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Another Ryckaert quote

Update of February 24: It looks now that my comment was rescued from the bin and reinstated. Weird…
Further to ‘Neochristian Ryckaert’. My following reply did not pass through the same Occidental Observer thread:

The best attitude toward Christianity for a white nationalist is to consider oneself as a “cultural Christian”… That I think is the attitude of Richard Spencer… —Ryckaert

I disagree. ‘Liberation will need us to burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground. Such is my inspiration and mentality in the struggle for our survival’ said one of my correspondents. Reason for this can be understood in the very masthead of my blog: ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’.

Apparently, the moderator of the Observer doesn’t know that the Xtian problem is larger than the Jewish problem.

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Anyone who cannot see how worshipping a Jew could be detrimental as a practice is not worth conversing with in the first place. There first retort is that ‘muh Jesus ain’t no jew, he an Aryan! They are such children.

Tom Sunic at TOO writes or has written about the primacy of the Xtianity Problem for Aryans. But not in this site’s no-holds-bar way. Xtianity in the West outside American Zio-Xtianity has been dying for 200 years. WN’s Xtians fear with the final internment of this religion that there won’t be any spiritual force to counter materialism, forgetting that Protestant Judeo-Puritanism was materialism made holy anyway. You can’t en-spirit a corpse. Though they understand that Left Liberalism, secular Xtianity, is deadly.

With the so-called leadership of the White resistance movement riddled with Christianity it doesn’t look good for our race. The fact that a non-Aryan (Cesar Tort) can see our race’s problems far more clearly than the vast majority of Aryans in the movement is just further proof that this is truly the West’s darkest hour.
The leadership of the NSDAP were not Christians. The Programme of the NSDAP states that the Party stands for Positive Christianity. But as several National Socialists told Savitri Devi after the war, it was well-nigh impossible in 1920 to say anything else, if one hoped at all to gather a following. The core of the leadership were Volkisch Pagans. And that was nearly 100 years ago! Surely the modern day movement for the survival of the Aryan race can’t be led by Christians.

How far advanced were the NSDAP leadership in 1920 than the WN’s today! The canard that the Rothschilds funded the Nazis is exposed on this point alone; no evidence for it anyway. jews fear exposure most. The NSDAP had a depth of understanding of the JP that we are only catching up with today, especially the dire future for Aryans. “Positive” Christianity. For whom?

The christians don’t even have the ‘practical’ argument to lean on now, as they might have 100 years ago.
100 percent of the churches are explicitly anti white.
There is no need to pander, as the white youth has already abandoned the faith.
“The median age of white evangelical Protestants and white Catholics is 55 years old, slightly higher than white mainline Protestants at 54 years old.”
It is already over. I don’t see it as a road block for people under 30 tbh.
The commenters at TOO skew much older.

I posted a comment on TOO but it was deleted. In it I pointed out that Yeager’s criticism of the commenters at this blog talking about violence but not practicing what they preach would probably be contradicted when it becomes clear she doesn’t support White Men who do use violence to kill their enemies. I bet White Men like Joseph Paul Franklin, Fred Cowan, The Order, Dylann Roof, Thomas Mair etc. are all condemned by Carolyn for whatever excuse of a reason i.e. “they chose the wrong targets” or “they made us look bad”. So if white males talk about violence but don’t act on it they are “talking tough” according to Carolyn yet I don’t recall Carolyn praising White Men who have used violence and killed their enemies. Please correct me if I am wrong about this.
People like Franklin Ryckaert who say Breivik’s action were immoral must logically condemn the actions of armies in war who kill much more people than Breivik could ever dream of. Or is that when murder on a mass scale is legalised by the state Ryckaert is all for it and no longer views it as immoral? If killing our enemies is immoral how does he think our ancestors survived? The whole reason the White race is still in existence today is because White Men killed non-white tribes and races that threatened our people in their existence.

“People like Franklin Ryckaert who say Breivik’s action were immoral must logically condemn the actions of armies in war who kill much more people than Breivik could ever dream of. Or is that when murder on a mass scale is legalised by the state Ryckaert is all for it and no longer views it as immoral?”
Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard is great reading and relevant on this point, and he makes special note of this attitude of the ‘sheeple’ and their willful subservience and even worship of the State and its operators, even when in opposition to their own free will and freedom.
Yes, to them, murder and even genocide are okay if conducted on behalf of the State and/or international finance, but if you fight for yourself and your own interests (racial interests being included), you will be imprisoned or murdered by the State if caught out.

Ryckaert is the perfect paradigm of what we call Neochristians or secular Christians. So perfect that his quotes merit a place on this site.
He did not reply to my response in the other thread because his axiological platform is still Xtian ethics, and he’s afraid that some pro-whites are starting to engrave new commandments in completely new stone tablets.

The impression I’ve gotten for years is that many people think that they can “cut a deal.” The culture has become so judaized that they can’t really see beyond the “merchant” based culture we have now and in that sort of cutlture, the deal is everything. Now, how do you cut a deal with someone who actively wants you dead? Obviously you cant but they’ll keep persuing their deal like a merchant after profits right to the bitter end. In essence they’re groveling before our racial enemies asking them for permission to exist.
One reason you don’t see anything beyond lone wolf resistance is because it’s hard to organize any kind of group in a full blown police state like we have now in all western nations. Added to the problem of the state coming after you, you have the “deal makers” who’d sell you out in a heartbeat because you might queer their deal. That is the main reason many become disheartened and just go poolside and give up. It’s one thing to fight racial enemies, but it’s quite another to do it while your own people are just waiting for a chance to sell you out to those same enemies.

A famous quote from Political Testament by Frederick the Great:
“Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.”
If we would like to replace one metaphysical fiction by other (really would we like it?), that’s a ready plan of the system changing.
Our movement is full of visionaries, intriguers and, of corpse, imbeciles, but we have no true fanatics, enthusiasts – Frederick used the German word “Enthusiasten”.

> ‘… but we have no true fanatics’
Maybe Walsh is right that the race is already spiritually dead, and that this so-called WN movement is merely the last moan of the Aryan spirit.
What can be ascertained beyond doubt is that the whole of the Alt-Right is approaching the problem of survival from an obsolete Weltanschauung, which is why I hammer in this blog a lot with the slogan, ‘transvaluation of all values!’

Traitors come in all forms, not all traitors are Christians (although it’s probably the case that all traitors are under the sway of Judeo-Christian morals). White male traitors are the really unforgivable ones as it is white male traitors who are the source of the Jews power, not white female traitors .White women’s power itself comes from their emancipation at the hands of White Men early last century. In other words, cucked white male traitors are responsible for giving all this power to Jews, women and the colored races instead of serving their own racial interests. The only thing keeping this Jewish, feminist, multicultural horror show going is the useless efforts of cucked white males. If enough White men would act in their own racial interests like they did before 1945 this mess could be brought to an end overnight.

My comment was deleted, mainly because I got extremely pissed off with her “And blaming women for your powerlessness.” I said that this was a pathetic attempt at shit testing, and that if she was 60 years younger (should put her at 17), I would consider “playing this little game with her”.
But earlier, I stated that Cesar’s words were not mine, so accusing me of something that he believes is dishonest, as she typically is. I stated that we only talk here, because we do not have the resources to put our thoughts into action, unlike Bin Laden who was a multi millionaire. The Arab males have both more resources and more willpower. They start wars at the drop of a feather, which is what the Greek city states used to do, when we were worth something as a race. That is why white males are joining ISIS. We do not have the resources to give them a healthy organisation so they do not feel the need to leave their race.
Does anyone know what Carolyn Yeager said back to me? That has been deleted too it seems.

Maybe the best is simply not responding again to a woman’s shit test. She’s only gauging our maleness and unconsciously she has penis envy.
No woman in the whole western history has taken upon her shoulders the titanic job of writing ten volumes of e.g., Kriminalgeschichte simply because taking the virtue of honor to such limits is a male thing: women can’t do that.

I had no intention of ever talking to her again, don’t worry. I just have an almost morbid curiosity for many things.
But I have now come to understand why young Britons are joining the Jihadists. They are surrounded by feminised men and masculine, socially unbridled women (like Yeager), and instead of getting answers to life from an organisation which protects their interests racially, they feel the need to live in inhospitable conditions with Armenoids as, ironically, it makes them feel more free. TOO should be stopping cases like this, but appeals to the very xtian ethics which White Jihadists are running away from. It could be unconscious for them, but men join ISIS to dominate (appealing to the Aryan members), and women are running to Syria because the men of their race are like women.
Funnily enough, it used to be the other way around. The Arab world used to be full of the biggest faggots around. Valg says that homosexuality was endemic among the Moors, who were effeminate and fit for trade. The women are hairier than the males. It is now becoming the case for the White race. The psychoclasses are being swapped around (think of the Muslim aversion to degenerate music), and the sexual dimorphism. This whole thing is like a seesaw.

@Jack Halliday “men join ISIS to dominate”
Isn’t obedience and desire to be dominated the greatest virtue in the war? I have no idea about how ISIS operates (or operated), but that’s the case for all regular armies in the world. Cleaning a toilet with a fork doesn’t sound dominating.
Curiously, I’ve just learnt that drill instructors/drill sergeants in America can be females! Since the 1990s, at least! The West is so perverted, it never ceases to shock me.

Interesting way of seeing things. ISIS are pretty much hated wherever they go, and are almost incinerated by both ZOG and the Shiites. If you hear testimonies from villagers which are under the yoke of the Jihadis, it makes one think of a radical Islamic Big Brother. You can understand why people would see a chance at domination from this, far more than in their own armies. Of course, I do not need to say that female drill instructors are non-existent in ISIS. They openly engage in the flesh trade, which is probably why women of all races, but specifically White ones, are drawn to them.
I was recently watching Dispatches: Meeting the Taliban. A British reporter is able to speak to Afghani feminists who are in hiding in Taliban occupied territory. Previous to the Taliban, they were outspoken advocates for women’s rights. The Taliban soon put a stop to that, and are hell bent on killing any of those women if they see them.
It is like the Arab soul has been too long a matriarchy, and so they are doing all they can to flip Nature the other way. Fair play to them, but I would prefer it if they would all just drop dead.

Look up pregnancy simulator and US Army and then you’ll really see how screwed up the West really is, and that’s probably only the tip of the iceberg.

>Why the fuck are there pregnant troops?!
Women “soldiers” who fuck their superiors, fellow grunts, or foreign men. Yet again showing that the sexes need a proper level of seperation in many areas of civilization.

Let me just say something before this thread gets too long-winded: A comment section which says
>”Comment Policy:
Comments that include personal insults, epithets, or profanity may be censored. Comments that promote or suggest illegal activities will be censored.”
is a useless one. It is extremely sad that pro-White advocates are censoring themselves. I feel like I am a 5 year old, and getting a detention for telling someone to shut up. In fact, people go on about how the System is censoring us, but with friends like these, who needs the System?

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