in Britain. When that occurs on a comparative scale here it will mean the END OF THE SYSTEM!
Media reports indicated only weeks ago that a dam was blown in New Jersey (already in critical shape for usable water) and resulted in the System’s puppet-in-charge declaring a state of emergency. The balance the System maintains today is incredibly delicate and highly vulnerable to attack by just individuals. It isn’t a case of kill or be killed, instead it is a matter of killing in preference to allowing Death to win by default.
I believe that through past experience, by weighing in cause and effect, and by taking these incidents that have occurred over approximately the past year, we can estimate closely the time-table for the destruction of the System. The weakening of society, the increase in the number of those fighting for their life who step outside Master’s rules, what the Blacks can be expected to do, almost universal apathy all the way to hostility toward the System among the masses, etc., will increase until the current balance becomes absolutely untenable. That’s when all bets will be canceled, the gloves will come off, and Helter Skelter will commence.
Those already dead in the Jew’s money, and especially those now exercising power through the Jew’s money, will fall like flies when, first, the System can no longer maintain artificially—as it now does—the hellish, unnatural life-support of the megalopolis which contain the bulk of the genetic morass and the clonish, zombie-like lost “Whites”, and, second, with the money-weapon having evaporated into thin air from their hands, the sold-out politicians and pigs become fair game for a population bent on bloody lust.
Those who own the show today will go to their reward wondering why and how this could happen to them, how the tables could have turned so fast. The beginning is HERE and few recognize it. The end will be even more unexpected.

Vol. X, #8 – August, 1981