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On Russia

The following is a comment by Jeff on The Occidental Observer:
There is a huge misconception about Russia among some. Where I live—in Germany—Putin is fully supported by the “Linke” communists, the Green party and the Social Democrats.

Eastern Europeans are 100% pro-Nato because they are scared to hell of Russia—they have been invaded and massacred too oft to forget the hell they went through.

Russian imperialism, like American imperialism, Christianity, Islam, is a mighty engine of miscegenation, an engine that has been chugging away since the Middle Ages.

Like the First Rome and the Second Rome, the Third Rome is not a nation, it’s a machine that liquidates every nation it captures. Russian imperialism is not an alternative to globalisation, but just another form of it. Russia is not the future of the White race, but one of its graveyards.

Real nationalists should sympathize first and foremost with all captive and oppressed peoples who wish to free themselves of that machine and its master, Putin.

The traditional enforcers of Russian imperialism have been the cossacks. There are 10 millions of them in Russia, they are the true Khazars.

I’m not even starting on Putin now, a gangster dressed up as a head of state. Russian media, like in North Korea or Cuba, is totally controlled by the dictator in charge.

By the way, where do you get your information about Russia? Russia is hell!


Admin’s note: The Russophile commenters at The Occidental Observer, where Jeff posted the above comment, are bashing Jeff but none has responded to his main criticism: Russia has been a melting pot machine for centuries. We priests of the 14 words should hate the Third Rome as much as we hate miscegenating Imperial Rome and the Second Rome, Constantinople: another sanctuary city for the mudbloods.

Jeff commented the above on July 8, 2016. Yesterday he added the following in another TOO thread:


The main problem in Russia are not the Jews: it’s the primitive, corrupt Russians themselves, and they have been a constant threat to European civilisation since 1241, the time the Russian empire was born with the Mongol invasion of the Golden Horde.

Unlike Europe, Russia, scientifically, spiritually and socially hardly progressed. They never had a Renaissance. The first Russian university was founded only 200 years ago; serfdom, officially abolished in 1880. Last but not least communism was born in Russia because Russians love collectivism and despotism.

Communism is far more than a state of mind; cultural and genetic factors play a big role too. With its long tradition of despotism and serfdom Russia has been a fertile ground for messianic ideologies.

Sovietism and Judaism are alive and well in today’s Russia. It’s a widespread delusion among Western (cuck?) nationalists that Russia is free of Jewish influence. At every opportunity Putin pays homage to the official holocaust narrative promulgated by the Jews. On many occasions he said that the holocaust was the most abominable atrocity in history, and that the Red Army put an end to this horror.

Since the cult of victory in World War 2 and the glorification of the past are the main pillars of national identity in modern Russia, this implies that Russian identity is not only unopposed to Jewish interests, but on the contrary, is directly in line with them. Among a dozen countries where holocaust denial is criminalised, it’s Germany, Israel and Russia that apply the harshest punishment.

Guess where is the biggest, most beautiful holocaust museum on earth? In Moscow! Meanwhile the Ukrainian Holodomor is totally ignored by the Kremlin.


I left the following comment at The Occidental Observer:

You’re right Jeff! Where the hell do these White Nationalists get their information?

Ever since I read The Gulag Archipelago I noticed that almost no commenter of WN forums has read it. The overwhelming majority of WNsts have an extremely naïve view of Russia and its history, including 20th century history. Nationalists are so starved of leaders that they idealize, like children, those nations (or pseudonations—Russia has been a melting pot for centuries) that still show a hint of patriotism, or independence from the decadent West.

I am no longer discussing with WNsts. They are unwilling to see reality as it is, especially history. Even the best mind that in recent times American WN has produced, Michael O’Meara, idealized Putin in some of his last articles before his intellectual retirement.


Update: On August 3, Adunaii commented on the Addenda of this site:

It’s true that Russians have their fair share of schizophrenia. They did not renounce the heritage of the USSR, even though the Soviet ideology was against any spark of nationalism thus rendering the modern Russian state half-illegitimate.

But the biggest part of Russian psyche is without a doubt anti-NS. Simply because their biggest war was against the Third Reich, which was the war of extermination.

How can you reason with them? To save the White race, both the USA and Russia should be demolished as historical entities.

One reply on “On Russia”

“they have been a constant threat to European civilisation since 1241”

Not entirely. The great northern cities of Novgorod and Pskov avoided destruction during the Mongol invasion, but were later sacked and plundered by the Muscovite traitors in the 15-16th centuries. Only then Russia severed the ties with its Nordic past.

By the way, I’ve found a great pro-Nordicist and anti-Christian account of Russia’s history, The Prison of Peoples (2001) by Alexei Shiropaev (Широпаев). I wish it were translated in English. It’s the Russian March of the Titans! But his view of the West is naïve.

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