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William Pierce

Neochristian Ryckaert

The commenters on The Occidental Observer are once again talking about metaphysics, this time about a much healthier form of conceiving ‘god’, pantheism, than what the followers of the Abrahamic faiths do.
Franklin Ryckaert’s comment piqued my interest. It demonstrates that secularised racialists cling to Christian ethics:

  • Unfortunately Pierce engaged in violent fantasies, not only in his two novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter, but also in his regular American Dissident Voices. I have listened to all his ADV and value most of their contents, but there is hardly any one of them in which he doesn’t fantasize about persons or groups “who should be hanged”. Such fantasies do not help our cause.
  • The leadership of the National Alliance has now found its worthy successor in Kevin Alfred Strom, who is as gifted as Pierce and does not engage in violent fantasies.

Gifted as Pierce? You can imagine who will win the racial wars: the Jews and the Muslims who want to kill Aryans, or the white nationalists who still turn the other cheek…

52 replies on “Neochristian Ryckaert”

The “war against Whites” is mass non-white immigration, which can be stopped by changing the law. The law can be changed by a party that wins the election. That has happened in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and now also in Austria. That is the way to go. If you ever evolve beyond the fantasy stage to the realist stage you will see that terrorist acts like that of Breivik, besides being immoral, accomplish nothing.
Morality is not something that is arbitrarily part of a religion which can be discarded by rejecting that religion. It is, or should be, something universally human. You may be proud to have “evolved” beyond Christian morality, glorifying in your “exterminationism”, in reality you haven’t, but you have a double morality. You advocate for the ruthless extermination of your enemies, but protest loudly when your enemies do the same. Thus you complain about cruelty against children and animals and the crimes of Dresden and “Hellstorm” based on what ? Why would their “exterminationism” not be acceptable ?

Because their exterminationism does not lead to the 4 words: ‘eliminate all unnecessary suffering’. If Aryans go extinct, there will be no chance to stop what Schopenhauer says, that the world is hell; and men, the devils who torment the animals in hell. (Keep in mind the very first measures taken by the Nazis when they reached power.)
The devils must be removed from Earth, the central message in both of my books Hojas Susurrantes and especially ¿Me ayudarás? (of which Day of Wrath is only a selection from the two).

Hilarious. None of the victories in ANY of those countries has put a stop to miscegenation within their borders, and in many cases not even immigration (I should add for the most part this only extends to *illegal* immigration)
Not to mention the absolute depravity of all of those nations.
The Czech Republic in particular is noted for it’s whores and disproportionate amount of lesbian pornography and sexual exhibitionism among it’s women.
You’re nothing more than a self deluding fool who won’t accept the fact that things are far worth than you can possibly fathom.

And never mind that the racially healthy men in these countries die before the age of 60 due to alcohol poisoning (actual statistic). All the things you just listed are exemplified in YT videos called “Meanwhile in Russia”. A disgusting place with degenerated men and White strumpets.
And they hate Hitler with a vengeance, as well as having extremely strong laws against “Holocaust-denial”.

@ Jack Halliday
OK, what is the age of death among the racially healthy men in your country? And what’s what the hell do they live their more long and worthless lives for?
There is no essential difference between those freaky East European states including Russia and the United Queerdom (you are a London resident, aren’t you?). “Meanwhile in Europe” is disgusting from every place. Moskvabad = Londonistan = Berlinkara. Just distinct ethnical and cultural specifics, historical traumas, various kinds of the swarthy, various kinds of the white mongrels. Europe goes blind desperately, both in West and East.

I understand that Western and Eastern Europe are as bad as each other. The only reason White British males live life anymore… beats me. They are not really people though. They are husks, strutting endlessly, with no hope for the future.

@Franklin Ryckaert
Unlike Cesar I don’t protest when my enemies engage in extermination of children and animals. I recognize the Allies won WWII because they engaged in ruthless extermination and didn’t give a fuck about morals or rules unlike the National Socialists. If our race is to survive I fully recommend engaging in a combination of the NS and Allied mode of warfare, doing whatever it takes to survive. Fuck Aryan values of morality, honour and chivalry etc. There is nothing Aryan about extinction. If our species is not able to do whatever it takes to survive then it deserves to go extinct.
I fully believe that the glad stirrings of genocide lurk in the heart of every man, look at the Christians the arbiters of this loving morality, they constanstly committed massacres and atrocities throughout their reign.
Also unlike Cesar I think a far more effective way of ending animal suffering is to exterminate the entire human species as there are still Aryans who harm animals and we don’t know for certain if Aryans ever would exterminate all non-Aryans. But I don’t want humans to be extinct, I still want Aryans to survive. I have no goal to stop unecessary suffering, I see suffering as unavoidable.

Perhaps you misunderstand my concept of ‘unnecessary suffering’ but I don’t blame you as the final part of my ¿Me Ayudarás?, a book of more than 700 pages, has not been translated to English.
By ‘unnecessary suffering’ I mean avoiding the tragedies that occurred in our respective families on both sides of the Atlantic. I cannot go into detail of course: but I hope you know what do I mean (the same with the unnecessary torment of animals).
In that final part of ¿Me Ayudarás? I argue that only a fraction of whites ought to inherit the Earth. If you see the Parrish paintings on the sidebar you may have a visual idea, although in my book I add that being pretty is not enough: empathy for animals and children must reach the empathy of overmen. (As a prelude to overmen cf. the link to a page from Impeachment of Man that I added above in my response to Ryckaert.)

self-determination for white people is morally and politically valid – self determination for everyone! theres no need to make puerile references to what we are going to do to our opponents. only fat, weak over indulged westerners talk like that! its not intelligent!
speaking of christian values – maybe there are still a lot of christians in the US – but in europe and australia there are very few left. this is an opportunity. christianity has been replaced by secular liberalism – a version l call christian lite. thats all marxisn is really – christianity without jesus. the slow but steady death of christianity leaves a vacuum that self determinationists can seize.
I often preface a statement with “l am not a christian so l dont have to subscribe to your christianity lite world view”. it leaves people a little bewildered and undermines their liberal dogma – which is based on what exactly? they never think about that or question where their neo liberal outlook comes from.
I would say something like “l dont have to like anyone – l dont have to think gay is good or subscribe to any other non-thought through garbage”. everyone buys their modern outlook belief system pre packaged for them, off the shelf as it were, these days. they never actually think about or question ANYTHING. its pretty easy to upend that cart! the problem is modern humans are so stupified they require guidance 24/7. but even if you do upend their mental carts what happens next? probably they will just hurl themselves from the nearest cliff lol

I often preface a statement with “l am not a Christian so l don’t have to subscribe to your Christianity lite worldview”.

A smart way of talking to normies.

>self-determination for white people is morally and politically valid
No. The 3rd Reich has no intention in permitting the Slavs to self-determine. As they should have.
>self determination for everyone!
Spare us that Rainbow Brigade faggotry. Muds and Gooks are the enemies of Aryans. Hitler having strategic alliances with some (while being ignorant on how disgusting they really are, judging from his comments on Islam) doesn’t lead to us having to push for Nigger Power.

Hitler and Himmler were certainly ignorant when they say that if Charles Martel had lost, then Europe would be full of White Muslims. Of course, what really would have happened would have been a rapture of White girls by desert mongrels, and our race would have been under complete dominance by the non-Jewish Semites.
But Hitler’s view of the religion is pretty sound, as alien as Islam is.

He used to be a regular commenter of this blog until I said that killing 5 billion humans would leave me with the same remorse as killing 5.

I used to be the type of person so as to find your form of exterminationism abhorrent and disturbed. Now that I have matured a little bit, I can understand it fully well. In fact, if you find murdering many Humans detestable, like Ryckaert does, then you have to have your head so far up your arse that the only thing you can see is your own stupid face.
And as for his “Oh but their exterminationism is okay against you ‘coz you believe in doing it to them.” What this boils down to is him wanting to look good in front of his enemies.
Franklin is not the type our race needs to get the job done.

Jack, the neo-Christians at The Occidental Observer are now cheering Ryckaert’s comment posted above. You might be interested to take a look…

In the ancient world, Christianity spread via the sword. There was the inquisitions, ‘holy’ wars, the burning of pagan temples and such. Christians used what spirit they still had at the time (which was actually owed to their so far un Christian nature) and wiped out their fellow aryans for not converting to the worship of a dead Jew. After the violence stopped, the Christianising of the people actually began which lasted for 1500-2000 years, the result is a race who are no longer violent. We are being pit against primitive sub humans who can fight, add the fact that they can fuck too and you have whites literally being fucked to death. With muslims in Europe and niggers in USA whites are miscegenating, and being butchered, as well as white birth rates being suicidallly low, what we have is a Jewish wet dream.
The white race has become a joke, white women prefer foreign men, all you have to do is watch ‘aryan’ women when they are near a black or paki and you will see how they react, they are ‘wet’ for them. Women in the west want blacks so badly, I’m 20 and at first it was hard for me to come to terms but my eyes do not deceive me women lust deeply for these sub human monkeys, it is appalling. In comparison we white men do little for women in regards to stimulating sexually. We can’t claim we have looks on our side, we are still the highest race due to our intellect and social understanding, but frankly the reason for our downfall (by downfall I don’t mean our dying out, I mean the WAY we are dying out) is that ‘our’ women prefer their men. If they didn’t there would be little miscegenation, but they do so what can we do? Literally nothing, there is literally no way whites can come back from this. After Hitler lost in such a way, whites can’t do anything as they automatically are called a nazi for doing anything pro white, in Europe there is jail sentences and this is too scary for me or any man to face. National socialism was literally white victory, the job that the kikes were able to pull over on this race is so bad because our victory had been demonised as evil. Add the fact that Jews run our countries, we have been Nuted by Christianity of our will and sense to fight back, and now we are flooded with enemies who our women want to fuck and our men do not want too fight. Young men of this generation instead buy into liberal ideas of racism and try and get in with the darkies by adopting their culture (rap/grime). In two decades we will no longer be the majority. Nothing can be done! The part that gets me the most is the fact that women simply are attracted to these monkeys for the way they look, it is not so much because they are more primitive than we are and so women are drawn to their manliness, it is the colour of their skin that ‘our women’ like, I shit you not. I’ll set you a homewOrk task, just watch women’s subtle reactions when a black man is near, you will see them shuffle in their seats. Women are beyond traitors. They are it. Cesar the homework task may not work for you as you don’t live in a white country, but you can take me word for it what reason would I have to lie.

I live in London, so I know exactly what you are talking about. Franklin Ryckaert is too afraid to understand the obvious solution to all of this. This solution is found in Pierce’s writings which he seems to hate so much.
I think that White women are attracted to these men not because of their looks (women don’t care much for physical looks, but men do), but because they are either presented as more masculine by the media, or because they actually are. Compare the sad little oestrogenised White skin of today with the sand niggers who engage in the flesh trade of the crudest type, and who throw faggots off of roofs.
As for “violent fantasies”, could you imagine a Rotherham scenario in a Viking settlement. The pre-Christian Scandinavians wouldn’t have had the patience for democracy for a second if what is happening to us was happening to them.
Elliot, I think you would like to read C.T’s articles about rape of the Sabines. I think one of them is called “Lycanthropy”.

Cheers jack I had a read, you should see about moving home before a paki puts you on the news;)!

@Elliot callon
What you say makes me think about something I’ve been considering for a while now, the possibility that 1945 was the definitive defeat of the White Man (Adolf Hitler) and now our race is just dying out, dwindling to extinction. We are waiting for a decisive climactic battle to occur to determine whether the White race survives or goes extinct but WWII may have been it and the Jews and coloureds won. WWII is like the war that never ends, if it had actually ended in 1945 it wouldn’t be that bad as Whites ruled 9/10th’s of the globe and were the largest race on Earth despite the defeat of Germany. But we’ve continued to lose everything everyday since Hitler’s death, one colony after another, one city after another and now entire countries.
Maybe we are transitioning to a non-white, coloured, third world planet devoid of white people. The White race has become a thing of the past. We are yesterday’s news. The billions of coloureds are the future, and their time is coming. Eventually the number of White females of childbearing age or younger shall become too small for our race to survive, they shall be surrounded by an ocean of blacks and browns and the White race shall become an extinct species. When Whites have almost died out, everyone will be very used to the fact that Whites are going to go extinct, it will be expected.
I hope this is not the case but I’d say our survival or extinction will be determined by 2100. If we do go extinct it will be entirely our fault, not the Jews or the non-whites, in particular it will be white males fault for being too cowardly to kill their enemies unlike their forefathers.

Joseph Walsh says: “What you say makes me think about something I’ve been considering for a while now, the possibility that 1945 was the definitive defeat of the White Man (Adolf Hitler) and now our race is just dying out, dwindling to extinction. We are waiting for a decisive climactic battle to occur to determine whether the White race survives or goes extinct but WWII may have been it and the Jews and coloureds won.”
That’s an interesting thesis, that WW2 was the last battle and our race lost and is in the process of going extinct. I’m not that pessimistic myself, since I’d like to think that that “decisive climactic battle” has yet to occur and is still in the future. But then again, even if that “decisive climactic battle” is still in the future, we may simply lose again. Time will tell.

In this emergency, if pessimist Walsh is right (and he is impartially right in the present critical juncture of things and in our historical perspective), I would like to think the last white survivors, a few Aryan males at least, could be future’s outstanding terrorists, venturesome partisans like racialist che-guevaras. They will run some great shows however, and these heroes will be protagonists of a grandiose epic of a forthcoming or the remotest future civilization.

I am closer to Walsh’s pessimism than the current frivolity in WN. For example, I hate listening to the regular laughing in the WN podcasts (let alone their degenerate music).
IMO we should have the gravitas of characters such as Game of Thrones’ Roose Bolton. In the darkest hour of the white race, no one should be laughing.
The abyss between us and WNsts is absolute…

@ C.T.
Eh, life goes on. People eat, shit, fuck, dance, laugh as always. Should we demand they could think stoically and wakefully in a spirit of the last letter from Magda Goebbels to Harald Quandt: ‘Our glorious idea is ruined and with it everything beautiful and marvelous that I have known in my life. The world that comes after the Führer and national socialism is not any longer worth living in’? The ability to endure a fate tragically and to fight it is a prerogative of heroes only. WNsts are not heroes, absolutely. They are even not gentlemen, and their nasty taste for degenerate music confirm that.

Although I am a pessimist I do acknowledge the extinction of the White race is not a done deal, we still have a chance to survive and therefore it is not over yet. It is just that I see no evidence for optimism. The evidence of the past 75 years (since Stalingrad) points to the opposite conclusion: that our race has lost the will to live. We have been losing for the past 75 years. We are in a racial cold war in which we are defeated far more effectively than we ever could be in a hot war on the battlefield. Jews cannot take the White Man directly on the battlefield in a hot war. So where are our brave Aryan Men killing Jews openly? There are none. I certainly feel the cowardice inside myself and I know others must feel it also.
Cesar, I can only dream about the day when no-one is laughing in the West’s darkest hour. But I suppose if they weren’t laughing it wouldn’t be the West’s darkest hour. The frivolity and laughter of WN adds to the West’s darkest hour. The clownish nature of the post-1945 resistance movement is just further evidence our race has lost it.

I don’t believe we are cowards. The following is what I said in a TOO comment that is still awaiting moderation (in the same thread that Ryckaert posted the content of the above entry):
We cannot become ‘black hats’ right now because the conditions for revolution are absent: whites are still in ‘happy mode’. My educated guess is that, as conditions deteriorate, they will change to ‘angry mode’ and when the music stops, to combat mode.
So we can only be ‘white hats’ for the moment: what Jack [Halliday] and I do in the above-cited blog.
/ end quote
That was a response to Carolyn Yeager’s ridiculous comments about us.

Birth Control
=End of the white race

Breivik had the right idea. Pity that he was an idiot by turning himself in for the fame though. He could have continued the fight secretively for years, had he been smart enough.

Breivik has been the only example of a good amount of resources falling into the right hands. The resources that we need have fallen into the hands of those such as Bin Laden, a multi millionaire Jihadist (WLP praised Osama), yet White millionaires like Spencer have no intention of creating or funding a genuine resistance movement, as seen in The Turner Diaries. ISIS get funded by Saudi Arabia, and yet our kind has to rely on small timers.

The one thing I can hope for is that reality catches up with the neo-Christians in the movement and eventually forces them to face the truth.
Our ancestors (including our Christian ancestors) survived because they killed their enemies and fucked their women, having large families. Our race did this effectively up until 1945 (in the case of having large families, up until 1965). Nature’s laws of survival are no different at present and they will be no different in the future. Yet there are those who think somehow Nature has altered it’s laws, that now we just have to tell the truth, ‘wake up’ normies and we can survive in a peaceful manner.
The USA is now 50% White. Or if it isn’t now it soon will be. The Alt-Right expects Whites to survive the genocidal regime in North America how? What is their plan? Peaceful preaching about creating an ethnostate? The movement would be better off following Harold Covington’s Northwest Front as he has an actual plan and recognizes that violence is unavoidable.
Maybe when North America and Western Europe are nearly as lost as Rhodesia and South Africa will those who claim killing our enemies is immoral abandon the time wasting leadership of those like Spencer and adopt revolutionary methods to survive. It’s not a question of whether our race can survive. It’s a question of whether us white males will bother to make the effort to survive. We don’t need all white males to kill their enemies, but we need more than the Mathews, Breivik’s and Roof’s etc. that there have been so far. If enough white males don’t kill their enemies within the next 80 years I predict our race will be doomed to extinction. Survival of any species is biological and involves killing and reproducing. Our ancestors didn’t survive by voting.

Northwest Front appears to be trustworthy, though I think Covington is very flawed and probably close to worthless. His NW constitution is rubbish, as well as being dangerous, and should be ripped to shreds.
Mike Enoch is one of these people who talk about “red pilling the normies”. He tells his listeners to red pill 3 of their friends this year. That is how he expects to win this fight. If you so much as mention that this is cowardly and that we should be taking violent action, you are immediately met with “but your not doing violent things.” The mindlessness is endless, as well as the lies that people make against AWD and James Mason.

The Brigade is the only book of his that I have read, and it was a great read. It kept me occupied for days, and it was the quickest I have ever gotten through a 600 page book.
After hearing Pierce read TTD on YT, I have now come to see The Brigade as a watered down version of TTD, though it is still a good book. The NVA are never required to do nearly as many gruesome acts as they necessarily do in Pierce’s novel, though it is interesting seeing the characters pull off many terrorist activities.
As for Covington himself, his bitter jealousy and unnecessary resentment for Pierce is enough to put anyone off, never mind his rampant, depraved feminism.
I think that TTD had the best example of how a racist underground organisation should act. I still need to read SIEGE properly to understand Mason’s opinion on how he thinks a Aryan terrorist group should go about it. Your conversation on Twitter with Norman Spear was the right idea, in my opinion.

“Such a thought system, with its stress on racial evolution as a major part of the evolution of the universe, may inspire to race conscious action, but at the end of the day will prove not to be satisfactory.” ©
This is perfect. Might even call it the 39 words or something. The survival of the Aryan race could be an inspiring idea, but ultimately “unsatisfactory” – to an honest Christian. Absolutely brilliant.
“no belief in the human soul that survives death, no belief in spiritual beings or spiritual worlds, only belief in the material evolution of a material universe” – the less schizophrenic, the worse!

> “no belief in the human soul that survives death…”
Even anti-Xtian commenters who comment here, but also believe in e.g. reincarnation, are ‘neochristians’ to my mind in the sense that they are not only contributing to white decline: they ignore that belief in post-mortem survival is a malware tail from the religion of our parents.

@ Adunai
When a man opens his eyes, he contemplates the Cartesian extension not as a mechanical abstraction, but through his racial conditionality. And he influences this world by his will, and changes it conformably to his racial conditionality.
So if an Aryan closes his eyes, concentrates on his psychic and satisfies himself by Jewish imageries, by Judaic racial conditionality, it means that Christian vaccination succeeded and corroded his fundamental racial core.
A moral of the fable: don’t trust the Christian racists. They can betray their own race at any moment when they feel their Christian psyche as “unsatisfied”.
@ Caesar
Pre- and post-mortem existention is also conditioned racially, and our metaphysics has nothing in common with these Hindu conceptions oversimplified by modern pop culture. I agree that we need to focus on Hic et Nunc so much, but it doesn’t imply to be blind-folded in point of Being, Time and Space complexity and paradoxicalness.

To me, most of Western philosophy and metaphysics are like the spider that Francis Bacon described: cobwebs for the intellectuals of yore just like the video games​ for contemporary whites.

Nothing of the kind. Philosophy and metaphysics are just rough, crooked, clumsy attempts to express the ineffable. Philosophers like alchemists invite us, readers and thinkers, into their own incomprehension, but their delirium contains insights. Therefore I prefer poetry and music. If you read one line from a Hoelderlin’s poem with due attention and passion, it could make a nice bonfire of a couple of Heidegger’s tomes.

Pardon for my meddling, but the reincarnation topic was touched in one of adjacent entries.
The problem of reincarnation, or pre- and post-mortem existence, isn’t a question of some logical explanation and rational persuasiveness. It’s a question of an inner knowledge, sometimes inborn, sometimes acquired by a traumatic experience like clinical death, psychedelic overdose, lucid dream, pain shock, states of excessive joy or overwhelming grief etc.
First part of that Covington’s statement about reincarnation is adequate relatively, but then he continues with the bullshit of a progressionist spiritual process from kindergarten to school etc. So naive and primitive. A path from A point to B point is possible only in this state of being (our wakeful self). I hate Castaneda, but he used a correct term of “the assemblage point, el punto de encaje”. There are different assemblage points with different perceptions of time(s), space(s) and ego(s) – selfness fractalizes in a kaleidoscope of numerous vibrations, from Eternal Midday to Eternal Midnight. The old theme from Platonic discourse of soul’s trajectory: proodes (motion beyond, “ecstasy”) and epistrofe (return, “entasy”).But also there’s a unalterable “grain”, an internal contemplator, and it’s he who is an axis of this “reincarnational” wheel. And he has such quality as race, he is the racial core actually.
P.S. I made no doubt that Covington has mediocre predilections for literature and music. Not the most loathsome, but so mediocre…

>@C.T. Are you familiar with Covington’s take on reincarnation?
Cesar has already made clear his position: he thinks the afterlife and reincarnation is all bunk and people who believe in either or both are mentally weak and harmful to white nationalism.
I didn’t know about Covington, and I never read any of his books because I avoid fiction. But this is what he says about reincarnation in that 2010 interview of him by Greg Johnson:
“I believe in reincarnation because I myself have witnessed and experienced events that indicate to me that it is at least part of the process that happens to the human soul or personality after death. … I do not, however, insist on these beliefs, nor do I try to impose them on others. I am not missionary about them for the simple reason that I know, and others are going to find out in the fullness of time, and it doesn’t really matter what they believe. Whatever floats their boat. For me the question is resolved—again, a good asset for a revolutionary to be packing.”
I’m certain of reincarnation myself, and argue for a computed reality, an afterlife, and reincarnation in my book.
Most people are not scientifically inclined, and don’t even know how much of organic life, such as multicellular development, is well described but completely unexplained as being only a physical process as materialism claims.

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