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Aryan beauty Evil Feminized western males

Royal ape wedding

I do not want to see a single picture of this sin against the holy ghost in the media.
The level of evil of this era has no limits.
Yesterday a white nationalist complained to me by email because I blame Christianity—not wanting to see that Christianity promoted miscegenation since Constantine. Here in Latin America, the first president of Paraguay even came to prohibit marriages between Iberian whites: they had to marry an Amerindian, Negress or Mulatta. That genocidal Orwellianism will soon reach your shores!
Except for a single donor in Australia I do not receive donations precisely because I dare to tell the truth: the religion of our parents is involved to the marrow in white decline, more than Jewry itself.
There was a time decades ago when, after seeing the English women, I wanted to emigrate to England to marry one of them.
The fact that there has not been an attack today, right on the island where the Aryan woman reached its zenith in beauty, shows that the white race will perish—for sure it will perish: they have already lost their will for survival!
I have visited England several times throughout my life. Yesterday I was indulging in the fantasy to immolate myself by doing something heroic but the thought arises: I, who am not an Englishman, giving my life so that the natives themselves not only will not value the sacrifice, but put little candles to honour those who committed a sin against the holy ghost?
As horrific and bloodcurdling as it may seem for my character as a warrior, I have no choice but to continue with these exasperating translations about Christianity: what fried the brains of the white race (and white nationalists still don’t want to see).
My character is not being a writer. I would like to be that warrior I will probably never be because there are no comrades in arms left in the West.
Only faggots.

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My character is not being a writer. I would like to be that warrior I will probably never be because there are no comrades in arms left in the West.

There are comrades in arms, there just aren’t enough of them to make a difference and the smart ones know it. Where you gonna run or hide when Jews have “eyes all over the body,” like Ezekiel’s nightmarish cherubim? How are you going to fight a meaningful action, when your only possible friends are slavishly working for the (((enemy))) and join in (((their))) cheering at your demise?
There are two things in this life to be grateful for; the first is that you did not subject a child to this nightmare world of debased, debauched, perverse Jewry. The second is that you have lived a better, longer life than the vast majority of people throughout history. When death arrives you should be able to welcome it with no regrets for the past.

You are still talking of Jewry as the primary cause, not whites because of their faggotry and evilness (Xtian ethics, Mammon worship).
It was precisely a young man that you have met in the real world the one I referred to above (“Yesterday a white nationalist complained to me by email…”).

Do you deny my statements about the presence of Jews?
Do you deny that Jews are the root cause of western civilizations immigration problem?
Do you deny that a Jew, Emanuel Cellar, authored the 1965 immigration act and that Jews have exerted overwhelming influence in changing the immigration laws of every white country in the world?
Do you deny that Jews hate the white race and work ceaselessly to destroy them?
Do you deny that Jews are the leading force behind the destructive programs of feminism, transgender and homosexual perversion?
Do you deny Hitler’s statement

“Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found—like a maggot in a rotting body often dazzled by the sudden light—a little Jew.”

Here’s a suggestion, why not contact the Palestinians and tell them the reason only real reasoning they are having problems with the Jews is because they allowed Jews to take over their country in the first place. See how well your idea of whose really to blame idea plays with them.

Germany made many peace offers to Britain between 1939-1941. Rudolf Hess was the last time Germany offered her hand to England in a spirit of peace and friendship. Savitri Devi’s words are pertinent here so I will quote them:

The Führer was much more than a politician. He was an Incarnation of the divine Energy that fights to save whatever still appears to deserve to survive, be it in this dark age. So He held out His hand—not once, but again and again—to England. England chose to listen to her Jewish misleaders instead of to Him, and rejected the sincere, friendly gesture.
For that, she shall die—not the glorious death on the battlefield, but the slow, nauseating death through blood-mixture and all manner of vice. Within less than 300 years to come (Devi was writing in 1980)—unless there be a miracle—there shall be no more England. My mother’s compatriots (my mother was descended from Jütland Vikings) will have given way before teeming millions of mongrels (a hotch potch of Jamaicans, Africans, Pakistanis, Jews, and degenerate English women) with nothing in common with their forefathers, except that they might well still be “Christians.”

The last good monarch in Britain was King Edward VIII who had a personal meeting with Oswald Mosley in 1936 when he was King and wanted Oswald Mosley to be Prime Minister of the UK. For his support of National Socialism and Fascism he was spied on by MI5 and the British government who shortly got rid of him so they could declare war on Germany.

The enemies of the White race should go the whole way in Britain and make all MP’s in Parliament non-white. It’s not like the pale-faced imbeciles, descended from White Men, will actually do anything about it. The current Parliament is the most ‘diverse’ so far with 52 coloured MP’s. The second most powerful position in government after the Prime Minister was recently given to a Paki Muslim. Makes perfect sense to put a Muslim from Pakistan (a country that Britain created) in charge of immigration and stopping terrorism so he can allow more Pakistani Muslims in to rape white girls and butcher the stupid white rabbits in terror attacks.
In fact the enemies of the White race should just butcher Whites wholesale. I’m certain white males won’t fight back. Maybe type on a keyboard or go on a march but fight? No no no. Just speed the process up and there will be a world without white people sooner rather than later. It gets boring watching the transition slowly unfold.
The cause of our current predicament is not the Jews, it is us, white males. We have no-one to blame but ourselves. Things are the way they are because of us. Any activism that isn’t killing our enemies is a waste of time, is ineffective and is the direct reason why our situation exists and continues. Eventually the time will come where it will be impossible for even the most timid in the movement to maintain the lie that there is anyway out of this other than killing our enemies. Fight or die.

I don’t know what to say to this. Joseph Walsh really takes the words out of my mouth.
suffice it to say, I do care about these things. And the whole thing royally pisses me off, and makes me vengeful, and hateful, and depressed, and pessimistic. There is simply no words to describe my emotions.
I feel hateful towards my own family in particular. Why was my Father so stupid so as to teach me about the evil Nazis and their horrible war crimes while his own country was entering Helter Skelter? Why did his own Father teach him about that stuff after the war?
How can people be this fucking stupid and incompetent at everything? Why was my Father perfectly fine when his Niece shacked up with a Nigger? Why did he complain but do absolutely nothing when little girls were subject to the mercy of Paki’s? Why did I do nothing?
Why are English men trying to murder each other over football, and do fuck all when this all happens? Why is it that little goblins like Tommy Robinson do absolutely nothing when this all happens?
I am sorry. I am currently making a desperate attempt to convey my emotions here, but I don’t think it is working. I just sound like the rest of these “pale-faced imbeciles” who are trying to act like they care but do not.

“The cause of our current predicament is not the Jews, it is us, white males. We have no-one to blame but ourselves. Things are the way they are because of us.”

Again I say – Bullshit! I was once a young, stupid victim of Jew programing. Were it not for the Jews’ media programming I would have never been a “hippy.” There never would have been a drug culture or “free love” movement that twisted our views to moral degeneracy.
Without the Jew there would have been no “anti-war” movement or “cultural revolution” that tore America in into divisive pieces, with many of the young vowing to reject the “inherent violence” of their “evil forefathers.” Without Jews there would have been no GCA of 1967 restricting the sale and ownership of firearms. Nor would there have been laws stripping the white man of his right to self defense.
Just one generation before mine, the white man would not even allow the word “pregnancy” to be spoken in the media. TV and movie characters, even those married in real life, could not be portrayed sleeping in the same bed.
Look at the perversions portrayed on present prime time television. This has all occurred in just one generation. When one looks at history they find it takes, on average, hundreds of years for cultural change to occur on the scale it has over this single generation. How could this be were it not for the Jew’s external influence?
Look at the historical instances where the white man fought bravely to the death against insurmountable odds.This was before the Jews’ programming for cowardliness got to him. What about the white Russians that bravely fought the red Jewish bolsheviks or the Rumanian Iron Guard? What about the German National Socialist that bravely fought the Jew to a bitter end. All this just a single generation before ours. Are these men to be blamed for the Jew’s success, or is it now something beyond the white mans power to overcome?
Throughout history, the white man has fought countless battles to the last man. Suddenly overnight we are to believe the white man is too cowardly to fight? How did that sudden lack of will happen?
You might want to go and review examples of the Jews’ anti-war media programming efforts with movies like “Johnny got his Gun,” “Soldier Blue and many other anti-war movies that induced white guilt for being alleged murderous scum. Perhaps you fail to remember the peace, love, dove thoughts spouted by Jews though a cloud of marijuana smoke. Remember “Hell no we won’t” go and “If it feels good do it!?”
Remember our parents thoughts about such Jewish drivel? But did we listen to our parents? NO! Why not ? Because Jews controlled our television sets and publishing houses.
This is why so many of the last twentieth century men have become gutless, cowardly, fools unwilling to fight. From a historical perspective, this was not the case. In fact foolish white men are still bravely sacrificing their lives for Jewsih interests in the Near East. So what has changed in the last few generation outside the Jews taking over white civilizations’ media technology?
I witnessed the raw power of the Jew media at Waco. This occurring in a state where less than one hundred fifty years before the white man had fought to the last man in defense of national sovereignty at the battle of the Alamo.* I watched in horror as the public swallowed the bald faced lies Jews programmed for them. I saw how the public watched as media meatpuppet Dan Dickbreath spouted those lies. The programmed masses swallowed those lies without question because they knew the media would never lie to them.
I watched the public reject all pleas for reasoning and proper jurisprudence because the Jew media used the very same moral imperative found in their story of Sodom. Later I watched them do the very same thing with Iraq and now Iran. Since the white man invented television, should he accept the blame for how Jews use it against him? Must it be the white mans’ fault for watching TV?
I watched firsthand in at how the Jew media took the white male’s gonads and crushed the resistance from them with his lie of unthinking emotional guilt. I have seen and experienced the Jews immense power and after such experience one can no longer sit back and say, “Well it’s our fault for letting Jews do this to us. We never were given a choice. In a single generation, our minds, and the will to fight in our defense was usurped by the Jew’s mass programing efforts and only a fool might think otherwise.
Those who blame the white man for the present predicament serve the same duplicitous Jewsih diversionary interest as those Christian apologists that maintain the story of Jesus was one of insurrection against Rome. Jews are well aware that anything diverting attention from (((their))) presence serves the Jews’ interests.
*Take a look at how this battle of the Alamo is shamefully portrayed today. Who is destroying white history and its icons. Has it not been said that a race without a cultural history is doomed? So how are coming generations to know where the white man came from, never mind what caused their destruction.

“The cause of our current predicament is not the Jews, it is us, white males.”
The cause, yes, certainly, because what one allows to happen is entirely up to one, but I wouldn’t say the source. I maintain that jew is the source of it.
Even without semitic vermin around whites could still go astray from traditional values, no doubt. And that too could potentially mean the end of us. However, what we are currently witnessing is absolutely the result of deliberate planning of jews.
The rise of industrialisation co-happened along with the definite breakthrough of jew to international power after Napoleon. The primary reason for that is our own weak and treacherous aristocracy, who traditionally, many centuries ago, were not only rulers of societies but also their protectors and caretakers. IMO the temptation of unrestricted wealth for European monarchies, realised with jewish debt-money schemes was one too strong for them to resist. The price of their newly created unrestricted wealth was the sellout of their own civilisation to the semitic vermin. By the end of the 19th century much of the old aristocratic European families were thoroughly jewified through common ‘business’ interests and jew/gentile intermarriages. And till this day they live in symbiose.
So yes, it is whites who are the cause of our decline since they voluntarily gave away their own power the day they sold out their own for a comfy life.
However, having said that, without the jew we would not be in the current mess. That is a fact. With control over all institutions they have been able to turn whites against each other. How could whites ever turn against each other – en masse – without an external, but yet internal, enemy? How could there ever be such a thing as a deranged white libtard without a sneaky enemy which invents things as communism, feminism, the illusion that classes of society have all completely different interests, that the sexes both have completely different interests, that whites are guilty of exploiting non-whites, etc etc. without being enabled to spread all these absurdities? Alright, christianity, but without jews there wouldn’t be such an absurd religion in the first place.
And even christianity, although it initially destroyed our pagan beliefs and symbols, it actually has taken over the same already existing values. IMO so-called christian values such as family values, not stealing, not murdering, honesty and (ingroup)altruism are actually not originally christian at all, but Aryan. The only thing the christians did was replace the multiple gods of nature with an alien single god to obey. The rest was just adapted to the already existing traditions. Probably to make it more palatable for pagans. Take for instance the christian celebrations, christmas, the birth of jesus, was just newspeak for an already existing celebration, the pagan winter solstace. Even the christmas tree is a pagan relic. Same for spring celebrations and other significant dates. The christian source of those celebrations is all completely made up, along with the new and very different and absurd meaning these ancient celebrations suddenly had. ( Jesus let himself get tortured to death for our sins ???? what the hell does that mean anyway, I never really got that for starters ) The most important thing was the worship of a single alien god – which meant a totally different paradigm – instead of worshipping nature – through all kinds of pagan gods – and thus living accordingly.
But up until recently those every day values, so-called christian but in reality much older pre-christian values, were pretty much intact. It has been the betrayal of European aristocracy which allowed the jew to slowly but very deliberatly take control over all European institutions. Naturally this has enabled them to controll all key technology and positions in society necessary to brainwash the goium.
Adolf Hitler proved that this is not inevitable. That this is not automatically caused by the existence of technology. That the same technology which is being used against us – brainwashing – can just as well be used for our benefit. When Adolf Hitler came to power, not nearly every German had voted for him, only about a third. And not nearly every German shared the National Socialist ideas and ideals. However, it took only a few years to get the entire German Volk to believe wholeheartedly in those ideas and ideals. Why? Well,simply because the Fuhrer and National Socialism actually delivered! And they understood that they were not being conned by a mere salesman.
Alas, by that time the jew was already almost completely in controll of Aryan civilisation and they were able to ‘nip it in the bud’ via imbeciles like Churchill ( who in the process destroyed the entire British empire which he intended to save from the unstoppable competition of the German wirtschaft in the first place ) before this blooming Aryan righteousness could spread around the entire global white civilisation. Something that would have happened with absolute certainty considering the admiration Adolf Hitler and Germany harvested internationally. And that would have meant the final riddance and death of this planet’s deadly semitic virus.
We need to get sane again.
Heil Hitler.

…without the jew we would not be in the current mess. That is a fact.

And I say that you are hallucinating. Which empowered Jews caused the genocidal mestization of Iberian whites in Latin America? And what about what I said above about Paraguay (the nightmare of Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day in real history)? Don’t you know that in Latin America the Inquisition targeted the cryptos?
One of the problems with you, WNsts, is that you don’t even want to read a single book (either Pierce’s Who We Are or Kemp’s March of the Titans).

A book that appears to prove your thesis is Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color. Writing in 1920 Stoddard comments how White domination spans 9/10th’s of the Earth’s surface but notes that this state of affairs is transitory and unstable. He mentions that west-central Asia, which was once predominantly White, is now racially brown man’s land and that the world-order of 1920 could just as swiftly and completely pass away. He points out that the most dangerous threat lies in coloured migrations to White lands which was becoming an increasing possibility as White medicine and aid enabled the coloured populations to explode in number.
Near the end of the book he says

modern civilization has been one-sided, abnormal, unhealthy-and nature is exacting penalties which will increase in severity until we either fully adapt or finally perish. The civilizations of the past were local. If they failed, there were always some unspoiled, well-endowed barbarians to step forward. But today the earth has grown small, and men are everywhere in close touch. If white civilization goes down, the white race is irretrievably ruined. It will be swamped by the triumphant colored races, who will obliterate the white man by elimination or absorption. And that would mean the race obviously endowed with the greatest creative ability had passed away, carrying with it to the grave those potencies upon which the realization of man’s highest hopes depends. A million years of human evolution might go uncrowned, and earth’s supreme life-product, man, might never fulfill his potential destiny.

So essentially what we have is Stoddard talking about the looming extinction of the White race 100 years ago, yet the point is he doesn’t mention Jews, or Communism, in his book at all but still sees the looming danger for Whites on the horizon.

Jews are a strong catalyst—the rapid increase of a chemical reaction due to the participation of an additional substance—but the underlying problems already existed before their takeover.

Yes, the underlying deficiencies-including the deficiency that enabled Jews to live among and exploit Aryans over and over again-were already present before the Jews existed but I’m fairly certain that without the Jews our race would not be facing the possibility of extinction at present. We might be in a dangerous situation but not on the edge of extinction, although even without Jews the Aryan Problem could have brought Aryans near extinction at some point later in the future.

As it happens, I’ve read both books, more than once actually. Those books didn’t really affect me because everything in it I already took for granted.
The mestizisation in Latin America, regardless whether it was gentile or jew driven, was irrelevant, because it didn’t make the slightest dent in Europe ( certainly not in Nordic Europe ) or its inhabitants’ mental health and their, what today is called ‘racism’ up until the 1960’s and was actually despised by white Nordic people outside that part of the world (Latin America), and I suppose even by some of them in it judging by ‘dr Morales’ comments about that. It is the enabled jew which has been funneling its hostile anti-white absurdities since about that time via mass media and cultural outlets that has wrecked Europeans’ mental health as a whole, nothing else. It is also only the jew which benefits from this. No white man benefits from this. And that includes the shabbos, they are only in it for the goodies they get out of it.
In fact, not to defend christianity because I, unlike you have never been raised christian and always found that to be totally ridiculous, just as my father did, but as I said, despite this ridiculous religion called christianity, up until recently there was nothing wrong with common Europeans’ mental health. It has been the massmedia outlets ( that includes all western ‘governments because they are only PR agents – since at least 1945 and even earlier in the USA – , for the real rulers, which is international capitalism, consisting of jews and their aristocratic shabbos, enforced by the military industrial complex, which exists effortless without a match)
And as I said, Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany proved beyond any room for doubt that this is very, very easily and quickly reversed once you cut out the jew and feed the masses beneficial programming, which simultaneously proved that the existence of technology is not causing anything good or bad. It is those who controll it who do.

The mestizisation in Latin America, regardless whether it was gentile or jew driven, was irrelevant, because it didn’t make the slightest dent in Europe ( certainly not in Nordic Europe)

But they did ruin the gene pool of Portugal, which used to be a white nation and now there are many Portuguese like the Royal Ape who just married. I wonder if you really read them with due attention…

“But they did ruin the gene pool of Portugal, which used to be a white nation and now there are many Portuguese like the Royal Ape who just married. I wonder if you really read them with due attention…”
Of course I did. I was only too happy to see my personal thoughts regarding our race’s evolutionary status confirmed. Although admittedly I didn’t know every single thing mentioned about our history. And for that those books were useful.
But so what if some country decides to go bananas and destroy itself through miscegenation? Their loss. Portugal, Spain to a great extent, Greece and southern Italy were never considered really white when I was growing up, and I’m from 1964. The British for example considered them all dagoes, even the Greeks 🙂
And I can assure you that although the plans behind what we are witnessing since the 60’s were already drawn up by all kinds of international capitalist comittees – jews and their aristocratic shabbos – attitudes toward certain things among common people were still very sane when I was growing up. The word ‘racist’ was never used. Everybody just was one. It was just as normal as the sun coming up in the morning.
The difference of later times – second half to end of 20th century – is that there were no sovereign ( western ) countries anymore. Sovereign countries which make their own policies and decisions. Well, perhaps one exception was South Africa, which was still a bastion of Aryandom with unapoligetic Apartheid ( I do love that word and I’m proud that it is a word of my native language ) The entire western civilisation was, and is, under firm control of ((( international capitalism ))) The jews – who were pulling the strings of politics ever since 1945 – were behind orc immigration into western countries, there is absolutely no question about that. Just as they were behind feminism and the made up classes’ struggle. Later additions were the generations ( pop-culture ) and then when there were enough orcs living on civilised soil, the races.
I agree and repeat, the fault of all this happening are white men. White treacherous aristocracy that were so disgustingly weak and jelly brained they couldn’t resist the lavish parasitic lifestyle that was on offer from the semitic vermin with their debt-moneyscheme. It really is that simple. Add in the mass manipulating technology in enemy’s control and there is a perfect analysis.
And here’s were the 1500 year old foundation of christianity comes in. In this same period the christian value of everybody-is-equal-in-the-eyes-of-our-sweet-lord-jesus, which used to be an internal European thing which no-one really believed anyway, was morphed, with the very useful fabricated instrument of pop-culture, into the current paradigm of everything-is-ok-( especialy everything NON-European male heterosexual )-and-to-disagree-with-that-is-evil-and-will-end-in-the-gassing-of-six-million-jews.

Jesus let himself get tortured to death for our sins ???? what the hell does that mean anyway, I never really got that for starters

You gave me food for thought on that. I, as an ex-christian (thanks also to this site), never had a problem understanding this. So I asked myself, why is this concept so self-understanding for me, but alien for thee? Then I realized, that understanding of this concept relies on the christian teaching of sin as something that needs to be forgiven by an external entity – the single personal god.
So this is another aspect of malicious christian theology. This external entity is in practice subcounsciously substituted by real-world person in a believers brain: a priest, anyone holding power, and enables mass control using guilt. Because there is always a personal god / person, who you are accountable to.
Another malicious aspect of this is obscuring the fact that sins (degeneracy in our vocabulary) actually does the damage to ourselves, our loved ones and our tribe. We do not refer to us anymore, but to some external, vague, third party who performs surveillance over us. We abandon self-preservation for fear and submission as our guidance.
The more and more I dig into this, the more I hate christianity. It is the most perverse and unpronouncably great scam ever perpetrated in history.

Cesar, a few comments:
>[referring to Britain] “on the island where the Aryan woman reached its zenith in beauty”
Haven’t you heard, Cesar, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Not everyone, including myself, finds the typical English woman beautiful.
>”I have visited England several times throughout my life. Yesterday I was indulging in the fantasy to immolate myself by doing something heroic …”
It’s hard to think of anything more absurd than for you to immolate yourself because some Brit “royal” cuck is marrying a mulatto today.
The English have a history of bringing hardship to Europe, including their participation in the destruction of NS Germany. If the English want to live and mate with muds, that just shows that they are not worth the praises you like to heap on them.

Haven’t you heard, Cesar, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Kurt: you told by email that you’re a homo. So don’t mess with this site for Nordicist Hitlerians with comments like that, please.

>Kurt: you told by email that you’re a homo.
Where did that come from? I am not a homo and I’ve never said to anyone I’m a homo, because I’m not.
Quote from whatever email I sent you (make sure it’s from me, Kurt Johmann) and also give the date of the alleged email.
Also, when you realize you are wrong and have falsely accused me, you owe me an apology here.

Didn’t you ask me long ago by email if the problems I had with my father were due to (your imagining) I might have had homo proclivities as a teenager? And then told me that you liked porn (IIRC homo porn) and that the dressed nymph on my sidebar meant nothing to you? Or was it another Kurt?

>Didn’t you ask me long ago by email if the problems I had with my father were due to (your imagining) I might have had homo proclivities as a teenager? And then told me that you liked porn (IIRC homo porn) and that the dressed nymph on my sidebar meant nothing to you?
Okay, it took me a while to find the relevant emails. Assuming you still have them, the subject title is “missing comment” and the dates range from July 8, 2013 thru July 10, 2013. I suggest you read those emails yourself so that you realize how flawed your above-stated recollections are, including your bogus claim that I said I was a homo.
Reading thru that email exchange between us, which you initiated, I note that 1) your father was never mentioned by you or me; and 2) my only mention of porn was the following statement by me:
“Yeah, I don’t really get your approach either: when I want stimulation from female images, I prefer ordinary porn (photos, videos, etc) of women I find attractive (European and European-American women) instead of artistic paintings or other artistic or literary representations of them. I’m pretty ordinary as far as that goes. It sounds like you’re more artistic in your tastes and how you want things represented. I’m not artistic myself and I prefer realism in representations.”
Also, the word “nymph” is not in those emails, so I don’t know what your “dressed nymph” is referring to.
As I already said in my above reply, you owe me an apology for your falsely claiming that I told you by email that I’m a homo, and also an apology for your above statement that I watch homo porn.

My father is blond with blue eyes, my mother has black hair and brown eyes, though they are from the exact same ethnicity. My father is not in the slightest racist, my mother is a rabid racist.
I, in my experience, find blond people in general naive and easy to fool btw.
My father only chose someone of the same ethnicity to marry because there were no other options some decades ago in the place he lived.
I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a bit if he had married a mullatta.
If you put in the same place people of different ethnicities or races they will miscegenate, unless there’s a strong state that punishes you for mixing, that educates the citizens since early ages, and invests in propaganda about the malefic effects of intermingling,
Once you put different people together, with or whitout Jews, they will mix.
Since traveling is very easy in our days, you either stop people moving from on country to another or necessarily you need a racialist state to indoctrinate the population, since the absolute majority in any country are as dumb as rocks.
Christianity is a good thing, Hungary is Catholic for example

And Poland too.
You are correct about the majority of any race or country is an uninterested lot. It is ALL about who’s in charge. christian country or not. And as soon as jews – aliens – are in charge these uninterested masses will be indoctrinated with poisonous programming 24/7. Being susceptible for poisonous propaganda is not a specific white defect. Far from it.
It’s just that the jews need us to realise their plan, which is world domination. They could never achieve it using Negroes, Arabs or Eskimos. They ride and abuse the brilliance of the Aryan, which is made possible by weak, no, defective links in that race. Defective links BTW which, again, any other race has, and even far worse negative qualities.
I am not a christian and never have been because this religion doesn’t make sense to me. I think christianity is guilty of destroying my native ancient culture. I also believe that christianity was the original bolshevism.
But in the end people do get used to anything and although initially it harmed us tremendously in the end we recovered and Aryan brilliance was only supressed temporarily – well, several centuries – because despite the destruction of our native believes we ended up on top and were in control until recently.

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