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Rules of engagement

The best way to debate Jews is to never allow debate with Jews. The Jew aims to talk you into suicide. Only a fool would give the Jew an audience. Never give Jews a chance. You are not here to debate your existence with Jews. You force Jews to submit to your right to exist. That is the only way to live with them. Jews have no say on our destiny.
It is not your duty to convince the Jew of your right to exist. You must be convinced of that yourself. Prohibit any debate about the matter. And this is what the Jew preys upon. The Jew knows you are not convinced of your right to exist by your willingness to entertain him in debate. That is all he needs to win, to talk you into suicide.
Give the Jew a chance and he will take it all. The Jew is a brain-fly looking for an opening on the weak-minded, the smiling idiots, of a people to destroy it entirely.

—Anonymous priest of the 14 words

4 replies on “Rules of engagement”

I discovered this quote in Lorenz Kraus’ tweets tonight but it’s an unsourced image (although it appears beside a Hitler pic).

Actually, what struck me about the quote is the similarity with my guideline for the Priest of the 14 words: ‘Speak only to Aryan males’.
It bothers me and obfuscates me every time I see in YouTube clips an Alt-Right pundit debating kikes or women: that’s something I’ll never do!

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