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George Lincoln Rockwell

50 years ago…

The noblest American ever was assassinated on 25 August 1967. I was nine-years-old when it happened. Those visitors unfamiliar with the life and death of George Lincoln Rockwell should read this article by William Pierce.

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Methodology in politics is every bit as important as principals.

By assuming the style and symbolism of a nation that declared ‘WAR’ on us, Rockwell embittered, horrified, and alienated people who invariably were willing to listen to a message of Jewish subversion.

Why did his successor, Pierce and the National Alliance, dispense with his manic accusatory tone and abstruse totems? Because it doesn’t work! It NEVER will in the U.S. or Britain.

Copying Hitler is guaranteeing negation of the rudiments of the Greatest Man in Western History. The WW2 generation and the Baby Boomers must pass before Hitler stands a chance of objective consideration. We who hold forth that light must integrate his ideas into society through explanation, not with what will be felt as offensive remarks and symbolism.

Hitler was above all pragmatic. He understood his times. His symbols and rhetoric matched the public mood. We must communicate his insights. Other than the call of the spoken word, his symbols now only irritate the middle class waiting for enlightenment.

Yes: That’s what Richard Spencer says: all those boomers are stuck with the idea that their parents’ was the greatest generation, when those who fought Hitler were the worst generation of Americans.

We will always remember you, GRL.

James Mason’s memorial article for Rockwell is very good (though as a usual discaimer, you’ll disagree with the parts about Charles Manson).


He makes this great observation:

“History is not linear, it is cyclical. High civilizations have risen and fallen. They are created and they rise as WHITE. They fade and they die as COLORED.”

This time the whole of Western civilization is dying, overrun by colored savages as prophesied by Lothrop Stoddard in The Rising Tide of Color.

Thanks for the link. Andrew Anglin also wrote an article: link

I cannot see the images because I believe I need to install Tor in my computer, but Anglin’s is also a good article.

In this pic ere you can see how good people gathered today in Arlington on the same spot GLR was killed to commemorate our hero.

The problem with the Greatest Generation, really the White middle and working class, is the adoption of mere political values as fundamental. Dictatorship being antithetical to them, they could not be ‘objective’ about the articulation of Racial Supremacy, even though contemporarily they lived in a society supporting segregation.

Perhaps it is derivative of the influx of ‘foreigners’ through immigration that allows such ‘liberalism’. As long as the ‘economy’ works and their is social ‘peace’, our mundane minds cannot think in historical or future constructs. So ‘Negro’s or Jews or Slavs and Italians and Mexicans are all O.K. as long as the society ‘functions’ to the Anglo-Saxon mindset because “They Have Their Rights Too”. Unless these people are
‘In Your Face’ we just don’t have a problem with it.

Other than the ‘Know-Nothing’ movement of the 1830’s/40’s there has never been a sustained campaign against outsiders. The Ku Klux Klan was never rejected by the majority until the 1920’s when its provocations became ‘abnormal’ in the complacent conditions then existing, just as the ‘Wobblies’ of the Left were ignored when they’re constitutional rights were abridged by the Taft and Wilson administrations. To the White Middle Class, Law and Order is the only perogative ruling society.

These attitudes are our downfall. How else could 25 million Mexicans have invaded and changed the whole complexion of our society if we were not ‘complacent’ about anything other than a riot?

So any movement involving protecting the White Genome and assuring our territorial necessities in future MUST have an irrevocable understanding of the distinctions in Bi-Pedal Hominids.

How this understanding is to be invoked, accepted and communicated is the challenge of our future. ‘Rights’ must be displaced by Racial Consciousness.

Matthew Crawford,

The hard part is seizing control. The good news is that once we are in charge, the middle class and lemmings will follow us more enthusiastically than they followed the previous order. Their thirst for law and order will be put to good use at that point. Pierce’s talk on the middle class is insightful. But at the same time, middle class life is set up to be economically precarious. When poor people lose their jobs, they simply remain poor. Unemployment insurance takes care of your needs, and even welfare will keep you afloat to some extent. But no social safety net will allow you to keep your middle class existence. Lose your income and you will shortly lose your home, and just as likely your wife and children if your unemployment persists. Every man in this situation is aware he walks the razors edge in this regard. And he works at an office dominated by PC thought, knowing that being “caught” with the wrong thoughts will mean his downfall. He must not get arrested for breaking some law. And he must not be found to be saying the wrong things on the internet.

And you are dead on when you say rights must be replaced by racial consciousness. Having a fetish for “rights” like free speech just opens the door for obfuscating word games. Our ethnostate(s) should execute you and seize all of your assets if you suggest any non-whites should be let into the country for any reason whatsoever. Only trade with other white ethnostates should be allowed with the same rules applying. Media and the internet should be seen as the steering wheels of thought and culture that they really are and cultural subversion should be treated as a high crime as well. No movies or articles or YouTube videos pressing for the rights of women or muds should be allowed. Analysts will have to asses media to determine if this is being done subversively or with “Aesopian” language.


They’re crazy. If you allow 1%, now instead of rules in place to keep out minorities, now you have rules in place to govern the rights of minorities, even if you just try to say that they are the same as your rights. And what if some mud of whatever percentage you allow to stay happens to capture your daughters heart and pollute your bloodlines? Now you have a genetic tragedy in your own family because you weren’t strong enough to purify your state and truly protect your people. These Alt Right racist Republicans are always looking for a compromise, which is very typical of the conservative mindset and has been the downfall of the right for years. That’s why our movement should be led by uncompromising fanatics who can imagine a beautiful future and are willing to do anything to achieve it.

I can agree no more, and it shocks me that ethno-suicidal nationalists send $$ to Greg Johnson, who has said that he’s very ‘practical’ regarding the Med/Nord issue, and that:

“White” to me just means “European,” which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown.

I.e., the dark Sicilians and Greeks, the descendants of the Moors in Spain or the Portuguese with black genes, etc.

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