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Pseudoscience Turin Shroud

On the Turin Shroud, 5

Imagine my surprise when, leafing through a book (pic above) on the Shroud of Turin in a Houston bookshop, I came across some pages in which they spoke of a writing of mine whose paranormal theories I no longer believed:

Some see the origin of the image on the Shroud as paranormal, rather than miraculous. They suggest that supernatural, rather than Divine, forces may be at work. Mexican parapsychologist [C.T.] has raised the possibility that the image is a ‘thoughtograph’. There is evidence—controversial, but not easily dismissed—that some psychics can create recognizable images on film by the power of thought alone. The most famous case is that of Ted Serios, an alcoholic Chicago bellhop, whose abilities were studied intensively in the mid-1960s by the eminent researcher Jule Eisenbud. If it exists, the ability of the mind to affect the highly sensitive chemicals of photographic film would seem to be a natural variant of psychokinesis (PK)—the alteration of the state of a physical object by mental influence alone—as exhibited most famously by Uri Geller.
[C.T.] [1] points to a similar phenomenon, that of images appearing spontaneously on the walls and floors of buildings. He cites a well­documented case from the 1920s, when the image of the late Dean John Liddell appeared on a wall of Oxford Cathedral. Such pictures are usually of people of special sanctity, but not always…

The rest of the quotation appears here: a blog of mine for Turin Shroud matters (I won’t post again, at The West’s Darkest Hour, shroud-related articles).

One reply on “On the Turin Shroud, 5”

The conclusion I have on the Turin shroud after reading your posts here, is that even if it were true, even if it proved JC existed and that the Passion was a historical event, it changes nothing.
I’ll go even further and say, if the shroud could somehow prove JC had actually come back from the dead, that he was supernaturally gifted, that there is a God and he is His son, I WON’T WORSHIP HIM. His teachings are USELESS. He is the Saviour that did not save, the Redeemer that did not redeem. Never killed his enemies, never had children. Begged for mercy till the end. Is this a doctrine of the Aryan spirit?
Thou shalt not turn the other cheek. Hate your enemies. Never forgive the Other. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life. All men are created different, and the soul is in the blood. Same blood, same soul, same purpose. Honor thy kinsmen, honor thy soil.
Fuck Yeshu, fuck Yahweh. Even if God were real and he was a Jewish God, I would still burn every church and murder every Jew, every Muslim and every fucking Christian traitor until there’s no one left to pray for Him. Hell is already here. We will keep reincarnating in this meat grinder until the capacity for race betrayal is ERADICATED from the homo sapiens.
That’s the mindset we need to have if we want to bring the overman and win this war.

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