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Blake quote

I have almost no tolerance left for Christians. They are our first and biggest roadblock. We will not find the strength to fight Judea in the world until we exorcise the jew in our heart.
Christianity itself the original sin. I think that being raised Christian is kind of like being born half white.
You will never truly feel at home with your native spirituality, but you are also never comfortable with the alien Semitic religion.
It is the poison pill that makes you doubt all of your instincts–really doubt yourself.


6 replies on “Blake quote”

When I saw this I assumed ‘Blake’ referred to William Blake. Clearly I am wrong, so which Blake is this please?

Well said. Like Judaism, Christianity is the creation of the Jew. Therefore its basic premise is one of destruction that ultimately serves the Jew’s mad quest for power, wealth and self aggrandizement. Jews do nothing unless it serves those ends.

Indeed. And these stupid Christians then ask “why would Christianity be a Jewish invention to weaken Aryans if they so attack and mock it all the time” ? Well duuh, the harder the Jews mock and attack it the deeper the ‘good’ Christians dig in in their idiotic beliefs. Like, “we’re not like the Jew, we’re ‘good’, because we’re not racist like the Jew is, we’re not going to exterminate our deadly enemies like the Jew does, etc. etc. No, everybody who accepts Jesus will be saved after death.
Aaagh, ‘m so sick to death with these stupid Christians. When you point out to them that from a biological evolutionary POV the Jews are doing everything absolutely perfect and we’re ( the Christianised Aryans, that is ) are doing everything wrong you get no response. Or maybe some lame quote from some vague character named Matthew or John or whatever containing the words of another vague character, a Jew called Jesus, That’s all Christians need. Well, if that doesn’t prove that Christianity renders people stupid I don’t know what is.

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