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Holocaust red-pilling

I have said that one of the things that I dislike of the Alt-Right is that its members lack the gravitas needed to reclaim their societies. But I must acknowledge that presently the Alt-Right has just the right rhetoric to red-pill normies, even on thorny subjects.
Watch it after the laughing of minute 19 when they start to talk about the JQ.

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This is why YouTube is so concerned even with those normie accounts that have given a platform to the white nationalists.
Remember the tactics of the triumphant Church 1,600 years ago. Not only were anti-Christian books destroyed, but many of the works of the Christian apologists themselves incorporating sections of anti-Christian polemics in order to rebut them were also burned. This was done to completely vaporize​ the critic of Xtianity.

“In France, witchcraft is often referred to as “vauderie.” It’s a direct reference to the Waldensians, a 12th-century Catholic sect declared heretical by the mainstream church. Their beef wasn’t with the traditional beliefs of the Catholic faith, but rather the life of luxury and wealth enjoyed by the upper-class clergy. That seemed directly opposed to a lot of what they were teaching, and the Waldensians were having none of it.
Speaking out against the Catholic Church wasn’t a good idea, and so the entire group were branded as witches. This was no case of ignoring them in hopes they’d go away, either: It was war.”
Jack T. Chick holds that e.g. the Cathars were Protestants…

The Hallowedhoax is the lynchpin of all anti-Jewish lies.
All their lies depend on this one monstrous lie. It is the litmus test for true anti-Jewish opposition. I have long said until one “denies” the Hallowedhoax, they are just shills for the Jew’s staged opposition.
This is why supposedly “right-wing” pundits like Rush Limbaugh and “conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones will not approach the subject.
However, even then one must be cautious of Jews “denying” the Hallowedhoax. David Cole is a classic example of the Jewish attempt at manipulating the subject to control the outcome.
One does better trusting a rattlesnake then trusting a Jew.

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