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Apocalypse for whites • XXIV

by Evropa Soberana

Some conclusions
The Greeks and the Romans, from their Olympic naïveté (and I say this because only naïve men could think of forbidding the Torah, the Shabbat or the Brit Milah without realising that the whole of Jewry would prefer to die rather than renouncing their traditions) were too myopic in their approach to the Jewish problem. The Greco-Romans ignored the particularities that differentiated the Jews from the rest of the Semitic peoples of the Near East, and thought that they could place their temples and statues there as if the Jews were nothing more than another Arab or Syrian province, either Hellenised or Persianised. The persistent identity that Jewry had shown did not motivate the carefree Romans to sufficiently wrap their heads around the problem.
The conviction that the Greco-Romans had of being carriers of a superior culture made them fall into a fateful error: to think that a culture can be valid for all humanity and exported to peoples of different ethnicity. The Hellenisation and Romanisation of the East and North Africa had only one effect: the ethnic chaos, the balkanization of Rome itself, ethnic struggles and, finally, the appearance of Christianity.
Even using the brute force of her legions Rome was slow to realize that the Jews, in their resentment and their desire for revenge, did not care to sacrifice waves upon waves of individuals if they managed to annihilate a single Roman detachment. This fundamentalist fanaticism, which went beyond the rational, must have left the Romans speechless, who were not accustomed to seeing an ill-equipped military people immolate themselves in that convinced manner, with a mind full of blind faith coming from a jealous, vengeful, abstract and tyrannical god. What the Jews call Yahweh and in Europe became known as Jehovah is, without a doubt, an extremely real will, and also a force clearly opposed to the Olympian and solar gods of the European peoples, whose height was the Greco-Roman Zeus-Jupiter.
The revolutionary and stirring vocation of Jewry was born here. The Jews realised the primitive and overwhelming power that a resentful, fanatized and ignorant crowd contained, and they used it skilfully in Christianity and later in Bolshevism. The same blind will to sacrifice waves upon waves was seen in the Red Army during the Second World War, with the Germans being the reincarnation of the Roman spirit at that historical moment while the Soviet commissariat, which was more than 90 percent Jewish, undoubtedly represented Israel’s will.
Jews in general faced extinction and ethnic cleansing. The Greeks, who had more power and influence than they in Rome, in the long run would have ended up gradually eradicating them in Asia Minor; while Rome, under Germanic influence, could have lasted forever: the city would simply have become part of the Germanic world thanks to the increasing political influence of the Germans in the legions and to the progressive colonisation of the Empire by the German foederati.
Both Judaism and Christianity are the product of cultural chaos. It is no coincidence that the Jewish quarter was born in the area of greatest ethnic confusion on the planet: no man’s land among Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Akkadians, Chaldeans, Persians, Hittites, Medes, Parthians, Macedonians and Romans; not to mention the tangled mess of peoples like the Amorites, the Philistines, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Edomites and the twelve tribes of Israel who inhabited the same area that concerns us and that, together, annihilated the identity of entire peoples in a genetic maremàgnum.
The direct and martial character of the Romans, who, despite not having grasped the Jewish essence, grasped fairly well their desire for power and their problematic character, forced the Jews to act and exercise their willpower as a people, to rave their brains to elaborate the Christian invention, and also gave the Jews the perfect excuse to spend the next two millennia making themselves the victims and mourning at the only remaining wall of the Temple in Jerusalem. Without the existence of Rome Jewry probably would have ended up falling asleep on its laurels and forgetting its interests.
The Diaspora and the eradication of Judea as a Jewish centre did not lead at all to the dissolution of the Jewish identity. Rabbinic Judaism, after wandering through Egypt and Babylon, was more than accustomed to nomadism; and the Diaspora really came from much earlier, although the wars in Judea did increase it with avalanches of refugees. Jewry, showing an enormous intelligence, realised that it could not defeat Rome in a conventional war and that rebellions, fights and open wars failed because the Romans were stronger, braver, more powerful and better soldiers by nature, despite being less in number.
However, the underground and secret rebellion that the Jews had quietly breathed into Rome was going to prosper, as if it was the seed of discord, ‘by the secret and cowardly means’ that Hadrian foresaw that Jewry would use to finally triumph over Rome. This clandestine anti-European rebellion in general, and anti-Roman in particular, also had a name: it was called Christianity or, in the words of Tacitus, that ‘conflictive superstition’ that ‘not only broke out in Judea, the first source of evil, but even in Rome: where all the horrendous and shameful things from any part of the world find their centre and become popular’.
In the long run, the effect of clashes between Jews and Greco-Romans was the consolidation of Christianity as the only option of Semitic conquest of Rome, which, in turn, had the effect of ethnic cleansing of the European minority in the Eastern Mediterranean—especially the hated Greek community, which had its centre in Alexandria—mainly from the 4th century. It seems obvious to me that, after the invention of Christianity, there was a highly developed intellect, with a great psychological and geo-social capacity throughout the Empire, designed to destroy the Roman Empire: snatching from Europe, especially from the Germanic Europe, the legacy of the classical world.
The importation of oriental cults was nothing but the ritual adaptation of the genetic changes in Rome itself, as well as the slow rise of the ethnic substratum that existed in the lowest part of the original Rome.

Although the racial platform of the Roman ruling caste was Red-Nordid, there are several busts of specimens with strong Armenid influence, in addition to Cato. These three busts are patricians of
the Republic with patent armenisation.[1]

Judea was a special province and the Romans would have needed an equally special policy, consisting of shielding Rome against Jewish influence—and, in fact, against all Oriental influence, including its plebs—; leave the Jews in Judea and not give them Roman citizenship under any circumstances; not desecrate their traditions and, of course, never civilise them: because it was precisely the Hellenisation of certain Jewish social sectors what led to the emergence of Christianity. This was a sinister Jewish and Greco-decadent schizophrenia that is evident in the very name of Jesus Christ: Yeshua, a Jewish name, and Christos, ‘the anointed one’ in Greek.
To give examples of the insane Romanisation of Judea that echo the hybrid Yeshua-Christos: Herod tried to Romanise the province by building cities that would cause discord (like Caesarea); fortresses that would be used by the Jews against the same Romans (like the Antonia and Masada fortresses); and also he enlarged the Second Temple at which the Jews now cry, in spite of the fact that they hate the constructor.
If Rome had wanted to triumph in a more resounding way over Judea, she should not have allowed its Romanisation, and should have kept Hellenisation to a minimum. Imposing a culture on a people does not mean that you have to share it. Because of his genetic and cultural heritage, a Jew who knew how to speak Greek would never really share or understand Hellenic culture—culture is the result of the gene pool, and Jewish genetics was radically different from Hellenic. To force or impose one culture over another that comes from a different genetic well only leads to one thing: miscegenation, which will end up manifesting through the total corruption of the original culture.
All hell rained down upon the Jews, who little by little have become like that typical figure in fiction who has received many blows and becomes, over time, a misanthropic super-villain and resentful against the world. Taking the Jews into Rome, however much they were enslaved, was suicidal.

Forced Romanisation, forced Hellenisation, slavery, deportation and anything that tends to increase the ethnic jumble, are extremely negative elements in the history of any nation. And the first drawback of any Empire is precisely that: that it is cosmopolitan by definition.
[1] Editor’s Note: To understand this passage the reader should become familiar with the new racial classification of the author.

5 replies on “Apocalypse for whites • XXIV”

Excellent series of articles. One point, if Genesis has any historical value, the jews have been parasitic, malevolent, destructive, misanthropic from their first appearances in history. The OT is the first draft of the Protocols. Their consistent game plan. So I don’t think their open wars against Rome in the 1st & 2nd Centuries produced their implacable resentments.
Interesting that they declared open warfare against the Roman Empire, and later they came out in the open in the Bolshevik Revolution. Clearly jews held and hold their deepest hatreds for the Graeco-Romans and later Europeans.

I cannot speak for the author but I believe that his main point was to notice the blunders committed in the classical world, as will be seen in the next chapter of this series: the Christianisation of Rome.

Christianity is a fear based religion, but what has just become apparent to me. Duh. Is that it is also a demon possessed religion. That fully explain’s to me why their reason slowly slips away. Permanently.
Is that it is not the Christian’s fear of their God, but of the Archon’s fear of discovery. The demon took possession of this Christian’s mind gradually and his personality imperceptibly once he had given his consent for children sacrifice and cannibalism of children! (Was not Jesus, someone’s child?) That is the reason for the deception of the symbology of John 3:16 and Communion.
Too, produce a completely unaware demon army. The Christian unaware or uncaring or unmindful never becomes aware that thier consent of John 3:16 meant so much. For they wanted salvation from outside of themselves.
Now, they have it, as the demon slowly liberates them of their personality, mind, soul and body. Careful, not to give away the deception, so not to alarm the family or the rest of the world.
If you have the discernment, when watching this video (maybe multiple times) you can tell as the demon clouds this Christian’s mind with invisible confusion, by sliding him off subject, blocking his understanding of any clear cut or reasonable argument, producing some well thought out (and well rehearsed) explanation of what has no logical conclusion to some inconsequential discretion in his belief’s as his mind is still grappling in vain for the possession of what used to be his exclusively “his mind” and now struggles for even a small voice.
Watch as the demon ties up so much of his time and effort, diverting him into some issues that to some non-possessed person might seem inconsequential or even laughable: “Like the concept of the sun revolving around a flat earth trapped in a snow globe, suspended by fishing line, in a Papier-mâché universe?”
I always wondered how a person would be willing to sacrifice his morality, and the morality of his family and friends, and his righteous view of women and sex, for the greed of money, and the entrancement of imaginary and delusional arguments, and a desire for violence and death. Of course, haven’ never been exposed to any thing else or taken the time to study real morality.
Where else are they going to take the disappointment of what they call their lives, if not to the demon possession of Christianity. For the love of a “thinly disguised”, misogynistic, murdering, war mongering, false flag creating, child eating, woman hating, raping, power hungry, planet destroying, apathetic, cold, regret-less, heartless, and insecure (demon possessed) God?
But, now I understand all of those things, just slipped away without his or his families knowledge as the demon slowly, and then more and more gradually replaced his personality and soul without even his or their awareness. If not today, then tomorrow, or the next or the next. For that is the way it is. That is the way it has always been. Watch as every time I bring up the issue of just how evil his God is he (without a strand of evidence to the contrary) or a slip in character, he laughs and defends his deceptive God and master, without question, hesitation or doubt.
I really pity, this poor man and his family. He and his family has had to suffer and emulate his delusional and psychotic illness and confusing morality for over 35 years as he struggled with trying to find a cure, with little hope of relief except for his death wish. And the biggest tragedy of this story is: His delusional illness is highly contagious (and without a cure) and has overwhelmed this country for decades to become the norm on this planet of lies and delusion and the only way to eradicate this contagion is how this oligarchy financed disease.
Is always eradicates it: Financial collapse, weather manipulation, disease, starvation, famine, pestilence, death & War. And through it all. If his already brain dead body survives, his demon will march his decorated soldier zombie body in parades (surrounded by his fellow soldier zombies) proud of their actions for their Evil Demon Possessed God, ready to spread this contamination to the next generation and the next and the next, until their God’s final harvest, known to so many as the tribulation. So, appellee named. For this man has already been raptured. For his mind and that of so many Christians are already gone and has been gone for a long time, now. As above, so below.

These articles and your translation are sublime, but I still chuckle at how many bad names Jews get from the author.
“This fundamentalist fanaticism, which went beyond the rational” is exactly the reason why the Jews have persisted for three millennia, whereas every single Aryan nation has degenerated and perished like a sick dog.
Oh, and by the way, the author subscribes to a ridiculously myopic view about modern warfare. “The same blind will to sacrifice waves upon waves was seen in the Red Army during the Second World War” – actually, in World War 1, Germans, French and English sent their men to death with the exact same cruelty and disregard for life. And nothing is wrong with that.
Somewhat weird to see such a myopic view from a man clearly familiar with history.

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