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Racial right

Comfortable panopticon

Something can be learned after my rants of yesterday. Perhaps commenter Spahn Ranch (aka, Jack Frost) hit the nail with these words:

As you may recall, Hunter was loosely based on the career of serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin. The fact that Franklin is neither revered nor imitated in WN circles (and indeed, is hardly remembered at all) is proof that they aren’t serious.

The sad truth is that a large fraction of the right consists of badgelickers who worship the police and recoil instinctively from lawbreakers like Franklin, Manson, Roof, Breivik, and the rest. Such people are very proud that it’s whites who obey the law, which embodies the rules of the civilization whites have built, and they disparage lawbreaking as nigger-like behavior.
“Why whites did nothing?” you ask. Because the inmates are very proud of their prison, which they have built themselves, brick by brick. It’s a panopticon in which they double as guards, keeping each other in line. Even on the right, they value this prison/civilization more than their own racial life.

Also from yesterday’s comments, just see who are living outside the panopticon:


I am going to confess something that I had not said on the internet.

When I lived in Manchester in 1999, I met a short pardo from Puerto Rico who traveled with an American passport. He used to boast about his adventures to abduct and rape American girls within the US itself; and that sometimes he had to kill them because they were screaming. He fled to the UK to avoid being caught in the US after so many offenses.

I had a problem in the UK and he even lent me a hundred pounds to purchase my plane ticket. But before that, he told me about his plans to rob a jewelry store in London, and I even accompanied him to a secret place in Manchester where real men bought guns.

I am telling you this just to let you know that even within a single year of experience in your country I met people that are capable to fight like real men, even when this guy deserves immediate termination for what he did with white women.
This is a world for those who are willing to risk their lives, not for the fags so common in white nationalism. Remember, if whites would be behaving like ISIS instead of complaining about them, the West would be in a much better shape right now.

I must clarify that this guy was never my friend. I lived in the YWCA of Whalley Range and had to share the kitchen and TV room with this pardo. Nor was a friend of this guy:

I have met worse than the Puerto Rican!

Back in 1985, I had as a roommate in San Rafael, California, USA, a former soldier from El Salvador. He boasted stories of his killings, and even assassinations (as a paid assassin after the war). He also told me how he had watched, when combating the guerrilla fighters in El Salvador, other soldiers skinning alive a guerrilla fighter, and another plucking out another fighter’s eye with a spoon.

When you treat people of the Third World directly you meet quite an interesting fauna, believe me…

The bourgeois WNsts don’t realize that they live in a greenhouse like orchids reading essays about Batman on Counter-Currents: a greenhouse’s glass that’s about to be shattered and they’ll have to deal with the wild vegetation outside.

I have had experience with wild veg. Do they?

But the crux is what Spahn Ranch says: white nationalists are not to be taken seriously. They want to mix water and oil: law-abiding and racial preservation. Remember the recent quote by Linder: What makes a difference is one side uses lies and violence, the other side “keeps it legal.”

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I met that Britisher, Jez Turner, on 22 August of 2014 and we had a good evening chat: a very kind man. I like him very much. (You can also see the most recent article on The Occidental Observer about him.) But I don’t take his monocausal activism seriously. He should’ve known better when dealing with UK’s tough thoughtpolice.

tammuz family/ doron mamet (tammuz.com). (pls read maria poumier’s “The Israeli manufacture of artificial Jews” on veterans today, veteranstoday.com/2018/05/19/poumier.) sharply representative of how 180 degress opposite the jewish god concept of the omnipotent creator father god yahweh is from the german god of which odin is representative, the creative force in nature. germans intuitively honor respect nature. jews intuitively profane and misuse nature. how much more of this “the Gentile mind was unable to even CONCEIVE of such inhumanity, deceit, and treachery.” – henry ford, will whitie finally need to prod us up and off our dead fat beer drink and potato chip snack tv’ing asses and make some hay against this alien invasion?
let’s meet at c.t.’s in mexico city and do some face-to-facing. how about it folks?

Next week I am moving back to Portugal.
Took me six years of living in this mulatto whorehouse called Brazil to become a diehard racist. I will never return to the New World.
I would very much like to meet the overmen commenters in this website. If CT or any one of you ever visit Portugal or Spain let me know, and I’ll arrange a meet-up.
Spahn Ranch is absolutely right about WNs avoiding self-blame: a victim does not see itself as the offender, therefore does not work towards correcting it’s flaws. That’s what they want to be, eternal victims of the kike.

So that they do nothing in the real world, which is why I say that strict monos are to blame for the paralysis in WN.

I couldn’t agree more
The perpetual white victimhood narrative is as dangerous as miscegenation.
If not more so.

Remember, if whites would be behaving like ISIS instead of complaining about them, the West would be in a much better shape right now.

How’s that again? Behaving like ISIS? Like the Trumped up wars in the Near East, ISIS is a Jewish, straw-man/enemy creation. In fact the very name alludes to the Jews’ vehement hatred for the Egyptian culture.*
Whites in the Near East are acting exactly like their murderous ISIS thugs counterparts, they are just the other side of the Jewish shekel.
*For more information, read Dr. Jan Assmann’s book Moses the Egyptian.

Also, according to Wikipedia Franklin renounced his ‘prejudice’ in prison and realized that blacks were ‘just like us’.
To quote directly:

November 17, 2013, Franklin said he had renounced his racist views. He said his motivation had been “illogical” and was partly a consequence of an abusive upbringing. He said he had interacted with black people in prison, adding: “I saw they were people just like us.”

They’ll always break you in prison. Just think he was on death row for 15 years awaiting being killed—until the bastards finally did it.

Of course.
His eventual ‘breaking’ did teach me to avoid those institutions at all costs…

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