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Der Antichrist (book) Friedrich Nietzsche

The Antichrist, preface

The title page of the manuscript of Der Antichrist. Fluch auf
das Christenthum
(The Antichrist: Curse on Christianity).

This book belongs to the most rare of men. My day won’t come until the day after tomorrow. Some men are born posthumously.
You need to be used to living on mountains—to seeing the miserable, ephemeral little gossip of politics and egoism of the peoples beneath you.
These are my only readers, my true readers, my predestined readers: and who cares about the rest of them? The rest are just humanity. You need to be far above humanity in strength, in loftiness of soul, —in contempt…

—Friedrich W. Nietzsche

8 replies on “The Antichrist, preface”

Really depressed. Even though 2/3 of people in Britain are against military action in Syria, ALL of the Jewspapers: the Sun, Mirror, Mail, Telegraph, Express, are cheerleading for it. Only the extreme left Guardian is expressing some concern.
Any wonder why I hate democracy so much? Hitler once said that the Jews set up democracies all over the globe, and, once again, Hitler was right.
There is no point in voting. Your politicians, your supposed “representatives” do not give a fuck about the will of the people; they never have; and they never will.
Democracies have never, I repeat : never; I reiterate : NEVER acted in accordance with the will of the people, and they never will.

Who owns the UK press? The Jews?
When last year I learned that the owners of Fox News were cryptos (previously I thought they were gentiles), much of what is being said in that cucky channel became clear to me.
Exactly the same with the movie industry. Just compare the beautiful and healthy Disney studios when I was a kid, including the Disney TV programs of the 1960s, with the extremely poisonous messages of the ‘Disney’ studios today, after the kikes became the owners.
The immense pathology of Anglo-Saxons is not seeing the elephant in the room. And I blame Christianity for this (cf. my thought experiment of ‘New Scandinavia’ in the other thread).

That’s what people will never understand about the Far Right: UKIP, Front Nationale, Britain First, EDL, Sweden Democrats, AFD and so on. There are idiots who actually have faith in these parties. Many of the people who do have a tendency to be anti-racist, and buy the crap about the EU being a sort of continuation of the Third Reich (like my Father).
However, the Alt-Right also tells their supporters to vote for these parties. Of course, that is purely because the Alt-Right is still stuck in System Politics.

The only thing political parties are good for is spreading talking points, propaganda, etc. It’s been obvious for years that voting is a futile gesture since you’ll never vote yourself out of this mess.
I’m kind of torn on the whole democracy/voting thing. On the one hand it gives the system some “legitimacy” so that’s a negative. On the other hand, it costs them a fortune maintaining this whole charade, which is money that they can’t use directly against us.

You shouldn’t be so torn. The money that they spend is worth it for them because 1) It does us no good, and 2) They make their moneys worth back at the end of all things.
And don’t go thinking that your vote is a sign of defiance against them. Quite the contrary: It makes them laugh and marvel in nature of the sheepish Hominids they see before them. Seeing it from this perspective “almost” makes one wish for a Nuclear Winter.
It is funny what you say about them being there to spread propaganda: You are correct, of course. UKIP is exactly the same as the Tory Party, except they are Eurosceptics. Both parties are full of prissy Oxford boys whose only goal in life is to get as rich as possible. Literally every action they have ever made is based on how much money they can get out of it. The only reason UKIP wants out of the EU is because of money. And did you know that UKIP wants to legalise fox hunting?
Listen, I understand that a fox is not the most admirable of creatures: They eat your chickens and have punchable Michael Imperioli-esque countenances, but they don’t deserve to be treated like the devolved humans depicted in Planet of the Apes.
None of these parties should we be voting for. They display no attempt to try to save the White Race, and they have no Aryan spirit – Nothing even resembling such a thing. Sorry that I went off on a tangent about foxes, but my point is: Don’t vote, Democracy doesn’t work, and the whole thing “almost” makes one wish for a Nuclear Winter.

There is no point in voting. Your politicians, your supposed “representatives” do not give a fuck about the will of the people; they never have; and they never will.
Or as Emma Goldman said, “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.”

White Americans have been trying to vote themselves out of Black/Jewish rule since the Brown versus Board of Education ruling in 1954. To no avail. Things have only gotten worse. It is time to give up on the democracy drug.

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