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2nd World War Quotable quotes William Pierce

Pierce quote

“The race’s last chance to overcome its problems in this relatively painless manner died in January 1943, at Stalingrad.”

William Pierce

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What Northwestern Europe gave exactly in all history besides the trinkets in the last 2 centuries? Protestantism, Puritanism, Individualism, (((British Empire))), Liberalism, Human Rights, Jew worship, Universal Democracy, aimless destructive stupid wars like the WW2, Feminism, unparalleled degeneracy and cuckdom…just for a start.
Do you think all of the above is because of “Christianity?” It never occurred to you that Northwestern Europeans are just naive and lack touch with reality?

Before answering your question, recognise that you are the same Brazilian who insulted me in comments I did not let pass.

First of all I’m not “Brazilian”, you’re the first one that called me that.
Second, I’ll never “insult you”, you still think that I’m a “Brazilian pardo”, that’s a true insult.

Again, there’s some mistake in it. It would be very easy to use other email. Since I’m Christian I’m a very kind and likeable person, I don’t use “gross insults” in the internet.

Is there another explanation why the troll could have used your email? For example, do you share it with another person?

My younger brother knows the e-mail, but it would be an extremely improbable that he would find your site. I only found because I was searching about the “aryan” stuff. It’s a curious anti-Christian site.

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