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Racial right

Why I disagree

w/ Greg Johnson on Tommy Robinson

Listen, after about the first seven minutes that this
Southerner quoted from Greggy’s recent article.

Audio on The Right Stuff: here.

6 replies on “Why I disagree”

I agree with Tommy Robinson’s sentiment, but, he is putting a band-aid on a problem which needs to be cured. He is attacking Muslim grooming gangs when he should also be attacking the Zionist and Jewish supremacist powers which enabled this invasion in the first place. Tommy is a Zionist which I just do not understand.

3 of my comments I made to Greg have been deleted.
To be precise, I left Greggy comment, he replied by saying that I should “be siding with the laws that are putting the rapists in jail”, and I left two more replies. Our conversation has now disappeared. Perhaps he doesn’t like to hear about James O Meara, perhaps he doesn’t like being rightfully called a coward, perhaps he doesn’t like my incitements to violence, and perhaps he doesn’t like the idea of someone who disagree with their own country’s laws.
Who knows.

Well, that is what I am saying to the guy – “Why are we afraid to break out own country’s laws when it is these very laws that are keeping us in shackles?”
In his new article, he just calls what I say “utmost filth”. Very typical of women and buggers.

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