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Civil war Degeneracy James Mason

Siege, 15

Revolutionary Common Denominator

There is no need of revolution in a healthy State and society and indeed there can be no talk of it. Each revolution has been preceded by the SELLING OUT of the existing ruling class. And who else but they are in charge of all the building blocks of a civilization’s government, church, professions, military, arts, etc.? These things all go when the ruling, or upper class sells out and becomes decadent, unfit to rule any longer.

This goes way beyond the removal of Jews—it amounts to total revolution. The Jews can’t be credited for all this though they are a large part of it.

The Jew remains a Jew but without a corrupt, inept, and decadent ruling establishment, he has nowhere to peddle his goods. A healthy state will expel—or kill—the Jew; a decadent one will take him to its bosom. The Jew corrupts the nation. He buys his way into opinion-forming and taste-making media, feeds the gullible masses his poisonous, liberal garbage; this in turn gets sounded back onto gutless opportunistic politicians in the “democratic process”; finally the very fabric of the nation is a tangle of perverted legislated Talmudic euphemisms. This is how an originally Puritan state becomes Sodom inside fifty years.

Neither the victims nor the leftovers, we are an historic breed: Revolutionaries. We appear and vanish as the times demand, just long enough to do the job at hand. After us comes the slow, historic process over again.

The mark of a revolutionary movement can only be seen in its complete separation from the current establishment. It is completely apart. It is not apart because it can’t make the grade in the sick society, but rather because it can’t stomach it and refuses to be part of it. It is set apart because it is disciplined, sober and austere, truly moral.

It is a revolution because—finding itself faced with an absolute abomination—it has as its highest priority the destruction of the System and therefore is not some piddling conservative sideshow crusade. It can and does reject the prevailing decadence of the sick society, not because of any leftover code of taboos but because to dissipate oneself in such a manner is counter-revolutionary.

It utterly scorns such phony “revolutionary” elements as the “hippie” or “drug culture” because it knows them to be only the more virulent forms of the same cancer as the System itself. It has historically been the task of each revolution to destroy that which is unclean. That accomplished, nature and man can once again assume their proper course upward.

Vol. X, #1 – January, 1981

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3 replies on “Siege, 15”

The quote below is from Robert Taber’s “The War of the Flea”. Some of the specific’s are dated (1965) or not applicable to our situation, but the thrust of the book is worth taking note of. As such it is a worthwhile read, all the more so because it is short read and easy to breeze through.

“Above all, the revolutionary activist must stand on solid moral ground, if he is to be more than a political bandit. One is led to believe, as in the case of the Viet Cong, for example, that guerrillas dominate unprotected rural people by threats and terror: it is a convenient thing for country people to say when confronted by government soldiers who ask them why they have sheltered guerrillas. In general, it is not true. There are judicious uses of terror, no doubt, but no guerrilla can afford to use it against the people on whose support and confidence he depends for his life as well as for his political existence.

People are quick to detect the difference between opportunism and dedication, and it is the latter that they respect and follow. To be successful, the guerrilla must be loved and admired. To attract followers, he must represent not merely success, but absolute virtue, so that his enemy will represent absolute evil. If the soldiers are idle, drunken, and licentious, the guerrilla must be vigorous, sober, and moral. If enemies are to be disposed of, it must be for moral reasons: they must be traitors, murders, rapists. The revolution must show that its justice is sure and swift. By contrast, its enemies must be revealed as venal, weak, and vacillating”

This is why a leftist gaggle of addicts and perverts can not be a true revolutionary force. A resistance guided by ruthless Aryan values will be admired for the same reason..at first secretly, and then over time, openly…

I’ve always liked Murros. I haven’t heard much from him lately, though. We need more voices like his. “Leaders” who think we will free ourselves cleanly without great sacrifice and strife are kidding themselves.

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