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Gary Lee Yarbrough


The Silent Brotherhood (German: Brüder Schweigen) was a pro-white organisation active in the US between 1983 and 1984. Members, including Gary Yarbrough, were unjustly accused and convicted of various crimes.
Yarbrough died in jail a couple of days ago.

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Fallen hero Bob Mathews, the founder of the Brüder Schweigen, is said to have been inspired by The Turner Diaries and partly modelled the group’s activities on the novel.

I wrote a letter to Gary last year and got a response from him. He was very optimistic. Little did I know he would be dead less than a year later. The prison he was incarcerated in, the ADX Supermax in Colorado, is the most secure in the United States. It housed David Lane and currently houses Matt Hale, the Unabomber and the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood gang among many other notorious men.
Basically the US prison service killed Gary through neglecting his health care, just as they killed Edgar Steele in Victorville prison. They have no interest in seeing White Men who take action against ZOG live.
He had every reason to die proud of his service to his race. I doubt he died with any regrets. As I said to him in my letter, The Order will be remembered by Whites as long as the White race survives.
RIP Gary Yarbrough

I’ll repeat here what I’ve told you before: Where’s the printed history of the WN movement in America? Which printed book would you recommend?
I loved Pierce’s obituary of Commander Rockwell when he was assassinated. But we need equally lucid obituaries and memories about all fallen heroes, like Gary. Where are they?
I mean: I am in Mexico and my resources to investigate the subject are scarce. Where are the American intellectuals that honor their heroes? Or was Pierce the last genius of the movement?

As far as I know no-one has written a history of the WN movement in America so I can’t recommend you any book. But then I’ve never really searched for one.
There are no obituaries because they haven’t been written. Whites aren’t keeping a history of their heroes and movement figures.
There are American intellectuals who have a lot of knowledge of the WN movement in America but they have not released many writings. A lot of the old WN material is held by veterans of the movement all over America.
I don’t think Pierce was the last genius of the American movement. America produced many good men. James Mason writes some pretty good stuff today even if it is mixed in with CI. However the movement in America has seriously degenerated with Counter-Currents and the Alt-Right etc.

If at least these degenerates wrote obituaries I’d not be complaining. But they don’t honor their heroes and that bothers me mightly.
Go figure: a non-Aryan who lives in Mexico wants to build statues to those few heroes, but American Alt-Righters and WNsts still debate over optics…!

There is much to be said here, and there will be, with time.
I have waited to release material penned by one of Gary’s Brothers, just to see Who and who Not, would make mention of his Passing. This Blog joins just a ‘few’ who even mentioned Gary.
Your comment was lucid in in its own right, and these are questions I have reflected on for many Years.
As to Gary Lee Yarbrough, the OP did not do him any justice, even though I know He knows much more…such is the way that the History of the Silent Brothers has been handled, firstly, by their so-called ‘peers, as these Men had none! When you look back, or forward for that matter, it is always the essence of a ‘first-cause’ that makes history jump out at you. By this, I mean that every generation has their arm-chair warriors, but it also has its vast number of intellectuals that have always saddled themselves along the river, so to speak, and make their inroads and speeches, their Fundraisers and their ‘optics’, never admitting to the courage, dedication, visionary optics and, above all, the Courage of individuals to take on an impossible task…
To the individual who said “Right idea at the wrong time”: That simply comes from a lazy and obtuse position.
I have known one of the few men that are left alive from this effort and time. I have spoken to several others over the years. Truly, there is not 10,000 modern ‘men’ today, that equals one of them – even Dead!
A breeze is beginning to move, and there will be many who will not stand against the coming Storm.
I have respect for this Blog…and its creator. It has been a consistent voice in the wilderness.
RIP Gary Lee Yarbrough – a True member of the Folk!!

To the individual who said “Right idea at the wrong time”: That simply comes from a lazy and obtuse position.

That comes from a reality check. What did Der Bruder Schweigen achieve outside their own deaths and imprisonment? What they did was provide the Jew media with a sensational story about the criminal neo-Nazi element lurking among white Americans. That certainly helped the white cause didn’t it?
The fact is there is a correct time and place for everything. Had Der Bruder Schweigen united white Americans in retaliation to their Jew masters, then their actions would have been right action at the right moment. However, long after their destruction, white Americans are still divided and even more dissolute, with no sign of rising in opposition to anything other than “white racism,” white privilege” and perhaps their television programming schedule.
I live in the region close to where Bob Matthews was holocausted. To date I yet to find a single, local person that remembers Bob Matthews and Der Bruder Schweigen. So what gains were made by the useless sacrifice of these brave men’s lives?

Here is the eulogy that David Tate wrote for Gary. My husband truly suffered at the hands of the BOP, but he never once gave in or quit. He held strong, until he left this world. He is finally, truly free!

Thank you for sharing, Susan. I wish at least some of us could be as brave as Gary. If the race is saved, I hope a statue will be built in his memory…

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