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Destruction of Greco-Roman world Jesus Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books) St Paul

Postscript note

‘And if Christ wasn’t raised to life, our message is worthless, and so is your faith’. —St Paul (1 Corinthians 15:14).

The final paragraph of my previous entry says: ‘It is my hunch that a white awakening can only happen if the diagnosis of white decline is complete. We only have half of the diagnosis, what I call the purple-pill. If I could convince nationalists that Christian ethics is the poisoned apple, real progress to a general awakening would start…’ (italics added).
There is something I must clarify. I cannot convince white nationalists that they were deceived 1600 years ago, and even before the Christians conquered Rome. Since the article ‘Why my books in Spanish are important’ was a response to a thought experiment, let’s propose another Gedankenexperiment: that someone invented machines to see the past, as in Arthur Clarke’s sci-fi novel Childhood’s End:

‘All political problems’, Karellen had once told Stormgren, ‘can be solved by the correct application of power’.
‘That sounds a rather cynical remark’, Stormgren had replied doubtfully. ‘It’s a little too much like “Might is Right”. In our past, the use of power has been notably unsuccessful in solving anything’.
‘The operative word is correct’ [answered Karellen].
By the standards of all early ages, it was Utopia. Ignorance, disease, poverty, and fear had virtually ceased to exist. The memory of war was fading into the past as a nightmare vanished with the dawn; soon it would lie outside the experience of all living men.
It was known that the Overlords have access to the past, and more than once historians had appealed to Karellen to settle some ancient controversy. It may have been he had grown tired of such questions, but it is more likely that he knew perfectly well what the outcome of his generosity would be. The instrument he handed over on permanent loan to the World History Foundation was nothing more than a television receiver with an elaborate set of controls for determining co-ordinates in time and space. It must have been linked somehow to a far more complex machine, operating on principles that no one could imagine abroad Karellen’s ship. One had merely to adjust the controls, and a window into the past was opened up. Almost the whole of human history for the past five thousand years became accessible in an instant.
Though it had always been obvious to any rational mind that all the world’s religions writings could not be true, the shock was nevertheless profound. Here was a revelation which no one could doubt or deny: here, seen by some unknown magic of Overlord science, were the true beginnings of all the world’s great faiths. Within a few days, all mankind’s multitudinous messiahs had lost their divinity. Beneath the fierce passionless light of truth, faiths that had sustained millions for twice a thousand years vanished like morning dew. All the good and all the evil they had wrought were swept suddenly into the past, and could touch the minds of men no more. Humanity had lost its ancient gods: now it was old enough to have no need for new ones.

Not only would they see that Jesus was not resurrected, and therefore, following St. Paul, that what Christians say has been worthless for millennia. Whites would also see that the Christians of the 1st century were Semites and mudbloods—Orcs—and that the so-called ‘pagans’ were, in reality, whites.
The blow of the images would also make them see that those who destroyed the temples, the beautiful statues of the Aryans and the libraries of the Greco-Roman world, were mostly non-white. All the pieces of the criminal history of Christianity that I am trying to gather with the writings of Deschner, always taking as a guide-light Soberana’s essay, the 21st century white man would see on his own home television, in full colour, and with the real characters—not a film of Jewish producers, Jewish directors and Jewish scriptwriters!
What I will not achieve with this humble blog would be achieved by the machines to see the past. With Jesus demystified thanks to the damned machines, white Christians—including a large part of the white nationalists in the United States—would experience the sensation that the stars, all the sky and worldview, are falling… It would be the great awakening of the race white!
Just as George Lincoln Rockwell became very angry when, at the beginning of his Nazi career, he learned that the media had concealed who was behind the ill-named Russian Revolution, a good number of whites would tear their clothes seeing images in which the Orcs of the Ancient World destroyed everything beautiful and noble of the Aryan culture that existed before Constantine. There is no way to avoid the psychic toll that the machines’ images would cause: ugly Semites destroying the statues made of white marble in the representation of white skin and, concurrently, making them believe that the Saviour himself of the Aryans is now a Semite!
The window to the past would break the trance in which the white man of today finds himself, including the people of the Alt-Right; and if that were not enough, it would reveal the true holocaust of World War II committed against the Germans. But what I think would cause the greatest shock are the images of the historical Jesus, which the Christians, desperate, would seek and find when reviewing the career of the procurator Pilate in Judea; tracing the lives of all the unruly people he sent to crucify. And the same could be said of the dispassionate light that the machines would throw on the characters of the Old Testament…
The true story of what happened in Palestine in the 1st century, together with the images of Orcs destroying the Aryan culture in the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries, would do the trick in the Aryan psyche of our times. Alas, since I am incapable of designing these machines, I cannot help but continue to show the content of what is within my reach.

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My free book “A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)” claims that reality is computed. At the end of footnote 25, this is my argument against the possibility of time travel:
“Claims of time travel by psychic means—viewing alleged past or future events—are sometimes made, but are necessarily erroneous. The computing-element reality model does not allow time travel. In general, the passage of time is due to the continued processing by the underlying network of computing elements that fill the universe. Because all particles are just a consequence of that processing—and not its cause—there is nothing any particle or group of particles can do to alter the underlying network’s processing order (corresponding to the direction of time) and processing rate (corresponding to the flow of time). Thus, there is nothing we or any machine we might build can do, in a real and not an imaginary sense, to move forward or backward in time relative to the current processing order and processing rate of the underlying computing-element network that fills the universe.”

In Clarke’s novel cited above, there’s no time travel, only watching the unchangeable past and even there, Karellen’s powers were limited to 5,000 years into the past, enough to debunk the Moses story.

I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard- but some Greek statues have been “recolored” as of late (supposedly in order to match their original colors) much to the joy of the sand niggers currently inhabiting that once proud region since the statues are often depicted with skin darker than that of your average mestizo.
It’s disgusting.

But what I think would cause the greatest shock are the images of the historical Jesus …
Jesus is mostly depicted nowadays as a tall, handsome white man. But he didn’t start out that way! The Ante-Nicene fathers of the Church thought otherwise. For them, Jesus was an ugly, hunchbacked dwarf! Needless to say, since Christianity exalts all that is ugly, diseased, and deformed, they thought his twisted physical appearance was proof of his divine status.

I think that this is a facet that causes Christian Identitarianism. People have been bombarded their whole lives with this quasi Nordic version of Jesus, so most people would unconsciously associate him with this handsome Aryan figure.
This clearly comes from the Renaissance, a sort of Hellenic uprising. Modern images of Jesus are made by those whom realise that they must appeal to the European aspect of beauty in order to get more recruitments.
This Hellenic ideal of beauty has stuck in the European mind for so long that when people think of Jesus they cannot remember such a time as when he was depicted as deformed. I think this is the meat of what actually causes people to become Identitarian Christians. After all, why would anyone who upholds Mein Kampf believe the Jesus you show was the perfect White man.

While there’s an element of truth in what you say, it still wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if, given the existence of a television screen such as AC Clarke imagines above, that could show today’s white Christians Jesus’ real appearance, and he should turn out to be an ugly, dwarfish, balding hunchback with unibrow just as the early Church fathers thought, it would only make them love him all the more. A completely disgusting looking Jesus would only convince them they were right all along to prostrate themselves before niggers and pedophile Jews. Such is the built-in insanity and masochism of the death cult known as the Christian religion. It inverts all natural values. Only in death do Christians claim to find eternal life; only in ugliness do they claim to find true beauty.

No, actually I believe that the images of Jesus’ body, days, months and years after his death would cause a great shock and traumatise even the white nationalists in the USA to a psychical breaking point.
In my autobiography I interpret ‘God’ as the idealised projection to an external entity to compensate our failed human parents. That is why whites identify more with Caucasian and beautiful images of Jesus than with images like this reconstruction of the typical Palestinian skull of the first century. If you remove the capacity of parental projection to whites, they would suffer psychic orphanhood for at least a good time.
If also with the machines that I imagine these traumatized whites (I insist: including many racists in the USA) realise that conventional history is an exact inversion of the facts, the mass apostasy not only from Christianity but from Christian ethics—the true ‘Boogeyman’ for my point of view—would start to happen.
For example, although in this blog I continue in the first volume of Kriminalgeschichte, in the third Deschner begins to unmask the stories of the martyrs as pious legends and open lies. In other words, just as the narrative of the Holocaust is an exact reversal of real history, as the truly genocided en masse were the Germans, the history of the first centuries of Christianity is a total reversal of the facts: the true martyrs were the pagans, the others are invented martyrologies.
The images of the real story, not the inverted Xtian and Holocaust history that even a lot of white nationalists believe (just observe the Observer commenters) would destroy the inner world of whites today, including the inner world of American racists.
That is what this blog proposes, although I do not think it will be achieved due to my lack of Karellen-like power.

“That is why whites identify more with Caucasian and beautiful images of Jesus than with images like this reconstruction of the typical Palestinian skull of the first century. If you remove the capacity of parental projection to whites, they would suffer psychic orphanhood for at least a good time.”

The ugly depiction of Jesus is in line with the Semitic mind-set. While Aryans have throughout history venerated Natural beauty, the Semites are extremely abstract and expressionistic. They have a hatred for the Physical realm which has an unknown motivation. That is why they pioneer in Modern Art, and why they seem to have no statues. The OT says something along the lines of “Thou shalt carve no images of me”. The mind-set of both Jews and Arabs in one sentence.
In my opinion, I think that showing Europeans the Apocalypse for Whites as it happened will definitely get shit stirring, if the image of Quasimodo Christ doesn’t do the trick.

No, actually I believe that the images of Jesus’ body, days, months and years after his death would cause a great shock and traumatise even the white nationalists in the USA to a psychical breaking point.
No doubt that would be true — for some. But when speaking of Christianity, we should always keep in the back of our minds that we aren’t dealing with a monolith. It would be unrealistic to expect all Christians to react in the same way, and particularly the neo- or cultural- Christians that probably constitute the majority of white Christians today.
Christianity worldwide is very near the tipping point of becoming a majority non-white religion, if it hasn’t already passed it. Accordingly, there have been continuing efforts to recast Jesus as a non-white, of which I would say your wiki article, at least in its last half, is representative. Some will even claim he was a nigger. It is almost a certainty that fairly soon the Pope will be a nigger. So for most “believing” Christians, the change you speak of is already underway, and yet it hasn’t had the effect you envision. They haven’t turned away from the religion in disgust.
If Karellen’s telescreen were available, we could anticipate a variety of responses in Christendom. All of the non-whites would be overjoyed to see that Jesus wasn’t white. Most of the neo- or cultural- Christians would also probably be happy about it. They buy the axiology and brotherhood of man stuff, but not the eschatology or the resurrection nonsense, so seeing the truth about that wouldn’t matter to them. Some white Christians, such as the Christian Identity nuts, would renounce, but then, they are only a tiny sliver of the Christian population. Other white Christians would probably denounce the telescreen and refuse to believe what it told them; they’d claim it to be the work of the Devil. Still other white Christians would only be encouraged to redouble their efforts to extinguish their own race. Certain now that Jesus was a hideous orc, they couldn’t lose their white skins fast enough! They’d go on missions to Africa to wash the feet of niggers, and encourage their daughters to marry a non-white. Imitatio Christi. They want to be like Jesus. That’s an essential part of being a Christian. And actually, a great many of them are already doing this.
In sum, I doubt the truth would have much effect. If these people cared about truth, they wouldn’t be Christians!

Karellen’s telescreen only sees the past, not the future.
Also, you are projecting the current psychoclass onto a possible future. But psychoclasses change and worldviews do evolve. IMO the crude visuals of the Apocalypse for whites (centuries 4th to 6th or 7th) would make many whites have second thoughts.
One of the articles that started to change my worldview was a Swede’s response to Larry Auster’s 2009 ‘Reversal is Possible’, where Ned May said something that the Swede liked a lot: ‘Part of the modern Liberal ideal is the foolish notion that we can simply abolish by fiat millions of years of evolution, thousands of years of culture, and centuries of tradition’.
Reversal is so possible that the Muslims are right now inverting liberal values within Europe itself.

The most likely Christian response to the revelation of Christ’s true, Semitic, origins – assuming he even existed in the first place – would be the varied one described by another post above. The Non-Whites, raised as they have been on a steady diet of anti-White hatred born of resentment toward a people and a civilization of which, deep-down, they know they can never be a part, would love the idea. The self-hating, “social-justice,” “virtue-signalling,” Cultural-Marxist Kool-Aid drink-it-in-to-the-last-drop Whites – be they actual believing Christians or merely Cultural Christians – would also love it. Perhaps a few “Christian-Identity” people would opt out but even for many of them the news would still not prevent some from finding another way to deflect, rationalize, and ultimately ignore what, to a more rational people, would be entire-weltanschaung-shattering revelations.
I’ve crossed paths with a few “Christian Identity” stalwarts…..most have been decent-enough people as individuals who start out as believing Christians, Catholic or Protestant, realize that the so-called “Jewish Question” was real, realize, in turn, that tribalism and the reality of race was real, but (for WHATEVER reason, I still can’t fathom why, myself) just couldn’t…..quite……get….away….from…..the poison of Abrahamism in general and a particular form of Christian replacement theology in particular.
Overall, however, the few “Christian Identity” followers who might find their new “Christian Identity Jesus” in Baldur, Prometheus, or Odin – much healthier choices for European man or woman anyway I think – are such a small portion of the Christian World that their loss would make no appreciable “dent” given the billions of Non-White hordes now making up well-over half of Catholicism and a large and growing minority of Protestantism.
Greek/Armenian/Slavic Orthodoxy are comparative hold-outs as yet but even as the modern form of the Orthodox Church seems to have minimized its anti-White, anti-European origins; like the “Christian Identitarians” Orthodox Christians come at pro-White sentiment from a strange replacement theology angle but at least they come to it more so than the other Churches whose anti-White sentiment is now overtly sacralized. However, Orthodoxy is still Christianity. Younger Orthodox clerics in the USA – according to some Orthodox people here I know – are running with the “open borders” “Jesus hates ‘racists’ and loves all children, but orc children more than White children” spiritual calumnies against our people. Every aspect of Abrahamism ought to – at best – be a non-starter to our people and at worst should be seen as a lethal disease.

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