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Happy birthday!

‘He imagined an alliance that could crush Judeo-Bolshevism forever, and never could understand why the closest kin to the Germans fought so viciously to protect what should have been a common enemy’.

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Happy 129th old man. May your spirit endure for ever in the hearts of all good and true men.

That’s a really good photo at the top, which I haven’t seen before.
Since I’m currently retired, and to honor my German heritage and my interest in WW2, starting about two months ago I’ve been reading books by persons close to Hitler, and have already finished four books:
1) Hans Baur, “Hitler at my Side” (Hitler’s chief pilot; an excellent book)
2) Heinrich Hoffmann, “Hitler was my Friend” (Hitler’s chief photographer; interesting)
3) Erich Kempka, “I was Hitler’s Chauffeur” (Hitler’s driver; excellent book)
4) Heinz Linge, “With Hitler to the End” (Hitler’s valet; excellent book)
And I am currently reading Christa Schroeder’s “He was my Chief” (her specialty was shorthand and taking dictation; this is not as good a book as the preceding four listed above). However, relevant to Cesar’s hard-line against Christianity, I had just read the following at the bottom of page 45, which prompted me to make this post here. Christa Schroeder says:
“He [Hitler] considered the Christian religion to be a hypocritical trap which had outlived its time. His religion was the Law of Nature.”

Very much in the vein of those four you quote above, there is an excellent account of Hitler by his hairdresser, which I read on-line a couple of years ago, Sadly I cannot find it and googling ‘Hitler’s hairdresser’, all too predictably, just brings up endless garbage about the holocaust and the evil dictator etc. I shall try to find the link somehow. It was really very good.

Hello again. After much searching I have tracked down the link to the interview with Hitler’s barber (whose name was August Wollenhaupt):

Graham Booth, I just finished reading that interview with Hitler’s barber at the link you gave. There was nothing in that interview that made me think it was false or fictional. So thanks for it.
Hitler’s valet Heinz Linge would have certainly known about who was cutting Hitler’s hair, but there was nothing about that in his book “With Hitler to the End”, presumably because it was too unimportant a subject.

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