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Old Time white nationalism

In his most recent article what Hunter Wallace doesn’t mention is that the most conspicuous difference between the American racists of yesteryear and the Alt-Right of today is that the latter relapsed into Christian ethics, and by that I even include the secularists like Spencer, Johnson and MacDonald.
That’s why I dislike the term ‘cultural Marxism’ which inherently blames the Jews for the mess. I prefer the term ‘cultural Christianity’. (Ironically, in his discussion with a Negro anchor to describe himself, this term was used by Spencer on mainstream TV.) The big difference between Pierce and the Alt-Right is that the latter still has to revalue its ‘cultural Christian’ values back to Aryan values, beautifully illustrated by Yockey.
On lesser subjects, Wallace wrote: ‘Academics can’t figure out what the Alt-Right is because it is a post-literate discourse that is communicated th[r]ough tweets, images and memes’. I agree but then Wallace adds: ‘The psychopathic hatred of women was also relatively absent from WN 1.0 which generally complained about the lack of women in the movement. The idea that White Nationalists would be talking about creating rape squads would have been considered scandalous a decade ago’.
Wallace misses the point. When Pierce was young, women weren’t as nasty as they are today. I wonder if Wallace and the commenters on his webzine have read my summary of MGTOW, a movement I don’t endorse but which has nailed the women question.

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Re: blame jews or blame whites—
Take note that from my POV the worst type of Christianity in modern times was the one that the Puritans brought to the American continent: precisely the kind of Old Testament friendly, materialistic Xtianity that was the perfect swamp for (((mosquitoes))) to thrive.
It is in this context that I prefer to blame the swamps (white sins—and Xtianity itself is the biggest white sin in history) and consider mosquitoes a secondary infection.

First of all, who is this odd Nemo fellow, and why is he talking to me?
Second: Of course the Alt-Right is too sarcastic and jokey for the media to wrap their head around. That just makes me hate the Alt-Right even more. I remember Enoch in a debate with a member of Antifa. This Antifa guy said that he was wary of the Alt-Right because he does not know the difference between them memeing and them being serious. Enoch said “that’s the point though.”
So, basically, I am correct about my description in Wallace’s comment section: The Alt-Right are just a bunch of edgy Trump-tards who say shit that they don’t really mean.

A long time ago I had promised not to engage with trolls who are not even trying to discuss the issues; they only resort to insulting. Yesterday I broke that promise and replied to this “Nemo” but he’s crazy: his trolling states that I have been “abused sexually” when I’ve never said anything of the sort, not even in my autobiographical books in Spanish.
Something similar happened to me on VNN forum and on Majority Rights years ago. But it is good that someone younger than me talks back.
There’s one more thing. I don’t even know the age of the trolls. What if they’re much younger? The first time I visited London there still existed that kind of gentlemen that you see on the films. In my last trip, they were gone.
The internet makes all of us equal. These young guys who troll would not respect one of those English gentlemen of yore. The whole policy in those comments threads is unhealthy for the old values.
Occidental Dissent is not so bad on this, as the admin has intervened during flame wars. But the vernacular language that the trolls use made it impossible for older folks, like Arthur Kemp (who still speaks like a gentleman in England), to discuss in WN forums. I know that because he told me so.

I know exactly what you mean about the internet making us all equal. Whenever I am having a “run-in” with these types of people like good old Tom Rogers, or Fr John, and this Nemo fellow, I picture myself talking to someone who has the same mental framework as me. Therefore, I choose to respect these people enough to give them the time of day, as well as actually try to debate them fairly, as I basically just think that I am arguing with myself.
Both of us should have just ignored this Nemo. And I am starting to see that Fr John, who keeps trying to scare me into believing that I am going to hell, is never going to listen to whatever anyone who disagrees with him has to say, least of all those of us who go against his cult. I think I asked him good questions which merit a response, like “where was your God when 10 million Russian Christians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews?”
You are in the right to want to spam rants in this blog. People who just want to be rude because they have nothing better to do don’t deserve our attention. I tend not to visit WNst sites for the same reason as Arthur Kemp: The disrespectful motherfuckers who have no reason for their disrespect. Like I said to Nemo, they wouldn’t be saying this to your face. They are juvenile little cowards.
I remember a Twitter user called DukeofDurham saying something similar: Some people are just there to waste your time and you shouldn’t think twice about blocking them. There is no point trying to convince those who cannot be convinced. Might as well be trying to convince your shoes.
As for the English gentlemen, my father and his friends within his generation are the last remnants of that. Though my father and his friends are working class, cockney types, they are gentlemen psychologically. Unfortunately, they all hate Hitler.

Yes: I have read your reply to Fr John. Wasn’t Denise the one who at OD asked him if anyone in the movement has met him? At least two well-known WNsts have seen me in real life, Kemp and Jez Turner. But sometimes I wonder who these other motherfuckers really are?
For example, years ago at VNN forum, a Joe Smith resorted exactly to the same sort of insults that this Nemo recently used. But unlike me, he never used his real name on VNN and never used pics of how he looked like. He hated my Nordicism with all his heart, and as insults were his way to respond, I always wondered how he looked like.
The same happened with Kemp. Anti-Nordicist WNsts started to gossip that he looked “greasy” in the BNP pics of him, but after meeting him personally I realised that he looks much whiter in real life than in pics. Obviously, the anti-Nordicist WNsts had merely resorted to personal attacks about a subject they don’t want to discuss.
Good that you keep bringing hell to them in that OD thread though. But I am still curious: who these trolls are in real life? How they look like?

Yes, Denise did ask him that. A commenter by the name of Wolfgang called him a “sanctimonious prick”, and that is what he is. Every time I go on OD, he preaches about how Wallace should ban anti-Christians, yet nobody has even heard of the guy.
I think I might know who Nemo is – Before Ironmarch was taken down, your interview with Jake was posted on there. The first comment I saw on that was an insane rambler who called you a Mestizo, went on about how Mediterranean women were superior to Nordic ones (mainly because they give him harder boners), and I think this guy also said that you were sexually abused.

Oh, wow: I had forgotten those little details!
At least here in Mexico, I know that a Creole (‘criollo’) nationalist hated my nordicism. Apparently, he has no Amerind blood, but my nordicism is anathema to him.
So this Nemo might be just another Mediterranianist (those who believe that Meds are superior to Nordics, according to the Spanish Metapedia description of the term).
By the way, I was abused as a teen, but never sexually abused. Besides this guy, a homo commenter at Greg’s CC once speculated that the abuse might have been sexual but didn’t speculate on this line more than once. This Nemo, on the other hand, has something hidden against me.

They are trying to sell their Christian ethics as some sort of ultra-pragmatism. The mantra goes “Getting elected is the only way to ‘win’- and if you disagree then you’re just not a serious person – or you hate winning.”

They all think that in this struggle, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you look at their comments, you can see a flood of “Oh but let’s try this, or what about this. Oh, I know what will work.”
Of course, it is all just pointless activism and appeals to democracy. None of them know what they are even talking about. They are just as stuck in an intellectual and moral prison as the rest of the West.

Hunter Wallace has apparently decided to permanently IP ban me, and I was a semi-regular commenter…alas, I dared to criticize the intellectual capacities of League of the South ‘leadership’!
I’ve gotten tired of reading the turgid, shallow essays on OD and the generally low quality of commenters. I had pointed out previously that Hunter may want to learn from the mistakes of his kosher Christcuck father-in-law, Gordon Baum – but my comments were erased nearly as soon as I hit ‘Post Comment’! He’s extremely thin-skinned, it seems…

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