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Esau's Tears (book)

Mad like hell

I’m sorry, but since England was Swan’s Lake in terms of the beauty of the white woman (see my previous entry), what happened today has me on the verge of becoming a self-detonating vanguardist.
It is very rare for me to write four entries on the same day. I mean: no translations or citations, but my thoughts. But I’d like to answer what a friend who lives in England said today in another thread:

Yes, the underlying deficiencies—including the deficiency that enabled Jews to live among and exploit Aryans over and over again—were already present before the Jews existed but I’m fairly certain that without the Jews our race would not be facing the possibility of extinction at present.

It’s true what you say. Everyone who has read the masthead of this site knows that they were involved in the Hellstorm of the Ancient Word: a Christianization that for centuries destroyed our real culture. But I’d like to add something.
Throughout my reading of Esau’s Tears (a book that tells how, after the century of madman Napoleon, Jews were seizing the newspapers, the bank and education in Europe) I suffered horrors, always asking myself: ‘Holy shit: Why whites did nothing?’
Take into account that we are talking about the entire 19th century. Why since then, without any television, whites failed to react in an ultra-violent way (as my character commands)? Why the damned 19th-century bourgeois allowed the takeover by the Jewish quarter? What worms did they have in their heads even before TV?
What you say in the paragraph quoted above is very true. But it will always strike the natural-born killer that even without Hollywood whites behaved like lemmings (with the exception of Hitler, but that was already in the 20th century).
True: without Jews, whites would not be on the verge of extinction. But the fact that whites have been violating Newton’s law since Napoleon—to every action of Jewry thou shalt not oppose any sort of counter-reaction!—is what exasperates me extremely, to the point of daring to call them lobotomized eunuchs.

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What Arch (see his latest comment: here) and WNsts still don’t get is that every adult male Briton who could afford a long-range rifle and missed today’s opportunity is far worse than any kike, insofar as cowards are worse than the enemy.
Remember the character of Pierce’s Hunter? This guy started his lone-wolf career completely unaware of the JQ. He only learnt about it along the way.
The point is that very very very few whites have their surviving instinct intact to see the need of real combat action.
If at least those who visit the dozens of WN blogsites considered The Turner Diaries or The Brigade or SIEGE as their new Bible, and Hitler the replacement of the old god (Jesus), something could be done.
But they do nothing of the sort. Just look it for yourselves!:
Which among them treasures any of the above-mentioned books as the FAQs about how to reclaim the West? The Covingtonistas? This guy started to write decades ago and still no real action now (the same with SIEGE readers).
If they don’t want to be killed go to Sweden. After all, Norwegian Breivik is alive and well, right?

As you may recall, Hunter was loosely based on the career of serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin. The fact that Franklin is neither revered nor imitated in WN circles (and indeed, is hardly remembered at all) is proof that they aren’t serious. The sad truth is that a large fraction of the right consists of badgelickers who worship the police and recoil instinctively from lawbreakers like Franklin, Manson, Roof, Breivik, and the rest. Such people are very proud that it’s whites who obey the law, which embodies the rules of the civilization whites have built, and they disparage lawbreaking as nigger-like behavior. “Why whites did nothing?” you ask. Because the inmates are very proud of their prison, which they have built themselves, brick by brick. It’s a panopticon in which they double as guards, keeping each other in line. Even on the right, they value this prison/civilization more than their own racial life.

Indeed, I’ve had more than one prissy WN, including one rather famous one, throw up his hands in pious horror when I spoke approvingly of Franklin. He was a “premature” and far sighted volunteer in the struggle, one unwilling to deceive himself as to what was coming and what needed to be done in the looming race war.
As for the Brits missing their opportunity, if they couldn’t be enraged enough to take care of the Paki rapists of Rotherham, why would they bat an eyelash at Prince Harry Rotter’s mudshark princess? After all, the Queen could have prevented this had she really wanted, the same way she could speak out against the Rotherham rapists and the mudworld hordes invading Blighty, but doesn’t. The Crown and the rest of the British establishment have sold out the native White people of the JewKay completely. That is now beyond dispute. But the Brit masses are hardly better. There isn’t a more Jew-controlled, nigger-worshipping nation than the limeys, from the royals to the proles. After Christianity, they have been the greatest disaster for our race. Don’t fool yourself: the multiracial nightmare world order that is unfolding all around us is the intended result of the Judeo-Masonic Briddish Empire, not its betrayal.

@Spahn Ranch Very true what you say. If White racialists were serious they would be imitating Franklin as well as others like Fred Cowan and Frank Spisak like James Mason urged them to do in Siege. But to most a man who breaks the law is ‘evil’ or a ‘bad man’. They don’t question the sense of obeying their enemies laws instead of making their own laws up like a free man. They are essentially domesticated and timid dogs, afraid to break Master’s rules, well trained by ‘civilization’.
Those who disparage lawbreaking as nigger-like behaviour would do well to honestly compare Whites with niggers at the moment. Who is more likely to survive? The definition of fitness in biology is reproductive success and by that definition we can see Blacks are superior. What you say makes me think of a conversation I saw between a White Nationalist and a Black. The WN was pointing out that Blacks have the highest crime rate and rape white women on a colossal scale and the Black guy responded along the lines of “Yeah, we’re not afraid to break the law and we rape your women when we want to, that’s why we are the alpha males that white girls are flocking to”. From what I understand it is Blacks and Mexicans who are dominant over Whites in the US prison system. Whites are looked upon as Nazi bitch boys and I’ve read quite a few of them are sodomized by Blacks. Only back in the 1950’s it was Whites who were dominant in US prisons (and I’m aware the racial demographics were different back then).
All other races are living according to the laws of Nature and, except for East Asians, are more violent than Whites and more likely to break the law. It is these foreign races that Whites are too weak to prevent from entering their civilization, and will be in competition with. No way out but fighting.

“It is these foreign races that Whites are too weak to prevent from entering their civilization,”
Oh? Then explain how these weak whites had conquered and dominated the entire planet up until recently. And how these other races were too weak to prevent the weak whites from doing so.
If whites would be sane other races could not in their wildest fantasies ever even dream of entering our soil while at the same time the other races could be as sane as they possibly ever could be and they still couldn’t prevent sane whites, like they still were until recently, from taking their lands and everything in it should it please whites.
It is very, very simple, we as a whole, as an organism, are suffering from a virus which destroys our immune system. The virus is called JEW.
You can talk about the already inbuilt defects in our race which potentially would have undermined our position anyway, even without the jew around all day long but that is rather pointless, because you can find the same defects – and even far more serious defects – in all other races as well.

Just because whites are weak at the moment does not automatically imply that I think they were always weak. You are presenting a strawman argument. I think you know that when I say whites are too weak to prevent other races entering their civilization I am talking about them as they are at present and not as they always have been. I think you know that I am well aware whites did not used to be weak pre-1945. It is easy to explain how Whites conquered and dominated the entire planet. They had not yet succumbed to the racial death-wish implanted in them by centuries of cunning Jewish thought-control. The coloured races are not any stronger than they used to be, however whites are much weaker which is why I said “It is these foreign races that Whites are too weak to prevent from entering their civilization”.
It is not pointless to talk about our organic, inbuilt defects because if we do succumb to Jewry and perish it would have been those very flaws that would have proved fatal. If a race wants to improve it should be aware of its own weaknesses. Even if there were no Jews whites should ideally still be questioning their history and examining their flaws. Just because there are similar defects in other races does not make the activity ‘pointless’. Our weaknesses are relevant because if whites aren’t weak, how do you explain the current situation where Jews dominate Whites? It was white defects that enabled this situation to occur, and if we don’t deal with our weaknesses, such as allowing this parasite to live amongst us hundreds of times and actually give a final solution to the Jewish Problem once and for all then Whites will have been proven a weak race. A race that could dominate the coloured races but just didn’t have the intelligence or courage to decisively contend with Jewry.

Using the term “real culture” was very insightful, have not heard that term before. What is a book that contains our real culture? Would you say the works of Homer? What about The Eddas? Is there a set of writings you consider to embody the real culture of the ancient Europeans? Don’t despair Cesar.

I have a high level of contention, believe it or not. Yes: I have met very violent people, but I myself have an instinct of self-preservation that has kept me alive for almost 60 years.
But sooner or later it will be understood that violence is the way for reclaiming the West.

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