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Warm from the press

The late Karlheinz Deschner was the mature scholar. He spent decades of his life preparing his ambitious Criminal History of Christianity, published in ten volumes beginning in 1986, with the final volume appearing in 2013. He started to write Criminal History at 62 and finished it at 89.
He who doesn’t want to approach the subject in German can order a copy of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, a book by Catherine Nixey recently released by Macmillan.
In his book review of The Darkening Age Peter Thonemann writes: ‘Statues were smashed, temples toppled and manuscripts burnt, as the early Christians tried to wipe out all traces of classical civilisation…’

What happened in the century we were born—the perpetration of the Hellstorm Holocaust on Germans and then the (((chutzpah))) of blaming the victims for the perpetration of an holocaust!—has a long history. A new constellation of authors are providing a powerful corrective to our view of early Christians persecuted by evil pagans, showing that in fact it triumphed through wholesale barbarity.

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P.S. I have just relocated the entry “On Russia” from the Addenda to this site.
The case of Russia is important because the Soviets were heavily involved in the Hellstorm Holocaust—and white nationalists are wilfully blind about what Russia really was and still is!

Chapter 30 Verse 102 of Quran mentions blue eyed criminals, this is not a verse that speaks against blue eyes. The quran is not hostile to blue eyes. This verse is referring to The Romans as being blue eyed criminals, many islamic commentators have said that this refers to Romans. And so The Quran is evidence that The Romans had blue eyes. I am non-muslim, however I am not anti-muslim. I am pagan and believe in a pagan Europe.

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