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Catholic Church Christendom Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Kriminalgeschichte, 55

Editor’s note: Judging from how he treated the synagogues, we can infer that St. Ambrose was not ethnically Jewish. But he clearly was not white, as can be seen in this early mosaic.
Christianity arose in the lower strata, the mudbloods and sandniggers and in the Semitic regions of the Roman Empire. These were people who harboured a deep rancour towards the white Greco-Roman world.
In the chapter that Deschner dedicates to this very influential figure of the 4th century, we will see how this bishop committed all kinds of crimes: not only against classical culture but also the Aryan genotype itself (especially the Goths).

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Chapter 19: Ambrose, doctor of the Church
(toward 333 or 339 to 397)

‘An outstanding personality in which the virtue of the Roman with the spirit of Christ was united to give a complete unity: man, bishop and saint from the feet to the head; together with Theodosius the Great, the most important figure of his time, the counsellor of three emperors, the soul of their religious policy and the support of their thrones: a formidable champion of the Church’.

—Johannes Niederhuber, Catholic theologian [1]

‘Ambrose, the friend and counsellor of three emperors, was the first bishop to whom the princes came to support their tottering thrones… His extraordinary personality exuded an enormous influence, carried by the purest thought and a complete altruism… Together with Theodosius I, the most brilliant figure of his time’.

—Berthold Altaner, Catholic theologian [2]

‘Ambrose is a bishop who, in terms of the importance and scope of his activity, leaves in the shade all the others… not only surpasses the popes of the first period, but also all the other guides of the Western Church we know’.

—Kurt Aland, Protestant theologian [3]

Note of the translator: The footnotes still lack the general bibliography, which will be ready as I finish the abridgement of this first volume.
[1] Niederhuber LThK 1st ed. 350. Cf. also the “Allgemeine Einleitung” of Niederhuber in BKV 1914 IX f. Kraft also sees in Ambrose ‘Roman virtue completed and augmented with Christian virtue’. Kirchenväter Lexikon 23.
[2] Altaner 330 f.
[3] Aland, Von Jesus bin Justinian 230.

2 replies on “Kriminalgeschichte, 55”

It would be interesting to learn the ethnicity of the early Church Fathers, Ambrose on – Athanasius, Augustine, Chrysostom, Clement, Eusebius, Jerome, Justin Martyr, Origen, Tertullian. How many were straight out Tribal, how many miscegenated Greeks.

The above mosaic seems to be genuine, but it’s a pity that the Christians destroyed not only the statues but its builders. Remember that by the reign of Theodosius II, the sculptors barely could make an extremely mediocre bust of Theodosius, in contrast to the handsome busts of pagan emperors of yore.
In Deschner’s first volume, after the chapter of Ambrose comes the chapter on Augustine: a guy from Africa. Augustine’s Christianity was Punic. I very much doubt he was an Aryan but I don’t know if Deschner wrote about his ethnicity.
We will see…

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