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James Mason

Siege, 30

The hell of it is

…that we ourselves aren’t at all immune from the horrific things that are in store for the future. If we were somehow isolated or insulated from it then none of what is today bringing it on would bother or concern us. If that was the case, I doubt whether we’d be in the struggle at all. But this is not a laboratory experiment that we can shelve, lockup, and walk away from. This is a fight for survival and we are not immune from the hell that we must strive to see gets broken loose. Any halfway “normal” person might be expected to come up with a rejoinder like this: “Why do we do it?”
We do it because one thing is clear: the current deadlock must be broken at all cost. It is frighteningly obvious that nothing positive can be expected to happen with the way things are now. Therefore a different atmosphere must be created in which some kind of positive change can be effected. Again, the “normal” person might say that there is already enough disorder, enough hell and chaos going on right now without adding more. What they don’t see is that we have in this country is an “ordered disorder” which was made-to-order by, and for Big Brother. Don’t you believe they could stop crime, subversion, and anarchy if they really wanted to?
All the hell and disorder of the past, and the general crime wave today is the greatest help to Big Brother, his System and his Establishment. The Black riots gave the insurance companies carte blanche to remove the gloves and start extorting small businessmen and all the rest of us. The “limited anarchy” and the “limited insurrection” of the Blacks and the Reds just gives Big Brother more alibi to tighten the lid of the Electronic Surveillance Society, to stampede legislation to disarm the populace. All the runaway non-White crime merely gives cover and justification for the erection of a police state, the reins of power firmly in the hands of the Jews. They don’t want it stamped out; they need it for the completion of their plans.
What they fear most is total disorder which they can’t control. That which they can’t monitor or control doesn’t serve their interests. It’s been said that we don’t want to rock the boat, we want to sink it. When we succeed in blowing the bottom right out, we’re going to have to hurry topside, over the rail, and swim for life, leaving the rats to drown with the ship.

Vol. X, #4 – April, 1981

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White rape gangs?
In another of the recent videos, I agree with Black Pigeon Speaks that in these times we must forget Tommy’s links with the kikes and focus instead on the issue of Britain becoming a police state.

Well, I agree with Black Pigeon. If we don’t talk of Tommy Robinson, it ignores the fact that the System sees us as an even bigger threat and will punish us more harshly than Robinson.
In this video, you can see that they are not even trying to make excuses for the totalitarianism: They just arrest you and do not say why.
Plus, it is now illegal to report on Tommy Robinson.
As for “White rape gangs”, it is a thing Normies are doing when you mention Rotherham (and now Somerset). People actually say “but why are you not talking about grooming gangs?” or the variant “the rapes perpetrated by white men are far worse!”
Do you realise how irritating this all is? We have, in this “Nation”. African Muslims who hang around the streets in packs, and have thousands of mosques built by the Government for the purposes of appeasement, never mind the fact that they have entire communities dedicated to themselves. For example, we have a place in London called “Edgware Road”. That is just one of many examples of Sand Nigger ‘outposts’.
And to make the entire thing unbearable, we have White Britons who, upon hearing of a long line of sexual abuse of their own people, do whatever they can to rationalise it and to make excuses for the mongrels. They say such things as:
“White people rape too and their were white people who were within the grooming gangs!”
“There were many girls who were not White!”
And now we have elected a Mayor for London who is a Pakistani Muslim who now can, as Joseph Walsh says, import more Pakistani rapists who can abuse more White girls.”
After finding out about this, the girls’ social workers were reported to not only have actually laughed, but they gave the girls birth control. You can read all about it in news articles, if you dare.
Instead of protesting and picking up weapons, British men are either ignoring it, or just (like my Father) saying “that’s horrible” and doing nothing.
The few who do say anything are sent to prison, and millions praise the actions of the law against these few like Tommy Robinson. I don’t know if you heard of the Brit who drove a van into people outside a Mosque after hearing of the Paki gangs?
I am left wondering: “Why is it I hate British people again?”

Which is exactly what monocausalists won’t ever concede: White traitors (almost all whites in our times) are worse than the jews.

My Mother does not know of the extent of my views (what I think of Jews and Blacks etc.), but I was talking to her recently about Rotherham which, when it came on the news, made her really cry. Also, you should know that the same thing is happening in Somerset, but this time it is perpetrated by Somalians.
However, I spoke to her about it and said “why don’t people do anything? Even Tommy Robinson who is brave in talking is not taking any action. He is just going to get sent to prison, people will moan, and that’s it. The only person who did anything was that man who drove into Muslims outside a Mosque.” (I did not mention Thomas Mair – too risky).
Well, being a woman, she was sympathetic to me, unlike my Father who, despite being a Conservative who showed disdain at Rotherham and at Robinson’s imprisonment, would become uncomfortable if he heard these views of mine, even if I said “Theresa May should be murdered.”
My Mother even showed sympathy when I said that the social workers who treat those girls like pigs should be shot. There is no evidence that said social workers were Jewish.
In my eyes, my own Father is a coward. He does nothing to this day, does he? He could own a gun, but does not.
We really do live in Helter Skelter. And some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the Earth.

“sooner than expected”.
That’s a joke – I have been waiting for judgement day since I was 14 years old.
I remember sitting in my Mathematics class, bored to death, and peered outside the window, imagining that the SS were marching in the street below singing Horst Wessel Lied.
I had such fantasies almost every day back then.
We can only hope.

‘Sooner than expected’ means that the overwhelming majority of WNsts don’t believe that the dollar will crash, or that the US economy is actually very weak (which is why almost none of them is preparing for Doom’s Day with silver coins).

Well, I shall laugh at the traitors and the lobsters after their life crumbles around them. They let mongrel rapists come here, and then they laugh at the little girls who have the misfortune to be living in the wrong area at the wrong time. Soon, we will have the last laugh.
Then we will see the feminine Alt-Right die along with them. The scumbag liars like Andrew Anglin who worship the Mammon America will see their precious little world explode, and they will be powerless. The One Ring which binds the White Race will be cast into the fires, and all will be well. So, they won’t invest in metals – All the better for us.

So our obese friend here says that the government no longer represents its people, and that’s a cause for war. If so, then the people should be shooting policemen, judges, politicians, and other system enforcers by the score, but they’re not. They remain as calm and obedient as ever. Because of this, and until they actually do start to revolt, I have to conclude that they approve of the actions of their government, or at least prefer the status quo to the chaos and disorder that overthrow of the system would entail. Since in modern societies it’s the state that possesses a monopoly on the use of force, and it’s the state that decides what’s a crime and what isn’t, and who’s to be prosecuted and who isn’t, I also have to conclude that, insofar as they have operated with impunity, the rapists are agents of the state, and they are carrying out the will of the people.
In the article above, Mason suggests that this is all part of a plan or conspiracy to bring about a police state. But that is obviously not true, since, if the state so wished, and if the people so wished, that could be put in place right now. The technology of the surveillance state has been much “improved” since the 80s when Mason was writing. The people have voluntarily drawn their chains tighter; indeed, they can’t do it fast enough. What if, for example, using the excuse of controlling crime, the state forced every citizen to carry on his person a GPS tracking device at all times, and monitored his location? Such devices already exist in the form of cellphones, which just about everyone carries nowadays. Such a measure should win widespread approval, since it would virtually eliminate anyone’s chance of successfully committing a crime, including these rapes. The people don’t call for it though, because they secretly approve of what’s going on. Too cowardly to admit they prefer racial extinction to doing without their precious civilization, they just glide along, going with the flow. If they revolted, they might miss a meal, or a beer, or that latest soccer game, or be unable to download movies from YT, and that would be intolerable.

how much has the ready access to entertainment — a self medicating distraction from cold cruel real ilfe, so restoring at the end of a difficult exhausting day — turned whitie into a sideline spectator, rather than a doer/ activist? 1. brick the distractions. (the majority of which of course are tribe-owned and flourishing public businesses.) 2. ???
i’m stuck doing zilch at the ??? of step 2. (my gentle and kind german lutheran mother programmed me deeply with the sixth commandment which i have yet to remove from my mind. and the karaite rabbi shmuel asher fuels with his “everlasting agreement,” an enticing and attractive — kinda, if one’s been programmed from birth with xtianity yet always smelled a rat — fantasy.) the idea of going to prison at 68 for a executing a lone[r] act of “righteous” judgement on subhumans ain’t very appealing.

I have to question whether the British have the manhood or intelligence to survive as a nation. Most of the so-called ‘resistance’ here consists of an anti-Muslim ideology i.e. Tommy Robinson supporters. They either don’t have the intelligence to recognize the role Jews have played in the destruction of their country or they do have an idea that Jews are a danger but don’t have the courage to contend with their enemy. The minority of real nationalists in Britain who are anti-Jewish as well as white racialists do not have popular support. It’s a fact that the more watered down your message is, the more you compromise with lies, the more popular you will be. British racial nationalism has little support here in Britain.
What is useful about Tommy Robinson is he could ignite a larger white revolt even though he is pro-Zionist, has lots of connections with Jews, supports multiculturalism, supports LGBT and is only merely anti-Muslim (and even then his solution is not to ban all Muslim immigration into the UK and deport the Muslims already here but just to close down mosques and inflict harsher laws on Muslims). It was good to see his supporters go right to the gates of Downing Street and shake the gates in fury yelling “traitors” and “pedophile protectors” at the police. Some men even climbed the gates of Downing Street. It shows there’s something of a breaking point among some members of the public and I think the British state further clamping down on the indigenous British (with the end goal of the genocide of the British) will only make the British become more desperate. There is no democratic solution to the situation in Britain so the English, Welsh and Scots are left with a literal ‘fight or die’ ultimatum. If the danger of imminent national death doesn’t cause enough white males to step forward and take illegal action to save their nation then nothing is going to.
That said I’m inclined to think the British are already finished, that Britain died on the 8th May 1945, that Germany’s defeat was also England’s defeat and since that time the nation has been a gradually rotting corpse until the rot is now fully devouring the nation with an African in the monarchy and the second most powerful position in government being held by a Paki Muslim. I think the rot is too far gone to be cut out of the nation. I recently attended a Tommy Robinson event called ‘Day for Freedom’ with Chris White (a fellow co-host on several episodes of WDH radio) and through my connections to the right-wing in England we managed to get backstage at the event. There we were surrounded by various kosher right-wing celebrities like Milo Yiannopolous, Sargon of Akkad and Tommy Robinson as well as people like Count Dankula who trained his dog to give a Nazi salute. At one point me and Chris were next to Tommy Robinson and talking about the Jews role in restricting freedom of speech with the 1965 Race Relations Act. Tommy Robinson overheard us and gave us a disconcerted glare. Yet the event was to protect freedom of speech! Robinson’s camerawoman was there and I first met her at one of Jez Turner’s socials. She is well aware of the Jewish Problem and the fact that Jez was being taken to court by the Jews yet she blanked me when I asked her if she would support Jez Turner’s free speech.
The event even featured a drag queen to show it to the Muslims that we are free ha ha and it does seem like all this is the final gasp of the dying nation. Even the popular right-wing nowadays is pro-LGBT and anti-racist, something unthinkable for the National Front in the 1970’s. The liberal poison has simply decimated the entire population of the West.

All true, but the real point is what the American southerner of TRS said in the audio about Greggy/Tommy, linked in my today’s post.

Yes, that’s the occasion I was speaking about. It is good that among the anti-Muslim British the arrest of Tommy Robinson has acted as a ‘step too far’ by the government so that the mob is considering violence against the authorities. I would imagine things can only escalate from here. As the government crosses their line of tolerance again and again they should respond in more revolutionary ways. And really, it is the only option we have left. In the eyes of the cultural Marxist UK government Muslims have more of a right to Britain than the native British, Muslims and coloureds in general are a protected group with basically freedom to rape white girls and virtually no law governing them. The British on the other hand are subject to tyrannical laws and are an oppressed ethnic group on their way to outright replacement and genocide. The government will label British violence as ‘terrorism’ and the secret police of the UK are gathering intelligence on and monitoring all those whites who have ‘extremist’ thoughts with their Prevent program. They simply have to prevent any violent uprising from the more resentful elements of the native British population whle they hand our island over to foreigners.
Interesting to know Greg deleted your comments Jack, doesn’t surprise me of course.

I am genuinely surprised that this is not being mentioned in the News (the video). Perhaps the media have realised that if they do, people will be filled with encouragement, and they can’t have that.
I don’t remember the last time Brits ever did something like this. Going up to the PM’s home and calling her a “fucking cunt”, and waving flags in the faces of the Blue Stomach-Bugs.
I have actually considered the fact that Britain is completely and utterly dead, and the best we can do is just leave. However, this event changes my mind ever so slightly.
As for Greggy deleting my comments: It isn’t the first time that entire Site has been intolerant of any criticism. Last year, I had a comment of mine deleted where I said that their review of Star Wars: The last Jedi was “time-wasting” and “unimportant”. I tried to be as nice as possible, but perhaps it made them feel like the child who is told by daddy that playtime is over and he has to do his homework.

this lopsided imposing of government-blessed values on citizenry is the natural end of the military/ industrial complex that makes funds available to the government-owned military entity to develop high-priced weaponry out of reach of the private citizens. making accountability of leadership to local citizens impossible. with the result of the jez turner and tommy robinson imprisonments only the latest in an unrestrained government response to sovereign citizens’ attempts at using their own garden hoses to put out forest fires. oh that magic was true — it ain’t.
only when [us] nationalist-citizens acquire serious weaponry and demonstrate that we have parity with the oligarchs presently controlling the governments will these bully bastards perhaps think twice before continuing in their “normal” ways.
so how the hell do we begin seriously building our own private military industrry? similar to how Intel Semiconductor began seriously building the semiconductor industry in the 1960’s. (and look where that industry is now.) such progress does not happen on a wing and a prayer. and much blogging.

I’ve considered the possibility that Britain may be dead and leaving is the only option also. While the white race may survive I think several of the white nations are possibly too far gone and doomed, Britain being one of them. I’ve projected forward and predicted what Britain will be like in the future. It will be a multi-ethnic Islamic state, Islam being bigger than Christianity, where the native British are a despised and persecuted ethnic minority. All areas will eventually be minority white and escaping the coloureds will be impossible unless you leave the country and move to Eastern Europe. But the future is unpredictable.
If there is one thing Greggy doesn’t want it’s for playtime to be over. He wants to ‘intellectualize’ and engage in his repulsive homosexual activites rather than support violent revolution. If a racial state or states were eventually formed he would want them to be liberal so he could continue to ‘play’. He wouldn’t want a Fascist or National Socialist-esque regime that is serious and strives for high ideals. In other words he’d want some sort of peaceful, cultural revolution that ‘speaks truth to power’ and then when the new order is established he would want it to be liberal. Being a queer he veers toward the soft and cowardly side of things, instinctively avoiding raw violence.

What you said about Greg Johnson just there is what I have said about him in his recent article where he calls those like myself who disagree with what has happened to Robinson “Tommytards”.
I said some very aggressive things towards him, so I don’t expect him to not delete it. That isn’t the point, though: I want him to see it at least, if he won’t let anyone else do the same. See that I know who he is and that he cannot hide. You can tell he is a faggot when he says:
“…with the utmost filth being written by the army of blind Tommytards”.
He sees any mention of illegal action and the merest utter suggesting violence to be incredibly offensive and he cowers away. I do think that I said perhaps the most extremist stuff on that thread, so I really do think he is just referring to me. I said things like “we should be dragging every last Paki out of their home and slaughtering them all”. You would think that he would have listened to me on TOD when I said that his empathy of Negro slaves to be both Christian morality, and against the words of Nietzsche: The very philosopher whom he loves to quote without any semblance of self-awareness.
Anyway, Joseph, I am surprised to hear that you were at A Day for Freedom. I am more surprised that you and Chris got so close to Robinson.

I get the impression Greg thinks violence and illegality is always wrong no matter the circumstances, or at least should always be avoided because it is ‘immoral’. He bears the imprint of the slave mentality of the masses. No wonder he empathises with Negro slaves. He thinks he has an understanding of history, of Nietzsche, of Fascism etc. yet he doesn’t. History is filled with men who undertook illegal and violent action against their percieved enemies. It is the story of revolutions and wars. It’s constant is violence and bloodshed. Greg is out-of-touch with the forces that shape history, he is an ivory tower intellectual. We should be dragging every last Paki out of their home and slaughtering them all. In fact this was precisely the way the British used to treat Paki vermin when they ruled the Indian subcontinent and the Indians revolted or raped a white woman. I was told by Chris White that the British tied Indians who had raped white women to cannons before firing them. Greg would think what you are calling for to be ‘extreme’ not realizing that it was common behaviour among the British when they had an empire (and manhood). This timid cluelessness reminds me of Richard Spencer who wants an ethnostate for whites in North America and uses Israel as a model while failing to mention that Israel was founded via terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide of the British and Palestinians. He somehow expects whites to establish an ethnostate in America with little bloodshed. People like Greg and Spencer are too afraid to look the raw violence that moves history in the eye.
I didn’t intend to go to the Day for Freedom with it’s shitty Alt-Lite line-up but Chris White was going to do a journalistic piece on it and then my neighbour, who ran as a candidate for UKIP and has Tommy Robinson’s phone number, said he was going so as they were both going I joined them. Me and Chris did have a laugh when we were backstage about how two ‘far-right extremists’ like us had ended up in the VIP area with various kosher right-wing celebrities. If you’re interested, Chris White recorded some audio at the event. The recording of the day begins at 1 hour 40 minutes into the audio
[Link to a Lone Wolf Radio episode]

Apropos to the royal ape wedding I already said this: ‘The bourgeois WNsts don’t realize that they live in a greenhouse like orchids reading essays about Batman on Counter-Currents: a greenhouse’s glass that’s about to be shattered and they’ll have to deal with the wild vegetation outside. I have had experience with wild veg. Do they?’

I remember when I heard of those cannon-executions during school, and despite the encouragement on the part of school propaganda to make me feel bad for the little moustachioed brown men. They never mentioned rape, in fact, this is the first time I have heard of that, but I remember not caring a single bit. I thought that the Brits probably had a good reason to do such things.
Greg referred to the recent protest outside Downing Street as “a white chimp-out”. So, yes, he thinks violence is bad no matter what. It reminds me of that Negro you mentioned once, who said “we are not afraid to break your country’s laws and we rape your women when we want, and that is why we are alpha males who white women flock to in droves.”
Andrew Anglin is another one you should have mentioned. He calls those like AWD who believe in violent takeover to be “spergs” and “larpers” but ignores the fact that his own country was founded upon violent revolution – Violent revolution perpetrated by farmers and peasants, and fought against the most powerful Empire there was in the world during their time. This is in contradiction to his American Nationalism.
In my opinion, Anglin is just another con artist like Johnson who is happy with the attention concerned young people give him, and the money he gets. The last thing he wants is people like Norman Spear or Vincent Snyder (leader of AWD) to propose strategies and form fully functional movements based on those strategies because that would make the Alt-Right’s entire existence pointless.
When all those angsty young males realise that Anglin is lying about Atomwaffen and is useless to get them their “ethnostate” they will abandon DS, and they will abandon CC. The young people will start following the groups which have actual plans that they can act upon, and then when there is no rape of White girls, and no Niggers, and no Jews, then Andy Pandy and Greggy will have no purpose for anyone or anything. Nobody to give them attention (psychopaths just hate that) and nobody to give them shekels based on false promises.
In fact, if Atomwaffen Division do their job before (or instead of) the Northwest Front, then Andy Pandy and the rest know that they are going to get the knife quite quickly. Covington wouldn’t have such a thing done. if I am being honest here.
Johnson is getting the knife for harbouring a transvestite pederast, for his Mammon worship (as seen in his snazzy suits that would make Connor McGregor blush – Not that there is anything wrong with wearing a suit), and in his Homosexual spirit.
Andy Pandy is getting the knife for having coitus with Gooks first of all, second of all with his own Mammon worship, for his shunning of violence third of all, for his knack for sucking the Kosher cock of Trump fourth of all, and if you though he would be forgiven for that by AWD, well think again: Every chance he gets he slanders Atomwaffen, and he slanders James Mason. Every time I go on DS, I see at least one article where he is salivating over this bogeyman he has propped up to make himself seem important, lying through his teeth. If it is AWD that defeat the System, he better run as fast as he can… to Antarctica.
Rant over: I will check out the link you sent, Joseph.

Well, it is a bit complicated.
You see, in the video you linked of Anglin and Enoch talking about violence, they also talk about AWD. The video is no longer on YT, but I remember how another guy who was there said this about SIEGE (or rather, those who read SIEGE):
“I saw on the internet “read SIEGE, burn your homes down” and I thought it was a joke. But I see it is correct.”
Also, Anglin wrote an article where he tried to talk shit about people who wear skull masks: “I am specifically referring to these SIEGE people and Atomwaffen. Do you really want these people babysitting your kids?”
I am paraphrasing both these things, and perhaps they are bad examples. I am pretty sure he has mentioned AWD and SIEGE in the same breath, and tries to treat them equally. I am not too sure, but I know that Andy couldn’t possibly like Mason, as the ideals conflict with his worldview.

i’ll add, if it aint already blatantly obvious, that our garden hoses are handguns and semi-automatics. tiddly winks against the big boy militarists. the atf is simply another tiddly winks distraction used by the big boys to make us citizens useful idiots. when we should be seriously building our own military industry. (shit, that’s what neoisrael did. how can the tribe do it and whitie can’t? shame shame shame and then we die. or rather “eat shit and die.”)

if greggy were truly ubermenschean, he appears as doing a questionable job of putting aside his sexual impulses.

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