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Kali Yuga

WDH in a nutshell

During the latest two millennia, the White race has essentially been suffering through the toxic fallout of the degenerated Roman empire. A minor remission only came around the time of Hitler’s birth—followed by the final maddening relapse.


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If the White race is going to go extinct, the period of history that began on 30/04/1945 with Hitler’s death marks the beginning of the end for Whites and the start of the transition from a world where Whites were the largest race on Earth and ruled 9/10th’s of the globe to a coloured, third world planet devoid of White people.
If the White race is going to survive, this post-1945 period is the last desperate gasp of Christianity and it’s numerous offshoots to exterminate Whites. The billions of ‘coloured hordes’ that we see today are not the first sign of the coming non-white planet but the last exaggerated effect of the Jewish creeds. Likewise the total inversion of morals that grips the collective White psyche like a form of psychosis is the final stage of the millenia old Christian virus.
It’s impossible to know which is going to be the correct interpretation of history.

Yesterday, while watching only a few minutes of Richard Spencer’s latest video, I could not avoid the thought of the gulf between a profound analysis of white decline—as the Rome/Judea series by Evropa Soberana—and the superficial frivolity of the Alt-right folks, who are heading toward extinction anyway. (Remember that TV program with a black anchor interviewing Spencer, the latter saying he’s a ‘cultural Christian’ when challenged by the exalted nigger, ‘Are you a Christian…?’).
WNsts really don’t know what is happening: “1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values” —Joseph Walsh.

I tend to think it’s not just the Alt-Right that is heading toward extinction but the entire White race. That said, there has been and does exist that minority in the racial movement who has really thought about and understood the causes of White decline. There was a William Pierce quote you posted on this blog several years ago which stated something like “It is not for lack of ideas that we are going under but for lack of character”. Generally speaking, the better elements of the movement have a firm grasp of our situation intellectually speaking, and know what needs to be done. It is summoning up the courage to do so that remains the obstacle.
1945 was truly when the Aryan race gave up any semblance of its traditional morality and embraced the really living part of Christianity, the egalitarian, anti-Aryan part. If Aryans had behaved in the past as they have been behaving since 1945 they would have been extinct long ago. Thankfully they never took Christianity entirely to heart, at least they still killed their enemies (which makes the Aryan Christians of the past much more heroic than the Christians in the Alt-Right). As Adunai noted, a minor remission from the Christian virus came around the time of Hitler’s birth. I’ve read material from the 19th century where Anglo-Saxons talk about how in the future after they have exterminated Negroes they will write books such as The Last Of The Negroes! Around Nietzsche’s time Christianity was becoming just a thin veneer and there was an explosion of popular racialist thought (Gobineau, Darwin, Wagner, Galton, Chamberlain and MANY others). In fact I think if Hitler hadn’t been born we might have gone on to throw off Christianity naturally. It was almost like the anti-Christian Third Reich was too much, too soon and as a consequence caused a vicious pro-Christian reaction.

Obviously I am partial to the second interpretation…
Christianity is being boiled down to its essence. The foundation and purpose of the religion is finally being laid bare as it has shed layers of its cover (theology) for centuries. The essence… moral inversion? But why? It is a tool. The true essence was and is the Jewish hated of Aryan man.
I think ‘monster’ just underwent one more shedding. 20th century ‘love humanity’ cover is now being dispensed with…and being replaced with out and out hatred of Whites. You can tell as they stop talking about equality and start talking about white privilege. We are being named explicitly more and more because the poison wasn’t truly for the world, but only for us.
On a positive note, I do notice this process has some kind of acceleration built into it. Each ‘inner layer’ (or lie really) provides less cover than the last as the boomerang of Christianity fliesback to its true master (its outer boundary may have been the catholic paganism of early Europe.) But like the one ring, only the jews can gain power through Christianity. Truly, it only serves them. Think about it; salvation and afterlife through Christ lasted a while…the Humanity myth lasted for much less time. The White genocide morality probably won’t last very long at all.
2000 years later, come full circle hah. Only this time we are the ones hiding in catacombs and being attacked by the state, not the jews.

Spot on blake. Much of Christian dogma has been challenged and defeated over the centuries until we reach the stage where our people are at today where we have to contend with the the essence of Christianity, the really living element—the anti-Aryan inverted Christian morality. Christianity was always a vehicle for white genocide. Though the initial target was the Romans, Jews hate Aryan Man worldwide.

Sometimes I do seem to say intelligent things…
When I was writing it, I also thought about the future. No matter how long these two thousands of years may seem now, they could end up being the most ancient layer of Aryan history in the upcoming millennia. But very few dare to think so big, as if they know the current morality is on its deathbed
I could totally imagine a footnote in a book saying “fun fact: the original name of Michelangelo’s Goliath was David.”

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